2007 Annual Urban Mobility Report

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on September 18, 2007

“The 2007 Urban Mobility Report builds on previous Urban Mobility Reports with an improved methodology and expanded coverage of the nation’s urban congestion problem and solutions. The links below provide information on long-term congestion trends, the most recent congestion comparisons and a description of many congestion improvement strategies. All of the statistics have been recalculated with the new method to provide a consistent picture of the congestion challenge. As with previous methodology improvements, readers, writers and analysts are cautioned against using congestion data from the 2005 Report. All of the measures, plus a few more, have been updated and included in this report.”

  • Press Release
  • The Full Report and Appendices
  • Summary Tables – Congestion Levels and Trends
  • Congestion Data for Your City
  • The Improved Methodology Explained (PDF)
  • How We Got the Numbers
  • Answers to Many of Your Questions
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