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The dozen plus one CEO’s who earn more than $30M per year

USA Today: “Eleven current CEOs of S&P 500 companies, including Philippe Dauman of media giant Viacom (VIAB), Marc Benioff of online sales software maker (CRM) and Robert Iger of media powerhouse Disney (DIS), are members of the lucrative $30-million-a-year club, based on an analysis of data from S&P Global Market Intelligence by USA TODAY of the 418 CEOContinue Reading

The 100 Most Overpaid CEOs

Via As You Sow – “CEO pay grew an astounding 997% the past 36 years, vastly outpacing growth in the cost of living, the productivity of the economy, and the stock market. The second report in the series, The 100 Most Overpaid CEOs: Are Fund Managers Asleep at the Wheel? highlights the forces behind disproportionateContinue Reading

CEO Pay in Canada

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Hugh Mackenzie: “This report looks at the 2008-2014 compensation levels for Canada’s highest paid 100 CEOs and finds that the average pay of Canada’s top executives has been extraordinarily resilient, in good times and in bad. The review finds that the country’s top 100 CEOs pocketed, on average, $8.96Continue Reading

PWC 2015 US CEO Survey

“For the first time in five years in PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey, more business leaders rate the US as their most important market for overseas growth ahead of all others, including China’s. As the US recovery gains traction, it is gaining more adherents. Challenges remain, yet key measures of US economic health are improving.Continue Reading

Tale of Two Retirements: one for CEOs of large U.S. corporations and the other for the rest of us

Center for Effective Government: “Retirement benefits for CEOs at corporations have exploded while the rest of Americans struggle to save for retirement. Just look at this statistic: the 100 largest CEO retirement funds are worth a combined $4.9 billion. That’s equal to the entire retirement account savings of 41 percent of American families! This risingContinue Reading

ScienceOpen Hits the 10 Million Article Mark

PR Newswire: “ScienceOpen, the research + open access publishing network, has added article records from more than 10 million scientific publications. Researchers can now filter published content by the number of citations and monitor the relevance and impact of recent scientific results by tracking social media mentions. Over 20,000 scholarly journals are currently published worldwide.Continue Reading

bcg – The New CEO’s Guide to Transformation

The New CEO’s Guide to Transformation – Turning Ambition into Sustainable Results. May 15, 2015 by Hans-Paul Bürkner, Lars Fæste, and Jim Hemerlin. Boston Consulting Group. “Leadership transitions increasingly happen when companies are at an inflection point, and as a result, new CEOs frequently face immediate pressure to make changes. The challenges are significant. CompaniesContinue Reading

CEOS’ Leadership Styles and Managers’ Innovative Behaviour

Kang, Jae Hyeung and Solomon, George T. and Choi, David Y., CEOS’ Leadership Styles and Managers’ Innovative Behaviour: Investigation of Intervening Effects in an Entrepreneurial Context (June 2015). Journal of Management Studies, Vol. 52, Issue 4, pp. 531-554, 2015. Available for download at SSRN: or “We examine the relationships and intervening mechanisms betweenContinue Reading

CEO Cognition in Strategy Research

Chanda, Sasanka Sekhar, CEO Cognition in Strategy Research (March 27, 2015). Available for download at SSRN: “Cognitive considerations arising from the functions of the Chief Executive Officer appear to have been ignored in strategy research. Taking a cue from Freeman’s stakeholder theory, I discuss the constituencies addressed by the CEO in performing his/her jobContinue Reading

Do Compensation Consultants Enable Higher CEO Pay?

Chu, Jenny and Faasse, Jonathan and Rau, P. Raghavendra, Do Compensation Consultants Enable Higher CEO Pay? New Evidence from Recent Disclosure Rule Changes (September 23, 2014). Available for download at SSRN: or “In July 2009, the SEC announced additional disclosure rules requiring firms that purchase other services from their compensation consultants to disclose feesContinue Reading

How Much (More) Should CEOs Make? A Universal Desire for More Equal Pay

Kiatpongsan, Sorapop, and Michael I. Norton. How Much (More) Should CEOs Make? A Universal Desire for More Equal Pay. Perspectives on Psychological Science (forthcoming). “Do people from different countries and different backgrounds have similar preferences for how much more the rich should earn than the poor? Using survey data from 40 countries (N = 55,238), we compare respondents’ estimates ofContinue Reading

CEO Pay Continues to Rise as Typical Workers Are Paid Less

Lawrence Mishel and Alyssa Davis | June 12, 2014: “The 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s were prosperous times for top U.S. executives, especially relative to other wage earners and even relative to other very high wage earners (those earning more than 99.9 percent of all wage earners). Executives constitute a larger group of workers than is commonly recognized, andContinue Reading