Anti-Spyware Coalition Releases Best Practices Documents For Public Comment

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on January 26, 2007

  • Best Practices Suggestions Document: “Building upon the Definitions and Risk Model documents, the Best Practices document aims to expand past defining what behaviors and consent factors will currently make software potentially unwanted and to focus upon making the marketplace better. This document highlights the sorts of technological behaviors that limit the negative impact of potentially unwanted technologies.” Public Comment Draft (January 25, 2007) [HTML|PDF]
  • Conflicts Resolution Document
    Anti-Spyware software, as part of its operation, regularly interfaces with parts of a computer’s operating system that control specific and low-level pieces of architechture. Multiple pieces of software all attempting to operate on the same low-level controls can cause conflicts. This document is intended to provide voluntary guidelines within the Anti-Spyware industry to assist in avoiding and resolving conflicts between suites of Anti-Spyware software and to better serve consumers. Public Comment Draft (January 25, 2007) [HTML|PDF]
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