AP Posts FBI Documents on Justice Rehnquist Obtained Through FOIA Request

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on January 4, 2007

Documents prepared by the FBI (1,561 pages) in 1986 detailing Justice Rehnquist’s decade long prescription drug pain treatment were obtained by AP through FOIA requests, and released today as follows:

  • http://wid.ap.org/documents/rehnquist/section1.pdf
  • http://wid.ap.org/documents/rehnquist/section3.pdf
  • http://wid.ap.org/documents/rehnquist/section4.pdf
  • http://wid.ap.org/documents/rehnquist/section5.pdf
  • http://wid.ap.org/documents/rehnquist/section6.pdf
  • http://wid.ap.org/documents/rehnquist/section7.pdf
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  • Slate: Rehnquist’s Drug Habit – The man in full, by Jack Shafer, Posted Friday, January 5, 2007
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