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Bibliography of News and Gov. Docs on Libby Indictment

  • Full Text (HTML): U.S. v. Libby Indictment, Office of Special Counsel, Friday, October 28, 2005; 1:49 PM
  • Link to indictment from DOJ website (22 pages, PDF)
  • US Newswire – White House Official I. Lewis Libby Indicted on Obstruction of Justice, False Statement, Perjury Charges
  • AP – ‘Official A’ stands out in indictment
  • President’s Remarks on the Resignation of Scooter Libby, 3:51 P.M. EDT
  • Bloomberg – Libby Indictment Shows Campaign to Discredit Iraq War Critic
  • WSJ free feature – At Root of Leak Probe Is Prewar Dispute/ CIA-White House Clash Over Intelligence Set Stage for Fitzgerald’s Investigation
  • Editor and Publisher – Fitzgerald at Press Conference Explains Libby Charges, Miller’s Role in Probe, Why Reporters Were Vital
  • Washington Post – Cheney Adviser Indicted in CIA Leak Probe Vice President Accepts I. Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby’s Resignation ‘With Deep Regret’
  • US Department of Justice, Office of Special Counsel, Press Release, October 28, 2005
  • US Department of Justice, Office of Special Counsel, October 28, 2005 Media Advisory
  • Cheney Adviser Indicted in CIA Leak Case
  • – Top Cheney Aide To Be Indicted
  • New York Times – Cheney Aide Likely to Be Indicted Today; Rove Under Scrutiny
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