Bureau of Labor Statistics: Employment and Earnings Online

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on December 21, 2007

“This new web-only publication, Employment & Earnings Online, has replaced the monthly print publication, Employment & Earnings (E&E). The April 2007 issue was the final one to be issued on paper — in addition, this issue was the first one completely available in PDF format. The May 2007 issue is also available now and subsequent ones will be added to the BLS website soon. You may notice that there are some differences between the print publication and the web-only publication; some of the content that had appeared in the print publication is now available through links to material on the BLS website. The web-only publication contains a link to the Employment Situation news release instead of including the text of it. In addition, a webpage at features a set of helpful links for readers of Employment & Earnings Online.” [via IWS Documented News Service]

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