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Iran: U.S. Concerns and Policy Responses

CRS – Iran: U.S. Concerns and Policy Responses. Kenneth Katzman,  Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs. October 1, 2014 “Since the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, a priority of U.S. policy has been to reduce the perceived threat posed by Iran to a broad range of U.S. interests. However, a common enemy has emerged in the form of theContinue Reading

Department of Homeland Security Privacy Office 2014 Annual Report to Congress

“The Department of Homeland Security (DHS or Department) Privacy Office is the first statutorily created privacy office in any federal agency, as set forth in Section 222 of the  Homeland Security Act of 2002, as amended. The mission of the Privacy Office is to protect all individuals by embedding and enforcing privacy protections and transparency inContinue Reading

Legislative Research for Congressional Staff: How to Find Documents and Other Resources

CRS – Legislative Research for Congressional Staff: How to Find Documents and Other Resources. Ada S. Cornell, Information Research Specialist. Michael Greene, Information Research Specialist; Laura A. Hanson, Information Research Specialist. September 25, 2014. “During the legislative process, many documents are prepared by Congress and its committees. Governmental and non-governmental entities track and record congressional activities, and many more entities chronicle and analyzeContinue Reading

Dark Pools in Equity Trading: Policy Concerns and Recent Developments

CRS – Dark Pools in Equity Trading: Policy Concerns and Recent Developments. Gary Shorter, Specialist in Financial Economics. Rena S. Miller, Specialist in Financial Economics. September 26, 2014. “The term “dark pools” generally refers to electronic stock trading platforms in which pre-trade bids and offers are not published and price information about the trade is only made public after the tradeContinue Reading

Information Sharing Environment: Annual Report to Congress – 2014

“This report is submitted by the Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE) on behalf of the President, as required by Section 1016 (h) (2) of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA) of 2004, as amended. Accompanying, but distinct from this report, are substantial performance data and links to best practices, lessons learned,Continue Reading

Minimum efficiency standards for electric motors will soon increase

“Nearly half of the electricity consumed in the manufacturing sector is used for powering motors, such as for fans, pumps, conveyors, and compressors. About two thirds of this machine-drive consumption occurs in the bulk chemicals, food, petroleum and coal products, primary metals, and paper industries. For more than three decades the efficiency of new motors has been regulated byContinue Reading Removing the Beta Label and New Enhancements

Via Emily Carr – Andrew Weber‘s news: The Library of Congress launched in beta two years ago.  Today, I’m happy to announce we officially removed the beta label. That’s roughly three years quicker than Gmail took to remove its beta label, but we won’t give you the option of putting it back on  URLs thatContinue Reading

Systemically Important or “Too Big to Fail” Financial Institutions

CRS – Systemically Important or “Too Big to Fail” Financial Institutions. Marc Labonte, Specialist in Macroeconomic Policy. September 19, 2014. “Although “too big to fail” (TBTF) has been a perennial policy issue, it was highlighted by the near-collapse of several large financial firms in 2008. Financial firms are said to be TBTF when policy makers judge that their failure wouldContinue Reading

The Effect of Firm Bankruptcy on Retiree Benefits, with Applications to the Automotive and Coal Industries

CRS – The Effect of Firm Bankruptcy on Retiree Benefits, with Applications to the Automotive and Coal Industries. Carol Rapaport, Analyst in Health Care Financing, September 22, 2014. “Benefits for retired employees are of particular interest to policy makers because of the growing number of retirees and forecasts indicating that some future retirees may not have the necessary financialContinue Reading

Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2014

Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2014. Barbara Salazar Torreon, Information Research Specialist, September 15, 2014. “The following list reviews hundreds of instances in which the United States has used military forces abroad in situations of military conflict or potential conflict to protect U.S. citizens or promote U.S. interests. The list does not include covertContinue Reading

Election Day is Approaching – Are You Registered to Vote?

“2014 is a mid-term election year. All 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are contested, as well as 36 of the 100 U.S. Senate seats. Gubernatorial elections will be held in 36 states and three territories, along with many state and local races. Voting rules vary from state to state, but NOW is the time to makeContinue Reading

Budgetary Estimates Single-Family Mortgage Guarantee Program of FHA

“Loan guarantees made in the Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA’s) guarantee program for single-family mortgages from 1992 to 2013 are now projected to generate small costs over their lifetimes rather than the significant savings that were recorded in the federal budget at the time the guarantees were made—a deterioration that stems largely from the sharp downturnContinue Reading