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Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program – Frequently Asked Questions

Via NIH: “What is the Precision Medicine Initiative®? In his State of the Union address (2015), President Obama announced that he’s launching the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) — a bold new research effort to revolutionize how we improve health and treat disease. The PMI aims to leverage advances in genomics, emerging methods for managing and… Continue Reading

EFF – Senate Still Considering Giving FBI More Power to Spy on Browser History

Via EFF – “Despite strong opposition in Congress and from the grassroots, the FBI is still pushing to expand its National Security Letter (NSL) authority. The proposed amendments would allow the FBI to serve companies with NSLs and obtain a wide range of Internet records, known as Electronic Communication Transactional Records (ECTRs), including browsing history. … Continue Reading

OIG Audit of FDIC Info System Security Issues

The FDIC’s Process for Identifying and Reporting Major Information Security Incidents, July 2016. “Our audit focused on the FDIC’s processes for addressing one particular type of information security incident—a breach of sensitive information—because the incident we selected for detailed review (i.e., the Florida Incident) was a breach. The Florida Incident involved a former FDIC employee… Continue Reading

CRS – State Voter Identification Requirements

State Voter Identification Requirements: Analysis, Legal Issues, and Policy Considerations. Eric A. Fischer, Senior Specialist in Science and Technology; R. Sam Garrett, Specialist in American National Government; L. Paige Whitaker, Legislative Attorney. July 5, 2016: “About 60% of U.S. voters live in the 33 states that require a voter at a polling place to produce… Continue Reading

New bill permits reimbursement for alternative transportation used by fed employees

Via – Zach Noble – “A new bill would allow federal employees to expense Uber and other app-powered transportation options. A bipartisan group of lawmakers wants feds to be able to use ride-hailing and -sharing services for official government travel. The Modernizing Government Travel Act, introduced July 5, would allow federal employees to seek… Continue Reading

House-Senate Opioid Conference Report Finalized

News release – Upton, Grassley, Goodlatte, Alexander, and Hatch Hail Agreement to Combat Opioid Epidemic: “After this morning’s meeting of House and Senate opioid conferees, bicameral leaders announced that a conference report has been filed. The conference report will be considered by the House Rules Committee tonight, and is expected to be on the House… Continue Reading

Commission on Care Final Report

“In Section 202 of the Veterans Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014, Congress established the Commission on Care, charging it to examine veterans’ access to Department of Veterans Affairs health care and to examine strategically how best to organize the Veterans Health Administration, locate health resources, and deliver health care to veterans during the next… Continue Reading

CRS – Nanotechnology: A Policy Primer

Via FAS – Nanotechnology: A Policy Primer, John F. Sargent Jr., Specialist in Science and Technology Policy. June 28, 2016: “Nanoscale science, engineering, and technology—commonly referred to collectively as nanotechnology—is believed by many to offer extraordinary economic and societal benefits. Congress has demonstrated continuing support for nanotechnology and has directed its attention particularly to three… Continue Reading

CRS – Slow Growth in the Current U.S. Economic Expansion

Via FAS – Slow Growth in the Current U.S. Economic Expansion – Mark P. Keightley, Specialist in Economics; Marc Labonte, Specialist in Macroeconomic Policy; Jeffrey M. Stupak, Analyst in Macroeconomic Policy. June 24, 2016. “Between 2008 and 2015, economic growth has been, depending on the indicator, one-quarter to one-half the long-term average since World War… Continue Reading

National Security Archive – President Obama Signs Freedom of Information Act Improvements Into Law

National Security Archive posting June 30, 2016: “At 4:00 PM today President Barack Obama signed the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016 (S. 337) into law. The bipartisan, bicameral bill – introduced by Senators John Cornyn, Chuck Grassley, and Patrick Leahy, and supported by Representatives Jason Chaffetz and Elijah Cummings in the House – will improve… Continue Reading

House Homeland Security Report – Going Dark, Going Forward: A Primer on the Encryption Debate

June 29, 2016: “Terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino have sparked a public debate on the use of encryption in our society because the attackers used encrypted communications to evade detection, a phenomenon known as “going dark.” Today, the Majority Staff of the House Homeland Security Committee released a new report entitled, Going Dark,… Continue Reading

Congressional Censure and “ No Confidence” Votes Regarding Public Officials

Congressional Censure and “No Confidence” Votes Regarding Public Officials. Jack Maskell, Legislative Attorney; Richard S. Beth, Specialist on the Congress and Legislative Process. June 23, 2016. “The House and the Senate have, from time to time in the past, proposed and—on some occasions—adopted a resolution which has expressed the body’s disapproval, condemnation, censure, or lack… Continue Reading