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CRS Policy on Confidentiality

Follow up to 22 Former CRS Employees Support Free Public Access to CRS reports this new memorandum via FAS – CRS Policy on Confidentiality: “The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all Congressional Research Service (CRS or Service) employees recognize the long-standing requirement for preserving the confidentiality of our work for Congress andContinue Reading

Creating a Federal Advisory Committee in the Executive Branch

Creating a Federal Advisory Committee in the Executive Branch, Wendy Ginsberg, Analyst in American National Government. October 19, 2015 “Federal advisory committees allow members of the public to formally provide advice and recommendations to the executive branch of the federal government. These advisory committees, of which about 1,000 operate at any given time, provide adviceContinue Reading

22 Former CRS Employees Support Free Public Access to CRS reports

From the October 22, 2015 letter [via Politico]: “Dear Chairman Blunt, Chairman Capito, Chairman Miller, Chairman Graves, Ranking Member Schumer, Ranking Member Schatz, Ranking Member Brady, Ranking Member Wasserman Schultz, and Vice Chairman Harper: We are former employees of the Congressional Research Service (CRS), with more than a collective five hundred years with the agency.Continue Reading

GAO Reports – 2020 Census, Special Education, Senate Stationery Room Revolving Fund

2020 Census: Additional Actions Would Help the Bureau Realize Potential Administrative Records Cost Savings, GAO-16-48: Published: Oct 20, 2015. Publicly Released: Oct 20, 2015. Special Education: More Flexible Spending Requirement Could Mitigate Unintended Consequences While Protecting Services, GAO-16-2: Published: Oct 19, 2015. Publicly Released: Oct 19, 2015. Senate Stationery Room Revolving Fund: Audit of FiscalContinue Reading

Senate votes quickly to limit term of new Librarian of Congress

Bloomberg BNA: “A Senate-passed bill to limit the Librarian of Congress to a 10-year term could stall in the House amid Republican turmoil over finding a successor to Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio), according to observers who spoke to Bloomberg BNA. The position has achieved a higher profile in the digital age, as copyright issuesContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Restricted Products

“The following products have been determined to contain either classified information or controlled unclassified information by the audited agencies and cannot be publicly released. As such, they have not been posted to GAO’s website and have product numbers that end in C (classified) or SU (controlled unclassified information). This list is intended to keep Congress,Continue Reading

GPO to Digitize Two Million Pages of the Federal Register

“The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) partners with the National Archives’ Office of the Federal Register (OFR) to make every issue of the Federal Register digitally available to the public.  A total of 14,587 individual issues, which go back to 1936, will be digitized.  GPO employees will hand pack and catalogue every issue. The projectContinue Reading

Armed Conflict in Syria: Overview and U.S. Response

CRS – Armed Conflict in Syria: Overview and U.S. Response, October 9, 2015” “The rise of the insurgent terrorist group known as the Islamic State (IS, aka the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or ISIL/ISIS) and Russia’s military intervention on behalf of the Syrian government have reshaped debates over U.S. policy toward theContinue Reading

CBO Releases Updated Report on the Debt Limit

CBO Releases Updated Report on the Debt Limit, Posted by Keith Hall on October 14, 2015 “In March, the ceiling on federal debt was reached, and the Secretary of the Treasury announced a “debt issuance suspension period.” During such a period, existing statutes allow the Treasury to take a number of “extraordinary measures” to borrowContinue Reading

Volcker Rule – How a Simple Idea to Rein In Banks Got Supersized

Bloomberg Quick Take by Yalman Onaran: “Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary defines “speculation” in 31 words. The key ones are “risk of a large loss.” When Paul Volcker, the former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman,  in January 2009 proposed banning speculation by federally insured banks to reduce risk to the world economy, he did it in one paragraph. FourContinue Reading

Hudson Institute White Paper – remove Copyright Office from Library of Congress

A 21st Century Copyright Office: The Conservative Case for Reform – Steven Tepp & Ralph Oman, October 2015. “Executive Summary – This white paper examines the history and constitutional status of the copyright functions of the federal government. It concludes that the U.S. Copyright Office will function better, be more respectful of our constitutional structure,Continue Reading

Labor law highlights, 1915–2015

Bureau of Labor Statistics – Monthly Labor Review – October 2015 – Labor law highlights, 1915–2015 – “To help mark the Monthly Labor Review’s centennial, the Review invited several producers and users of BLS data to take a look back at the last 100 years. This article highlights important U.S. labor legislation since 1915. AreasContinue Reading