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Houses passes bill restricting use of non public scientific data by EPA

USNews: “The House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday [April 5, 2017] that would that restrict the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to use certain types of scientific studies, a restraint that Republicans say is needed to stop unnecessary regulations the cost private companies millions of dollars. But Democrats said the measure, called the Honest and Open… Continue Reading

Fortune – How Online Privacy Protection Could Become a Campaign Issue in 2018

Follow up to previous posting – ALA and advocacy groups letter to FCC and Congress supporting Net Neutrality – via Fortune’s Aaron Pressman: “Now that Republicans in Congress and President Donald Trump have successfully killed stringent new online privacy rules, public interest groups sense they may have a potent campaign issue to use in upcoming… Continue Reading

Congressional Letters to Agencies Going Unanswered

POGO: “Over two months into President Trump’s administration, some Members of Congress are growing concerned about the administration’s failure to respond to letters requesting information or urging a specific action, a common tool Congress uses to conduct oversight. In March, Democratic Members of Congress catalogued 107 letters they had sent to the executive branch that… Continue Reading

What is the fate of deleted Presidential tweets? – “The White House plans to save deleted tweets, according to a communication from the head of the National Archives, but the president is the ultimate arbiter of what is and isn’t a presidential record [emphasis added]. David S. Ferriero, the national archivist, set out the current status of records management training and policy… Continue Reading

CRS – The War Powers Resolution: Concepts and Practice

The War Powers Resolution: Concepts and Practice, updated March 28, 2017 [via FAS] “This report discusses and assesses the War Powers Resolution and its application since enactment in 1973, providing detailed background on various cases in which it was used, as well as cases in which issues of its applicability were raised. It will be… Continue Reading

CRS – Trump Administration’s March 2017 Defense Budget Proposals

Trump Administration’s March 2017 Defense Budget Proposals: Frequently Asked Questions, April 3, 2017. [via FAS] “On March 16, 2017, the Trump Administration released two defense budget proposals — a proposal for national defense (budget function 050) discretionary spending for fiscal year (FY) 2018 as part of the Administration’s Budget Blueprint for federal spending, and a… Continue Reading

The Criminal Law Reform Project

ACLU – “The Criminal Law Reform Project (CLRP) focuses its work on the “front end” of the criminal justice system—from policing to sentencing— seeking to end excessively harsh criminal justice policies that result in mass incarceration, over-criminalization, and racial injustice, and stand in the way of a fair and equal society. By fighting for nationwide reforms… Continue Reading

Presidential Executive Order Regarding Omnibus Report on Significant Trade Deficits

The Omnibus Report on Significant Trade Deficits, March 31, 2017: “…For many years, the United States has not obtained the full scope of benefits anticipated under a number of international trade agreements or from participating in the World Trade Organization.  The United States annual trade deficit in goods exceeds $700 billion, and the overall trade deficit… Continue Reading

GAO – 2016 Lobbying Disclosure

2016 Lobbying Disclosure: Observations on Lobbyists’ Compliance with Disclosure Requirements, GAO-17-385: Published: Mar 31, 2017. Publicly Released: Mar 31, 2017. “Lobbyists must register with the Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House when they take on new clients, and file reports disclosing their lobbying activities, income, and certain political contributions. In our most recent review of compliance… Continue Reading

Independence of Federal Financial Regulators: Structure, Funding, and Other Issues

CRS, February 28, 2017:  “Conventional wisdom regarding regulators is that the structure and design of the organization matters for policy outcomes. Financial regulators conduct rulemaking and enforcement to implement law and supervise financial institutions. These agencies have been given certain characteristics that enhance their day-to-day independence from the President and Congress, which may make policymaking more… Continue Reading

The 2017 Long-Term Budget Outlook

The 2017 Long-Term Budget Outlook – “CBO’s projections show a substantial imbalance looming in the federal budget over the next 30 years, with spending outpacing revenues by steadily increasing amounts. As a result, if current laws generally remained unchanged, federal debt would reach an unprecedented share of GDP, intensifying pressures on the federal budget, dampening… Continue Reading

Paper – Crises and Tax

Blair-Stanek, Andrew, Crises and Tax (March 27, 2017). Duke Law Journal, Vol. 67, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN: “How can law best mitigate harm from crises like storms, epidemics, and financial meltdowns? This Article uses the law-and-economics framework of property rules and liability rules to analyze crisis responses across multiple areas of law, focusing particularly… Continue Reading