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FindLaw – 9th Circuit: No 2nd Am. Right to Concealed Firearms in Public

Via FindLaw – “The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that citizens do not have a Second Amendment right to carry concealed firearms in public. The California federal court that covers states Arizona, Nevada, Oregon Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii as well found that laws requiring gun owners to show “good cause” for… Continue Reading

Human Responsibility, Not Legal Personhood, for Nonhuman Animals

Cupp, Richard L., Focusing on Human Responsibility Rather than Legal Personhood for Nonhuman Animals (2016). 33 Pace Envtl. L. Rev. 517 (2016); Pepperdine University Legal Studies Research Paper No. 17. Available for download at SSRN. “This essay supports an emphasis on evolving standards of human responsibility for animals’ welfare and critiques the concept of legal… Continue Reading

U.S. Supreme Court: Policies and Perspectives on Video and Audio Coverage of Appellate Court Proceedings

U.S. Supreme Court: Policies and Perspectives on Video and Audio Coverage of Appellate Court Proceedings, GAO-16-437: Published: Apr 28, 2016. Publicly Released: May 31, 2016 “The U.S. Supreme Court (the Court) posts audio recordings of oral arguments on its website at the end of each argument week, but does not provide video coverage of these… Continue Reading

Federal Appellate Court Strikes Potential Death Blow to Privacy in New Cell Site Location Information Case

Via EFF – “This week, the full Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals—in a decision that impacts residents in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia—held that you have no expectation of privacy in historical location data generated by your cell phone. This decision, which follows decisions from four other federal appellate courts, means… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Should Colorado court documents be free on public library computers?

Via – Should Colorado court documents be free on public library computers? – Jeff Roberts of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition raises the question of expanding free public access to court documents in Colorado. Specifically, he identifies the only location where a non-lawyer can view and request copies of all civil court documents… Continue Reading

The Nonhuman Rights Project

“The Nonhuman Rights Project is the only civil rights organization in the United States working to achieve actual LEGAL rights for members of species other than our own. Our mission is to change the legal status of appropriate nonhuman animals from mere “things,” which lack the capacity to possess any legal right, to “persons,” who… Continue Reading

Legal Information Institute and Justia provide new home for Oyez Project

Follow up to previous posting – Founder of seeks new manager and large purchase price – via – ‘Oyez Project’ New Home Will Keep Supreme Court Audio Free to Public‘ “The project is now housed at Chicago-Kent College of Law in Chicago under an agreement that expires soon. By the time the new… Continue Reading

GAO Reports – Border Security, Medicare Program, Prisoner Operations

Border Security: DHS Surveillance Technology Unmanned Aerial Systems and Other Assets, GAO-16-671T: Published: May 24, 2016. Publicly Released: May 24, 2016. Medicare Program: Continued Action Required to Address Weaknesses in Provider and Supplier Enrollment Controls, GAO-16-703T: Published: May 24, 2016. Publicly Released: May 24, 2016. Prisoner Operations: United States Marshals Service Could Better Estimate Cost… Continue Reading

ADR in Cyberspace

de Werra, Jacques, ADR in Cyberspace: The Need to Adopt Global Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms For Addressing the Challenges of Massive Online Micro-Justice (May 23, 2016). Forthcoming, Swiss Review of International & European Law. Available for download at SSRN: “This paper discusses the potential of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for solving Internet-related disputes and… Continue Reading

Texas Immigration Court Leads US in Issuing Removal Orders

“Immigration Court judges have issued 44,204 removal orders during the first seven months of fiscal year 2016, according to the latest available court data. Texas leads the nation with 10,102 removal orders issued so far this fiscal year, over one fifth (22.9%) of the total. Next is California with 7,056 followed by Georgia with 3,698… Continue Reading

CBO Report – H.R. 3713, Sentencing Reform Act of 2015

“H.R. 3713 would amend federal law to change the prison sentences associated with certain offenses. Based on information provided by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC), CBO estimates that implementing the legislation would reduce the cost of incarcerating offenders and would lead to a reduction in discretionary costs to DOJ… Continue Reading

Penal Welfare and the New Human Trafficking Intervention Courts

Gruber, Aya and Cohen, Amy J. and Mogulescu, Kate, Penal Welfare and the New Human Trafficking Intervention Courts (May 6, 2016). Florida Law Review, Forthcoming. Available for download at SSRN: “In the fall of 2013, New York State’s chief judge, Jonathan Lippman, announced a “revolutionary” statewide initiative to create and implement Human Trafficking Intervention… Continue Reading