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Federal Judge approves $15B settlement in Volkswagen emissions case

USAToday – “A federal judge on Tuesday approved one of the largest consumer settlements in U.S. history, a nearly $15 billion U.S. deal concerning Volkswagen Group’s diesel car emissions scandal. The settlement sets in motion a massive vehicle buyback program and environmental remediation efforts.” See also previous posting –Volkswagen Agrees to Record Settlement in Emissions Case and Volkswagen… Continue Reading

CRS – Current Vacancies on the U.S. Court of Federal Claims

Current Vacancies on the U.S. Court of Federal Claims: Overview and Historical Context. October 13, 2016 (IN10592) “Over the past several decades, there has been ongoing Senate interest in appointments to the United States Court of Federal Claims. This Insight provides information related to the number of current vacancies on the court, and how long… Continue Reading

Privacy International challenge of UK hacking operations

PCWorld: “The U.K.’s spy agencies breached the European Convention on Human Rights for years by secretly collecting almost everything about British citizens’ communications except their content, a U.K. court has ruled. However, now that the U.K. government has admitted what it is doing, the collection is legal, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal ruled Monday. It has… Continue Reading

Judge to determine whether Pacer fees are too high for public access

Via NextGov – Cost of Electronic Access to US Court Filings Faces Major Legal Test of Its Own: “…the paywall that surrounds Pacer is facing what may be its most serious test since the service emerged 28 years ago. Judge Ellen Huvelle of the U.S. district court in Washington, D.C., is expected to decide in the… Continue Reading

Court rules CFPB organizational structure is unconstitutional – Appeals Court Deals Setback to Consumer-Watchdog Agency. Federal three-judge panel rules CFPB’s structure is unconstitutional but rejects idea of shutting down agency. New York Times – Court Gives President More Power Over Consumer Agency Chief – An appeals court panel said the director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was too independent, so it gave the president the… Continue Reading

Paper – Rethinking Prosecutors’ Conflicts of Interest

Green, Bruce A. and Roiphe, Rebecca, Rethinking Prosecutors’ Conflicts of Interest (October 7, 2016). Boston College Law Review, Vol. 58, No. 2, 2017; Fordham Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2849658. Available at SSRN: “Conflicts of interest are endemic to almost all prosecutors’ discretionary decisions, and are the source of many instances of misconduct and… Continue Reading

Pew – Support for death penalty lowest in more than four decades

“As the Supreme Court prepares to hear the first of two death penalty cases in this year’s term, the share of Americans who support the death penalty for people convicted of murder is now at its lowest point in more than four decades. Only about half of Americans (49%) now favor the death penalty for people… Continue Reading

American Academy of Appellate Lawyers – length of briefs pared down

Judges Push Brevity in Briefs, and Get a Torrent of Arguments – “The Constitution of the United States clocks in at 4,543 words. Yet a number of lawyers contend that 14,000 words are barely enough to lay out their legal arguments. That’s the maximum word count for briefs filed in federal appellate courts. For years,… Continue Reading

Looking Ahead: October Term 2016

Reynolds, Glenn Harlan, Looking Ahead: October Term 2016 (September 13, 2016). 2016 Cato Supreme Court Review 313 (2016). Available for download at SSRN: “This essay looks at leading cases set for the Supreme Court’s next term, at some cases the Supreme Court chose not to hear, and at other events, such as a possible recusal… Continue Reading

District Court Judge releases list of more than 200 cases veiled in secrecy of Patriot Act

Washington Post – This judge just released 200 secret government surveillance requests “U.S. District Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell, a former Senate aide who helped draft the Patriot Act, has defied easy labeling throughout a decades-long career spent charting the frontier of technology and law in the nation’s capital….In ordering the first-ever release by a… Continue Reading

Class Action suit against Wells Fargo filed in Utah – “Three Utah residents have filed what may be the first class-action lawsuit brought by customers against Wells Fargo in the ongoing fallout over allegations that more than 2 million bank accounts or credit cards were opened or applied for without customers’ knowledge or permission. Wells Fargo declined to comment on the suit which… Continue Reading

Census of Problem-Solving Courts, 2012

Suzanne M. Strong, Ph.D., Ramona R. Rantala, Bureau of Justice Statistics, Tracey Kyckelhahn, Ph.D., Former BJS Statistician. September 15, 2016. NCJ 249803 “Describes type, location, and characteristics of all known problem-solving courts in 2012. Types of problem-solving courts include drug, mental health, family, youth specialty, hybrid DWI/drug, DWI, domestic violence, veterans, tribal wellness, and other… Continue Reading