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Bootstrapping Privacy Compliance in Big Data Systems

“In this paper, we demonstrate a collection of techniques to transition to automated privacy compliance compliance checking in big data systems. To this end we designed the LEGALEASE language, instantiated for stating privacy policies as a form of restrictions on information flows, and the GROK data inventory that maps low level data types in codeContinue Reading

Internet Giants Erect Barriers to Spy Agencies – NYT

DAVID E. SANGER and NICOLE PERLROTH – Google is encrypting more data as it moves between servers “Internet companies like Google and Facebook are working to keep governments and especially their spy agencies out of their servers after revelations from Edward J. Snowden that they had been invaded…As fast as it can, Google is sealingContinue Reading

EPIC v. NSA: EPIC Obtains Presidential Directive for Cybersecurity

EPIC –  After almost five years, EPIC has obtained National Security Presidential Directive 54. The previously classified Presidential Directive contains the full text of the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative and “establishes United States policy, strategy, guidelines, and implementation actions to secure cyberspace.” This Directive, which is the foundational legal document for all cybersecurity policies in theContinue Reading

New GAO Reports – Community Development, Human Capital, Small Business Research, Fusion Energy, Maritime Critical IT Protection

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CAPITAL INITIATIVE: Status of the Program and Financial Health of Remaining Participants, GAO-14-579: Published: Jun 6, 2014. Publicly Released: Jun 6, 2014. HUMAN CAPITAL: Strategies to Help Agencies Meet Their Missions in an Era of Highly Constrained Resources, GAO-14-168: Published: May 7, 2014. Publicly Released: Jun 6, 2014. SMALL BUSINESS RESEARCH PROGRAMS: More Guidance and Oversight Needed to Comply withContinue Reading

FTC Testifies on Geolocation Privacy

“The Federal Trade Commission testified before Congress on the Commission’s efforts to address the privacy concerns raised by the tracking of information about consumers’ location, as well as proposed legislation to protect the privacy of geolocation data. Delivering testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee for Privacy, Technology and the Law, Jessica Rich, Director of the FTCContinue Reading

McKinsey Quarterly 2014 Number 2

“This issue includes articles on how technological advances are revolutionizing resource productivity, the future of lean, why leaders of organizational change must examine their own behavior, and the rising risk of cyberattacks.” Topics covered are: Resource revolution: Gathering force; The future of lean; Change leader, change thyself; and Research, trends, and emerging thinking.  

GAO Report – Agencies Need to Improve Cyber Incident Response Practices

INFORMATION SECURITY: Agencies Need to Improve Cyber Incident Response Practices, GAO-14-354: Published: Apr 30, 2014. Publicly Released: May 30, 2014. “Twenty-four major federal agencies did not consistently demonstrate that they are effectively responding to cyber incidents (a security breach of a computerized system and information). Based on a statistical sample of cyber incidents reported in fiscal year 2012,Continue Reading

Report – Half of American Adults Data Hacked So far This Year

EPIC:  “A new report finds that 432 million online accounts in the US have been hacked this year, concerning about 110 million Americans. In the last year, 70 million Target customers, 33 million Adobe users, 4.6 million Snapchat users, and potentially all 148 million eBay users had their personal information exposed by database breaches. Earlier this month, the President’s science advisors foundContinue Reading

LexisNexis – Study tells a Story about Law Firm File Sharing

LexisNexis Survey of Law Firm File Sharing in 2014 – “This study found that file sharing is increasingly important in law firm collaboration and while those firms are keenly aware of the consequences of IT security risks, unencrypted email – reinforced with a statement of confidentiality – remains the primary mechanism for sharing files. SeeContinue Reading

Internet Trends 2014 – Code Conference

Slides: Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report for 2014 (PDF version) - [snipped] – “High Level User / Usage Trend • Internet Users <10% Y/Y growth & slowing…fastest growth in more difficult to monetize developing markets like India / Indonesia / Nigeria • Smartphone Subscribers +20% strong growth though slowing…fastest growth in underpenetrated markets like China / IndiaContinue Reading

Cooperation with government by key leader of hacking group results in lesser sentence

Kim Zetter, Wired - As a reward for his extensive cooperation helping prosecutors hunt down his fellow hackers, the government is seeking time served for the long-awaited sentencing of top LulzSec leader Hector Xavier Monsegur, also known as “Sabu.” After delaying his sentencing for nearly three years, the government has asked a federal court to sentence MonsegurContinue Reading

Council on Foreign Relations Cybersecurity Policy Research Links

“How can the United States protect cyberspace “control system of our country,” without restricting the open “flow of information on the Internet“? What should countries consider when developing international cybersecurity standards and protocol? What should their citizens know to protect their information and their rights? Cybersecurity Policy Research Links provide news, background information, legislation, analysis,Continue Reading