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CIA Releases Declassified Documents Related to 9/11 Attacks

LANGLEY, VA — [June 12, 2015] “The CIA has released to the public declassified versions of five internal documents related to the Agency’s performance in the lead-up to the attacks of September 11, 2001. The documents can be found at CIA’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) online reading room at The first of theseContinue Reading

Cyber crimes against NATO and its members

Via Atlantic Council – New Twists in Russia’s Cyber Campaign Against NATO and Its Members By Sam Jones, Financial Times: “Russia’s aggressive actions in cyber space are all carefully designed to fall short of warranting any kind of serious military or aggressive response. One of Moscow’s new favoured tactics is to arm crime syndicates withContinue Reading

Visualization promotes direct understanding of use of nuclear bombs

Data Driven Journalism – Mirko Lorenz: “August 6, 1945 was the day when an atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, 70 years ago from today. It is a sad fact that even the biggest atrocities and catastrophes loose part of their threat when time passes on. People forget. People who were presentContinue Reading

GAO reports – Nuclear Security Enterprise, African Growth, State Revolving Funds

•    Modernizing the Nuclear Security Enterprise: NNSA Increased Its Budget Estimates, but Estimates for Key Stockpile and Infrastructure Programs Need Improvement, GAO-15-499: Published: Aug 6, 2015. Publicly Released: Aug 6, 2015. •    African Growth and Opportunity Act: Insights from Other Countries’ Preference Programs and Participation in Trade Negotiations, GAO-15-701: Published: Aug 5, 2015. Publicly Released:Continue Reading

GAO Reports – Environmental Litigation, Disability Insurance, DOD Financial Management, Army Reserve Components

Environmental Litigation: Information on Cases against EPA and FWS and on Deadline Suits on EPA Rulemaking, GAO-15-803T: Published: Aug 4, 2015. Publicly Released: Aug 4, 2015. Disability Insurance: Actions Needed to Help Prevent Potential Overpayments to Individuals Receiving Concurrent Federal Workers’ Compensation, GAO-15-531: Published: Jul 8, 2015. Publicly Released: Aug 3, 2015. DOD Financial Management:Continue Reading

GAO Reports – Credit Rating Analysts, Facial Recognition Technology, Federal Autism Research, Hurricane Sandy, Nuclear Weapons Sustainment

Credit Rating Analysts: Views Varied on Merits of a Professional Organization, but Creating One Now Viewed as Premature, GAO-15-591: Published: Jul 30, 2015. Publicly Released: Jul 30, 2015. Facial Recognition Technology: Commercial Uses, Privacy Issues, and Applicable Federal Law, GAO-15-621: Published: Jul 30, 2015. Publicly Released: Jul 30, 2015. Federal Autism Research: Updated Information onContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Defense Energy, Facilities Modernization, International Insurance Capital Standards, Mortgage Reforms, Prescription Drugs

Defense Energy: Observations on DOD’s Investments in Alternative Fuels, GAO-15-674: Published: Jul 27, 2015. Publicly Released: Jul 27, 2015. Facilities Modernization: DOD Guidance and Processes Reflect Leading Practices for Capital Planning, GAO-15-489: Published: Jul 27, 2015. Publicly Released: Jul 27, 2015. International Insurance Capital Standards: Collaboration among U.S. Stakeholders Has Improved but Could Be Enhanced,Continue Reading

GAO Reports – Defense Infrastructure, Federal Green Building, IRS Examination Selection, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, Teacher Preparation Programs

Defense Infrastructure: Improvements in DOD Reporting and Cybersecurity Implementation Needed to Enhance Utility Resilience Planning, GAO-15-749: Published: Jul 23, 2015. Publicly Released: Jul 23, 2015. Federal Green Building: Federal Efforts and Third-Party Certification Help Agencies Implement Key Requirements, but Challenges Remain, GAO-15-667: Published: Jul 23, 2015. Publicly Released: Jul 23, 2015. IRS Examination Selection: InternalContinue Reading

UK surveillance report affirms privacy concerns

The Guardian: “Privacy campaigners have secured significant concessions in a key report into surveillance by the British security agencies published on Tuesday. The 132-page report, A Democratic Licence To Operate, which Nick Clegg commissioned last year in the wake of revelations by the US whistleblower Edward Snowden, acknowledges the importance of privacy concerns. “Privacy isContinue Reading

GAO Reports – DOD Business Systems Modernization, Insider Threats, Patient Protection, Senate Public Records, Space Launch System

DOD Business Systems Modernization: Additional Action Needed to Achieve Intended Outcomes, GAO-15-627: Published: Jul 16, 2015. Publicly Released: Jul 16, 2015. Insider Threats: DOD Should Improve Information Sharing and Oversight to Protect U.S. Installations, GAO-15-543: Published: Jul 16, 2015. Publicly Released: Jul 16, 2015. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: Observations on 18 Undercover TestsContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Unaccompanied Alien Children, C-130 Force Structure, DOE Project Management

Unaccompanied Alien Children: Actions Needed to Ensure Children Receive Required Care in DHS Custody, GAO-15-521: Published: Jul 14, 2015. Publicly Released: Jul 14, 2015. C-130 Force Structure: Air Force Addressed Statutory Elements in Its Report, but Decided Not to Transfer Certain Aircraft as Proposed, GAO-15-637R: Published: Jul 13, 2015. Publicly Released: Jul 13, 2015. DOEContinue Reading

Report – Psychologists Shielded U.S. Torture Program

New York Times, James Risen – The Central Intelligence Agency’s health professionals repeatedly criticized the agency’s post-Sept. 11 interrogation program, but their protests were rebuffed by prominent outside psychologists who lent credibility to the program, according to a sweeping new report. The 542-page report, which examines the involvement of the nation’s psychologists and their largestContinue Reading