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Unintended Consequences: Seven Years under the DMCA

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Unintended Consequences: Seven Years under the DMCA, April, 2006. This document is version 4. (15 pages, PDF, and HTML version)

CATO Study Challenges Courts’ Role in Digital Rights Management

Circumventing Competition: The Perverse Consequences of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (PDF, 28 pages), by Timothy B. Lee “The courts have a proven track record of fashioning balanced remedies for the copyright challenges created by new technologies. But when Congress passed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in 1998, it cut the courts out of thisContinue Reading

Case Study of CD Disk Protection System That Triggered Class Action Suit

Lessons from the Sony CD DRM Episode, February 14, 2006 (27 pages, PDF), by J. Alex Halderman and Edward W. Felton.

UK Gov’t Conducts Public Inquiry on Digital Rights Management

“The All Party Parliamentary Internet Group (APIG) [held] an oral evidence session [February 2, 2006] at the House of Commons, as part of its public inquiry on Digital Rights Management(DRM)…The inquiry…is seeking to establish how consumers, artists and the distribution companies should be protected in a continually evolving market place…Regrettably, this session will not beContinue Reading

Study of Takedown Notices Under Section 512 of DMCA

Efficient Process or “Chilling Effects”? Takedown Notices Under Section 512 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Summary Report, Jennifer M. Urban, Director, Intellectual Property Clinic, University of Southern California and Laura Quilter, Non-Resident Fellow, Samuelson Clinic, University of California, Berkeley. [Links and Law]

Draft Legislation – Digital Content Protection Act of 2006

Senate Draft of the Digital Content Protection Act of 2006

Associations Jointly Publish and Distribute Guide to Copyright on Campuses

Related to yesterday’s posting, Digital Rights Management: A Guide for Librarians, see Campus Copyrights and Responsibilities: A Basic Guide to Policy Considerations (39 pages, PDF), AAU, ARL, American University Press.

Digital Rights Management: A Guide for Librarians

Digital Rights Management: A Guide for Librarians, by Mike Godwin (44 pages, PDF)

Texas AG Brings Enforcement Action For Spyware Violations

Press release: “Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott today sued Sony BMG Music Entertainment as the first state in the nation to bring legal action against SONY for illegal ‘spyware.’ The suit is also the first filed under the state’s spyware law of 2005. It alleges the company surreptitiously installed the spyware on millions of compactContinue Reading

Report Reviews Market and Legal Challenges to Book Digitizing Projects

Acquiring Copyright Permission to Digitize and Provide Open Access to Books, Published by the Council on Library and Information Resources and Digital Library Federation, (72 pages, PDF) Related references to Google’s announcement that Print Program scanning will resume, along with clarifications on the programs goals: From the Official Google Blog posting, October 31, 2005: “..theContinue Reading

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Reinventing the Empire of Secrecy: An Agenda for the First DNI, by Lee S. Strickland The Authors Guild v. The Google Print Library Project, by Jonathan Band Researching U.S. Treaties and Agreements – Revised and Updated, by Marci Hoffman Criminal Justice Ethics Sources on the Internet, by Ken Strutin In the Wake of Katrina –Continue Reading

Documenting Copyright for Digital Materials

Descriptive metadata for copyright Status, by Karen Coyl: “The need to express the intellectual property rights of digital materials has focused on access and usage permissions which must be granted by the rights holder. A key set of permissions not acknowledged by these rights expressions is inherent in the legal copyright status of the item.Continue Reading