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Problems and Perils of Bootstrapping Privacy and Data into an Antitrust Framework

Manne, Geoffrey A. and Sperry, Ben, The Problems and Perils of Bootstrapping Privacy and Data into an Antitrust Framework (May 29, 2015). CPI Antitrust Chronicle, May 2015. Available for download from SSRN: “Increasingly, people use the internet to connect with one another, access information, and purchase products and services. Along with the growth inContinue Reading

New paper on ecommerce remedies

Schmitz, Amy, Introducing the ‘New Handshake’ to Expand Remedies and Revive Responsibility in ECommerce (June 12, 2015). 26 University of St. Thomas Law Review 522-550 (2014); U of Colorado Law Legal Studies Research Paper No. 15-7. Available for download at SSRN: “There was a time when individuals would meet in person to make purchasesContinue Reading

Amazon belatedly issues report on Privacy and Data Security

Via Amazon Security Blog: “Amazon knows customers care deeply about privacy and data security, and we optimize our work to get these issues right for customers. With this post I’d like to provide a number of observations on our policies and positions: Amazon does not customer information unless we’re required to do so toContinue Reading

The Oligopoly of Academic Publishers in the Digital Era

Larivière V, Haustein S, Mongeon P (2015) The Oligopoly of Academic Publishers in the Digital Era. PLoS ONE 10(6): e0127502. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0127502 “The consolidation of the scientific publishing industry has been the topic of much debate within and outside the scientific community, especially in relation to major publishers’ high profit margins. However, the share of scientificContinue Reading

Tech company diversity reports show little shift in leadership

WSJ – “LinkedIn released its latest “diversity report” this week, following several other tech companies that have released 2015 numbers. The company made a big stride in its percentage of women in leadership roles, with 30% of its director-level and above positions filled by females, up from 25% last year. Women now make up 18% ofContinue Reading

Inside Higher Ed – The Invisible Learners Taking MOOCs

The Invisible Learners Taking MOOCs – George Veletsianos: “Anyone, anywhere, at any point in time will be able to take advantage of high quality education.” That could be a tagline from just about any enthusiast or provider of open online courses (often called MOOCs). The intention certainly seems laudable and, if not transformational, at least desirable. WhatContinue Reading

New Study – Americans Losing Battle on Privacy Rights

The Tradeoff Fallacy – How Marketers Are Misrepresenting American Consumers and Opening Them Up to Exploitation – Joseph Turow, Ph.D.; Michael Hennessy, Ph.D; Nora Draper, Ph.D. June 2015. A Report from the Anneberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania. “New Annenberg survey results indicate that marketers are misrepresenting a large majority of Americans by claiming thatContinue Reading

Disruptive Financial Technology Startup – Mobile Payments

Exponential Finance: Who Will Be the Instagram or Uber of Finance? – Jason Dorrier: “Abra is exemplary of what happens when several digital technologies converge in one product. Combining an Uber-like peer-to-peer network with smartphone technology and blockchain, Abra literally stashes the cash in your pocket on your smartphone. From there, users can send cash as easyContinue Reading

Data Collection From Consumers Continues Without Transparency

National Journal – “Don’t be fooled: Congress may have finally passed the bill reining in the National Security Agency’s bulk-surveillance programs  [USA Freedom Act of 2015], but your data is still being collected on the Internet. Lost in the debate over the NSA is the fact that companies like Google and Facebook continue to vacuumContinue Reading

CISCO Visual Networking Index Forecast

“We are in an era where technological advances are happening at an exponential rate. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index Forecast, in just four years you can expect to see the number of mobile devices skyrocket, non-PC devices to reign supreme, and online video to do a complete takeover of television. Head’s up—maybe it’s timeContinue Reading

Internet Archive – One Million Audio Cover Images for Research

Internet Archive – “Culled from various sources, this collection includes over one million JPG, PNG and GIF album covers. The resolution ranges from “thumbnail” through to very large sizes. Filenames are variant in usefulness, although a good number indicate at least the name of the original album. This dataset is for experimentation and image processingContinue Reading

KPCB’s Mary Meeker – 2015 Internet Trends Report

Internet Trends 2015 – Code Conference – Mary Meeker – Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) – May 27, 2015. Outline as follows: 1) Internet – Two – Thirds of a Generation In… 2) Key Internet Trends 3) Re-Imagining Continues… 4) America’s Evolving Work Environment… 5) Big Internet Markets = China/India 6) Public / Private CompanyContinue Reading