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OPM Announces 2016 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Results

“The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) today released agency-level results from the 2016 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS). The 2016 FEVS was administered to 407,789 employees representing 80 (38 large / 42 small) Federal agencies. These results provided through contain scores for two major indices — Employee Engagement and Global Job Satisfaction across… Continue Reading

Follow-up Audit – DOJ Implementation of and Compliance with Certain Classification Requirements

Via FAS – Office of the Inspector General U.S. Department of Justice, September 2016 – Follow-up Audit of the Department of Justice’s Implementation of and Compliance with Certain Classification Requirements “The OIG found that DOJ, through the Justice Management Division’s (JMD) Security and Emergency Planning Staff (SEPS), had established classification policies and procedures, but had… Continue Reading

Social Security: Improvements to Claims Process Could Help People Make Better Informed Decisions about Retirement Benefits

Social Security: Improvements to Claims Process Could Help People Make Better Informed Decisions about Retirement Benefits, GAO-16-786: Published: Sep 14, 2016. Publicly Released: Sep 14, 2016. “GAO’s review of nine surveys and academic studies, and interviews with retirement experts, suggest that many individuals do not fully understand key details of Social Security rules that can… Continue Reading

Newsweek – Between 2003 and 2009, the Bush White House “lost” 22 million emails

Gone but not forgotten, email messages lost, not archived, disappeared – at the highest level of government – written by officials from both parties, and lest we forget, this reminder by Nina Burleigh in Newsweek – “For 18 months, Republican strategists, political pundits, reporters and Americans who follow them have been pursuing Hillary Clinton’s personal email… Continue Reading

Foreign Relations of the United States Series – Digitized

Via FAS – The US Department of State – Foreign Relations of the United States Series Beta – “The Foreign Relations of the United States series presents the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. The series, which is produced by the Department of State’s Office of the… Continue Reading

The Intercept – Leaked Catalogue Reveals a Vast Array of Military Spy Gear Offered to US Police

Sam Biddle – The Intercept – “A confidential, 120-page catalogue of spy equipment, originating from British defense firm Cobham and circulated to U.S. law enforcement, touts gear that can intercept wireless calls and text messages, locate people via their mobile phones, and jam cellular communications in a particular area. The catalogue was obtained by The Intercept as part… Continue Reading

Article excerpt from new book – “Rise of the Machines: A Cybernetic History”

This article is published via the Passcode – Modern field guide to security and privacy from The Christian Science Monitor”: The cypherpunk revolution-How the tech vanguard turned public-key cryptography into one of the most potent political ideas of the 21st century, by Thomas Rid, July 20, 2016. “…But amid the hype [in the 1990s with… Continue Reading

NextGov – Who’s in Charge of Regulating the Internet of Things?

Via NextGov – “The “internet of things” refers to a group of technology so vast the term is beginning to lose meaning. The internet of things hints at a vision of a ubiquitous network of electronics: refrigerators pinging their owners’ smartphones if they’ve run out of eggs, wearable devices that can detect the tell-tale vibrations of… Continue Reading

The EU in the world statistical report

The EU in the world 2016 — A statistical portrait is an online and printed Eurostat publication, also downloadable in pdf format, ISBN 978-92-79-59231-7, doi: 10.2785/745946, Cat. No KS-EX-16-001-EN-N. “Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union (EU), situated in Luxembourg. Its task is to provide the EU with statistics at a European level… Continue Reading

Department of Education Civil Rights Data Collection

“The 2013-14 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) is a survey of all public schools and school districts in the United States. The CRDC measures student access to courses, programs, instructional and other staff, and resources — as well as school climate factors, such as student discipline and bullying and harassment — that impact education equity… Continue Reading

Forrester – The US Federal Customer Experience Index, 2016

Despite Some Bright Spots, Agencies Fail To Meet The Administration’s CX Goals, August 30, 2016 [fee or subscription req’d]: “The White House requires federal agencies to provide customer experiences that match the best of the private sector’s. In this report, we measure agencies’ progress toward this goal by releasing federal Customer Experience Index (CX Index™)… Continue Reading

Google – The Hidden World of National Parks

Via Google – Follow rangers on a [visual] journey to places most people never go. Discover America’s national parks in a new way – Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Utah, Florida. Continue Reading