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New York Fed Household Debt and Credit Report

Household Debt and Credit Report – “The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Household Debt and Credit Report provides a quarterly snapshot of household trends in borrowing and indebtedness, including data about mortgages, student loans, credit cards, auto loans and delinquencies. The report aims to help community groups, small businesses, state and local governments and the public to better understand, monitor and respond to trends in borrowing and indebtedness at the household level.”

Federal Reserve Board Policy Report

Federal Reserve Board Policy Report – Current Report: February 10, 2016 Summary Part 1: Recent Economic and Financial Developments Part 2: Monetary Policy Part 3: Summary of Economic Projections Abbreviations

CRS – Social Security Primer

Social Security Primer, Dawn Nuschler, Specialist in Income Security. February 9, 2016. “The Social Security program was established in the 1930s and has been modified by Congress many times over the years. Today, Social Security provides monthly cash benefits to retired or disabled workers and their family members, and to the family members of deceasedContinue Reading

Saudi Arabia: Background and U.S. Relations

CRS report – Saudi Arabia: Background and U.S. Relations, Christopher M. Blanchard Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs, February 5, 2016. “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ruled by the Al Saud family since its founding in 1932, wields significant global influence through its administration of the birthplace of the Islamic faith and by virtue of itsContinue Reading

Jobs With the Best (and Worst) Job Security – 24/7 Wall Street

“The U.S. unemployment rate reached 10% in October 2009, the highest since 1983, and the peak since the Great Recession ended in June 2009. Since then, unemployment has fallen steadily to its current level of 4.9%. Not all the nation’s industries have recovered at the same pace. Increased job opportunities and wage hikes have beenContinue Reading

Approaches to Making Federal Highway Spending More Productive

Federal spending on highways does not correspond very well with how the roads are used. “CBO examines three approaches lawmakers could consider to make highway spending more productive: “Federal spending on highways (or, synonymously, roads) totaled $46 billion in 2014, roughly a quarter of total public spending on highways. About 95 percent of that amountContinue Reading

Demographic and Economic Profiles of South Carolina’s Electorate

“In advance of the South Carolina primaries on Feb. 20 and Feb. 27, the U.S. Census Bureau presents a variety of statistics that give an overall profile of the state’s voting-age population and industries. Statistics include: Voting-age population and estimate of eligible voters (i.e., citizens age 18 and older). Breakdown of voting-age population by raceContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Biosurveillance, FDIC Audit, GAO Performance, Immigrant Investor Program, Rare Earth Materials, Veterans’ Health Care

Biosurveillance: Ongoing Challenges and Future Considerations for DHS Biosurveillance Efforts, GAO-16-413T: Published: Feb 11, 2016. Publicly Released: Feb 11, 2016. Financial Audit: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Funds’ 2015 and 2014 Financial Statements, GAO-16-300: Published: Feb 11, 2016. Publicly Released: Feb 11, 2016. GAO: Summary of Performance and Financial Information, Fiscal Year 2015, GAO-16-4SP: Published: FebContinue Reading

GAO Reports – FAA, Medicaid, VA Health Care Budget

Federal Aviation Administration: Preliminary Observations of Potential Air Traffic Control Restructuring Transition Issues, GAO-16-386R: Published: Feb 10, 2016. Publicly Released: Feb 10, 2016: “Based on our literature review and preliminary discussions with experts, several transition issues would need to be addressed if the U.S. air traffic control (ATC) system were to be restructured, including transitionContinue Reading

The movie plays on: a lens for viewing the global economy

The movie plays on: a lens for viewing the global economy. Speech by Mr Claudio Borio, Head of the Monetary and Economic Department of the BIS, at the FT Debt Capital Markets Outlook, London, 10 February 2016. “This presentation suggests an alternative lens through which to view the global economy’s struggle to achieve sustainable andContinue Reading

Open Data Institute News

“Stay ahead of the curve with the latest open data news, blogs and comment from the ODI team, global network and industry experts around the world. From practical tips for publishing open data to inspiring accounts of how open data has changed lives, we’re publishing new blogs all the time…We connect, equip and inspire peopleContinue Reading

H.R. 957, Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection – Inspector General Reform Act of 2015

CBO: “H.R. 957 would direct the President to appoint an Inspector General for the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection (CFPB) within 60 days of enactment, and would require the CFPB to set aside 2 percent of its annual funding to operate the office of the Inspector General. Under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and ConsumerContinue Reading