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White House honors innovators in sustainable seafood

Via NOAA – “The ocean…is not infinite in its bounty. After decades of decline, America has turned the corner on ending overfishing, and with the help of scientists, fishermen, fish farmers and managers today, our nation’s fisheries are among the most sustainable in the world. The shift wasn’t easy – it took hard work, collaboration, and… Continue Reading

Rockefeller Institute’s Don Boyd Q&A with the Retirement Security Initiative

“Unfunded public pension liabilities are at record levels, creating a large financial burden on state and local governments. With pension funds taking considerable investment risk, the hole could grow much larger if risk-taking is unsuccessful. An interview with Rockefeller Institute Director of Fiscal Studies Don Boyd examines these risks and their potential consequences, as well… Continue Reading

GAO Reports – DOD Civilian and Contractor Workforces, Train Braking

DOD Civilian and Contractor Workforces: Additional Cost Savings Data and Efficiencies Plan Are Needed, GAO-17-128: Published: Oct 12, 2016. Publicly Released: Oct 12, 2016. Train Braking: DOT’s Rulemaking on Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brakes Could Benefit from Additional Data and Transparency, GAO-17-122: Published: Oct 12, 2016. Publicly Released: Oct 12, 2016. U.S. Postal Service: Information on… Continue Reading

Court rules CFPB organizational structure is unconstitutional – Appeals Court Deals Setback to Consumer-Watchdog Agency. Federal three-judge panel rules CFPB’s structure is unconstitutional but rejects idea of shutting down agency. New York Times – Court Gives President More Power Over Consumer Agency Chief – An appeals court panel said the director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was too independent, so it gave the president the… Continue Reading

2016 Legal Education Data Deck: Key Trends on Access, Affordability, and Value

Center Staff, Access Group, 2016 Legal Education Data Deck: Key Trends on Access, Affordability, and Value (March 10, 2016). Access Group Center for Research & Policy Analysis Research Paper No. 16-01. Available at SSRN: or “On March 10, 2016, the Access Group Center for Research & Policy Analysis released the 2016 Legal Education Data Deck (the… Continue Reading

Social Security Administration (SSA): FY2017 Appropriations and Recent Trends

CRS Report via FAS – Social Security Administration (SSA): FY2017 Appropriations and Recent Trends, William R. Morton, Analyst in Income Security, October 5, 2016. “The Social Security Administration (SSA) is responsible for administering a number of federal entitlement programs that provide income support (cash benefits) to qualified individuals. These programs are Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI), commonly known… Continue Reading

UNESCO – Water, Megacities and Global Change: Challenges and Solutions

Water, Megacities and Global Change: Portraits of 15 Emblematic Cities of the World “Each of the megacities in this publication has specific local conditions characterizing their geographic, climatic, hydrogeologic, demographic and economic situations. However, they also share similar water governance challenges with multiple actors focused on their own duties and concerns. As such, they can work together to… Continue Reading

American Banker – OCC Hasn’t Issued Wells Fargo’s CRA Score in Eight Years

The Wells Fargo fake account scandal, first uncovered by the Los Angeles Times in 2013, is growing. Perhaps that is not surprising, given how egregious the scheme was and the tepid response from the bank. In creating a boiler-room sales environment, the bank failed its investors and front-line employees, but it also failed its customers and communities….However, Wells Fargo… Continue Reading

What one dollar would buy you each year from 1945 to present

Mandy Kennedy – “Anyone who’s approached a vending machine with a buck in their hand realizes that a dollar doesn’t get you too far these days, but that wasn’t always the case.” Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Crowd Funding Resources 2016

Via – Crowd Funding Resources 2016 – This white paper link dataset compilation by Marcus Zillman focuses on reliable and actionable sources and sites on crowd funding from around the world. For many entrepreneurs in the planning stages or for those already creating startups and seeking to develop monetary sources, crowd funding has become an essential part of… Continue Reading

Report – Algorithms Probably Caused a Flash Crash of British Pound

MIT Technology Review – Jamie Condliffe, October 7, 2016: “Overnight, the British pound dropped by 6 percent, to $1.13. Analysts are pointing the finger at an increasingly familiar financial scapegoat: the algorithm. Though the crash hasn’t yet been definitively linked to algorithmic trading, the Economist argues that the speed of last night’s drop points at software gone haywire. Financial algorithms—or algos to… Continue Reading

OECD – Growing risk of social exclusion among early school leavers

“Society at a Glance 2016 says that about 40 million young people in OECD countries, equivalent to 15 per cent of youth aged 15 to 29, are not in education, employment or training, so-called NEETs. Two-thirds of them are not even looking for work. While up to 40% of all youth experience a period of inactivity… Continue Reading