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Value Relevance of Voluntary Risk Disclosure Levels: Evidence from Saudi Banks

Al-Maghzom, Abdullah and Hussainey, Khaled and Aly, Doaa A, Value Relevance of Voluntary Risk Disclosure Levels: Evidence from Saudi Banks (April 15, 2016). Al-Maghzom , A. , Hussainey, K. and Aly, D. (2016). Value relevance of voluntary risk disclosure levels: Evidence from Saudi banks. Journal of Accounting and Taxation, Volume 8, Number 1. Available atContinue Reading

District court rules in favor of library e-reserve against publishers

Inside HigherEd: “A U.S. district court judge has once again taken a look at three publishers’ case against Georgia State University’s e-reserve and ruled that, in 41 of 48 cases, no copyright infringement took place. The ruling, a 220-page walk-through that applies the four-part fair-use test to each of the 48 cases, is seen byContinue Reading

Maximizing K-12 Fiber Connectivity Through E-Rate: An Overview

Authored by J. Ryan Thompson, David Talbot, and Keith Krueger – “The federal E-rate program provides up to $3.9 billion annually to subsidize the provision of high-speed Internet access to schools and libraries.  Recent revisions to the program greatly expand the options for how such service can be provisioned. Notably, school districts can now seekContinue Reading

American Panorama – historical atlas project

“American Panorama is an historical atlas of the United States for the twenty-first century. It combines cutting-edge research with innovative interactive mapping techniques, designed to appeal to anyone with an interest in American history or a love of maps…American Panorama is an ongoing project. In the coming months we’ll be adding maps on redlining duringContinue Reading

Demographic and Economic Profiles of New York’s Electorate

“In advance of the New York primary on April 19, the U.S. Census Bureau presents a variety of statistics that give an overall profile of the state’s voting-age population and industries. Statistics include: Voting-age population and estimate of eligible voters (i.e., citizens age 18 and older). Breakdown of voting-age population by race and Hispanic originContinue Reading

A new view of the tree of life

Nature Microbiology Article number: 16048 (2016) doi:10.1038/nmicrobiol.2016.48 “The tree of life is one of the most important organizing principles in biology. Gene surveys suggest the existence of an enormous number of branches but even an approximation of the full scale of the tree has remained elusive. Recent depictions of the tree of life have focused either onContinue Reading

Algorithmic handwriting analysis of Judah’s military correspondence sheds light on composition of biblical texts

Via New York Time – New Evidence on When Bible Was Written: Ancient Shopping Lists, April 11, 2016: “…But a new analysis of the handwriting suggests that literacy may have been far more widespread than previously known in the Holy Land around 600 B.C., toward the end of the First Temple period. The findings, accordingContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Emergency Management, Local Media Advertising, DOE Lab Directed Research

Emergency Management: Improved Federal Coordination Could Better Assist K-12 Schools Prepare for Emergencies, GAO-16-144: Published: Mar 10, 2016. Publicly Released: Apr 11, 2016. Local Media Advertising: FCC Should Take Action to Ensure Television Stations Publicly File Advertising Agreements, GAO-16-349: Published: Mar 10, 2016. Publicly Released: Apr 11, 2016. Federal Research: Information on DOE’s Laboratory-Directed ResearchContinue Reading

Through a Glass, Clearly: Reflections on Team Lawyering, Clinically Taught

Brescia, Raymond H., Through a Glass, Clearly: Reflections on Team Lawyering, Clinically Taught (April 8, 2016). New York Law School Law Review, Vol. 61, 2016 (Edited Version Forthcoming). Available for download at SSRN: “The litigation surrounding the maintenance of a refugee camp for HIV Haitian refugees in the early 1990s has been written aboutContinue Reading

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Semi-Annual Report to Congress

Written Testimony of CFPB Director Richard Cordray Before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs By Richard Cordray, April 7, 2016. “Chairman Shelby, Ranking Member Brown, and Members of the Committee, thank you for the opportunity to testify today about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Semi-Annual Report to Congress. I appreciate our continuedContinue Reading

Pew – Libraries and Learning

Libraries and Learning report, April 7, 2016: “Majorities of Americans think local libraries serve the educational needs of their communities and families pretty well and library users often outpace others in learning activities. But many do not know about key education services libraries provide.”

Europeana Statistics dashboard – In depth insight into Europeana at a glance

“Ever wondered what the most popular items in Europeana are or which country uses Europeana the most? Browse the Europeana stats [beta]” See The Europeana Statistics Dashboard