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GAO Reports – InfoTech Acquisitions, K-12 Education, DoD and Sexual Assault, Aviation Security, 2020 Census, Climate Change, Medicaid, TARP

Information Technology: Implementation of Reform Legislation Needed to Improve Acquisitions and Operations, GAO-16-204T: Published: Nov 4, 2015. Publicly Released: Nov 4, 2015. K-12 Education: Internal Controls for Program Management and Oversight Can Help Ensure the Success of School Choice Programs, GAO-16-212T: Published: Nov 4, 2015. Publicly Released: Nov 4, 2015. Sexual Assault: Actions Needed toContinue Reading

New on LLRX – Unpacking and overcoming “edutainment” in library instruction

Via – Unpacking and overcoming “edutainment” in library instruction – Within our field, and more widely, there is a way of thinking that equates effective teaching with effective entertaining. This way of thinking can be referred to as a “discourse of edutainment.” It underpins some of the publications and conversations that encourage librarians toContinue Reading

Student Debt and the Class of 2014

Project on Student Debt: “Seven in 10 seniors (69%) who graduated from public and nonprofit colleges in 2014 had student loan debt, with an average of $28,950 per borrower. Over the last decade—from 2004 to 2014—the share of graduates with debt rose modestly (from 65% to 69%) while average debt at graduation rose at moreContinue Reading

Nation’s Report Card: 2015 Mathematics and Reading Assessments

“Results from the 2015 NAEP mathematics and reading assessments are available. Learn about the findings and how to explore the report online. The results from the 2015 mathematics and reading assessments are based on representative samples of approximately 279,000 fourth-graders and 273,000 eighth-graders. Results are reported for public and private school students in the nation,Continue Reading

The Best and Worst Countries To Grow Old In

24/7 Wall Street: “The global population is aging rapidly. Today, there are roughly 868 million people who are at least 60 years old globally, or about 12% of the world’s population. By 2050, more than 2 billion people will be 60 or older, or 21% of the projected global population. In the United States, 27%Continue Reading

2012 Annual and Monthly Estimates of Income and Earnings

“Using data from waves 11, 12, 13 and 14 from the 2008 Survey of Income and Program Participation panel, this table package presents annual income and earnings estimates at the individual, family and household level for 2012 for the nation. Annual estimates by selected demographic characteristics of the householder, such as gender, race/ethnicity, age, maritalContinue Reading

Good Practices for University Open-Access Policies

Stuart Shieber and Peter Suber, October 2015 – “We have worked directly for many years with colleagues at many institutions on policies to facilitate open access to faculty research. We began writing this guide in 2011 to codify the kind of advice we found ourselves repeating, make it available to more institutions than we couldContinue Reading

GAO Reports – 2020 Census, Special Education, Senate Stationery Room Revolving Fund

2020 Census: Additional Actions Would Help the Bureau Realize Potential Administrative Records Cost Savings, GAO-16-48: Published: Oct 20, 2015. Publicly Released: Oct 20, 2015. Special Education: More Flexible Spending Requirement Could Mitigate Unintended Consequences While Protecting Services, GAO-16-2: Published: Oct 19, 2015. Publicly Released: Oct 19, 2015. Senate Stationery Room Revolving Fund: Audit of FiscalContinue Reading

MIT – The Future of Libraries

“Chris Bourg, the Director of Libraries, has convened an Ad Hoc Task Force on the Future of Libraries, comprised of faculty, staff, and students from across the Institute. Meet the task force members. The Task Force is charged with seeking broad input from the MIT community and from domain experts on how the MIT LibrariesContinue Reading

DOL Resources for Women

“This is a central, comprehensive and searchable repository of Department of Labor resources, tools, and publications of interest to women.” Women in the workforce are vital to the nation’s economic security. The Women’s Bureau develops policies and standards and conducts inquiries to safeguard the interests of working women; to advocate for their equality and economicContinue Reading

GOOD Project Literacy

“Through Project Literacy, GOOD and Pearson are building partnerships for a more literate future. Follow the #ProjectLiteracy hashtag and visit or to tell us your stories, help us ask the right questions, and take action in your community.”

EU Report – The challenge of resilience in a globalised world

The challenge of resilience in a globalised world. Joint Research Centre. EUR 27280 EN. Report by the Joint Research Centre the European Commission’s in-house science service. “…[this] Directorate-General Joint Research Centre Resilience Report is the first-ever attempt to deepen our knowledge and develop a holistic approach by analysing various strategies for building resilience in theContinue Reading