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COIN: A Study of Strategic Illusion

Etzioni, Amitai, COIN: A Study of Strategic Illusion (March 12, 2015). Small Wars & Insurgencies, 26:3, 345-376, 2015.. Available for download at SSRN: “Has the United States military become a learning institution, one able to transition from relying on a conventional war model to fighting against irregular adversaries such as insurgents and terrorists? This… Continue Reading

Searchable Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy organizes scholars from around the world in philosophy and related disciplines to create and maintain an up-to-date reference work. Principal Editor: Edward N. Zalta. “Welcome to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP). From its inception, the SEP was designed so that each entry is maintained and kept up-to-date by an… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – College Students and Critical Thinking

Via – College Students and Critical Thinking – Stacy Nykorchuk, an experienced Program Manager and Ethics/Compliance Manager, discusses efforts to advocate on behalf of and to promote critical thinking when Googling and using Wikipedia are often the go-to sources for college students throughout the country. Continue Reading

American Trails Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program

Via Amy Camp and Cycle Forward – “Friends – every so often you see me post about American Trails Emerging Leaders Scholarship Program, which brings up to 16 young adults to the International Trail Symposium (this time, we’ll be in Dayton, Ohio – May 7-10, 2017) on scholarship. Here’s why this is important to me:… Continue Reading

DHS/FBI issue joint report on Russian hacking of US election and subsequent govt sanctions

ABC News – Obama Issues Sanctions for Alleged Russian Hacking – “President Obama has expelled 35 Russian nationals and sanctioned five Russian entities and four individuals for an alleged cyber assault on Democratic political organizations during the 2016 presidential campaign, the White House announced today. “I have ordered a number of actions in response to… Continue Reading

Commentary – The library must rediscover its specialness

guardian – Simon Jenkins – Libraries are dying – but it’s not about the books “Public libraries have had another bad year. They are like churches and local railways. People like having them around, and are angry if they close. But as for using them, well, there is so little time these days. The latest… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Copyright is Not Inevitable, Divine, or Natural Right

Via – Copyright is Not Inevitable, Divine, or Natural Right – Ken Sawdon discusses the implications of copyright lawsuit that was settled in India which had been brought by several large textbook publishers against a photocopying services that created student coursepacks for educational purposes only. Continue Reading

Anatomy of Scholarly Information Behavior Patterns in Wake of Social Media

Anatomy of Scholarly Information Behavior Patterns in the Wake of Social Media. Hamed Alhoori, Richard Furuta, Mohammed Samaka, Edward A. Fox. “As more scholarly content is being born digital or digitized, digital libraries are becoming increasingly vital to researchers leveraging scholarly big data for scientific discovery. Given the abundance of scholarly products-especially in environments created… Continue Reading

Guardian – Why time management is ruining our lives

All of our efforts to be more productive backfire – and only make us feel even busier and more stressed by Oliver Burkeman”…And yet the truth is that more often than not, techniques designed to enhance one’s personal productivity seem to exacerbate the very anxieties they were meant to allay. The better you get at… Continue Reading

Pew – Most Americans favor stricter environmental laws and regulations

“More Americans say environmental regulations are “worth the cost” than say such regulations come at too steep a price, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. These views come amid speculation about what President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees may mean for future regulatory policy. A majority of U.S. adults (59%) say stricter environmental laws… Continue Reading

HOAXY – beta – Visualize the spread of claims and fact checking

Via the site’s FAQ: “Hoaxy [Indiana University] visualizes the spread of claims and related fact checking online. A claim may be a fake news article, hoax, rumor, conspiracy theory, satire, or even an accurate report. Anyone can use Hoaxy to explore how claims spread across social media. You can select any matching fact-checking articles to… Continue Reading

Google finally changes algorithm promoting Holocaust deniers

In the category of – and what took you so long – this is not news to librarians category – and the – if you have not done so, change search engines now suggestion – try DuckDuckGo – Via Fortune – “In recent months, Google has confronted a new and unsettling trend: Its top search… Continue Reading