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New Video and App Help to Identify Online Learning Preferences

Via OCLC: “How do you engage with and use technology? With which services and applications are you a visitor, someone who uses an application to accomplish a task, and which are you a resident, someone who leaves purposeful traces with an expectation of being involved with others there in the future? Watch this video andContinue Reading

Tackling complexity in an interdisciplinary scholarly network: Requirements for semantic publishing

Via First Monday – Tackling complexity in an interdisciplinary scholarly network: Requirements for semantic publishing, Nora Schmidt, Volume 21, Number 5 – 2 May 2016 “Scholarly communication is complex. The clarification of concepts like “academic publication”, “document”, “semantics” and “ontology” facilitates tracking the limitations and benefits of the media of the current publishing system, asContinue Reading

Researchers around the world increasingly turning to pirated papers due to prohibitive publisher costs

Follow up to previous posting, Controversy over free journal access database keeps Sci-Hub in legal and research spotlight, via Science – Who’s downloading pirated papers? Everyone by John Bohannon – “These statistics are based on extensive server log data supplied by Alexandra Elbakyan, the neuroscientist who created Sci-Hub in 2011 as a 22-year-old graduate studentContinue Reading

In October 2015, 69.2% of 2015 high school graduates enrolled in college

BLS: “In October 2015, 69.2 percent of 2015 high school graduates were enrolled in colleges or universities, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Recent high school graduates not enrolled in college in October 2015 were about twice as likely as enrolled graduates to be working or looking for work (72.7 percent compared withContinue Reading

Harvard Institute of Politics Poll Spring 2016

“A new national poll of America’s 18- to 29-year-olds by Harvard’s Institute of Politics (IOP), located at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, finds Hillary Clinton the clear front-runner over Donald Trump to win the White House in 2016. Among likely voters, Clinton has 61% of young voters and Trump 25%, with 14% ofContinue Reading

Commentary – Information Literacy Imperative in Higher Education

Todd J. Wiebe, Association of American Colleges and Libraries: “…When you “Google it,” you are engaged in an information snatch and grab—get in, get out, move on. Folks who work in web design and Internet marketing are well versed in search engine optimization and the critical importance of having a link appear on the firstContinue Reading

A Bear’s-Eye View of Yellowstone

Via National Geographic: What do bears eat? How far do they roam? Find out in this interactive journey through the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

GPO – Univ Florida Make Historical Panama Canal Pubs Available on Govinfo

“The U.S. Government Publishing Office and the George A. Smather’s Libraries at the University of Florida (UF) make the digital versions of the Panama Canal Commission publications, and its predecessor agencies, available on GPO’s govinfo.  Link: The collection contains a variety of publications that provide a glimpse into the workings of the Canal andContinue Reading

Reducing the Cost of Legal Education: The Profession Hangs Together or Hangs Separately

Gold, Victor James, Reducing the Cost of Legal Education: The Profession Hangs Together or Hangs Separately (April 22, 2016). Syracuse Law Review, Forthcoming; Loyola Law School, Los Angeles Legal Studies Research Paper No. 2016-12. Available for download at SSRN: “Is a legal education worth the cost? Until just a few years ago, there wasContinue Reading

The Nation’s Latino Population Is Defined by Its Youth

Nearly half of U.S.-born Latinos are younger than 18: “Hispanics are the youngest major racial or ethnic group in the United States. About one-third, or 17.9 million, of the nation’s Hispanic population is younger than 18, and about a quarter, or 14.6 million, of all Hispanics are Millennials (ages 18 to 33 in 2014), accordingContinue Reading

Interior Secretary Jewell Announces Nearly $95M in Funding for all 50 States

“U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today announced nearly $95 million will be distributed from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to all 50 states, U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia to support conservation and recreation projects in local communities. The funds, which are generated out of a portion of the lease revenueContinue Reading – 11 standardized rights statements for online cultural heritage

“ is a joint initiative of Europeana and the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Europeana, the Digital Public Library of America, and many other libraries, archives and other cultural heritage institutions believe that everyone should be able to engage with their cultural heritage online. We can help achieve this by providing cultural heritage institutionsContinue Reading