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New on LLRX – National Digital Library Endowment Plan Makes New York Times of Philanthropy

Via - National Digital Library Endowment Plan Makes New York Times of Philanthropy - David Rothman encourages Librarians and friends to think like Willie Sutton, who supposedly said he robbed banks because “That’s where the money is.” Rothman is quick to say the quote in fact is iffy, but he wants us to focus on the logic behindContinue Reading

At a Tipping Point: Education, Learning and Libraries

“OCLC Market Research teams have been studying the habits and perceptions of information consumers for a decade. In this latest report to the OCLC membership, At a Tipping Point: Education, Learning and Libraries, OCLC explores the information consumer’s behaviors, beliefs and expectations for online learning. Fueled by mobile devices, new learning platforms and economic incentives, learners are tryingContinue Reading

Bottlenecks in the Open-Access System: Voices from Around the Globe

“A level playing field is key for global participation in science and scholarship, particularly with regard to how scientific publications are financed and subsequently accessed. However, there are potential pitfalls of the so-called “Gold” open-access (OA) route, in which author-paid publication charges cover the costs of production and publication. Gold OA plans in which authorContinue Reading

Friends of the Earth – Bee Action Campaign

All via Friends of the Earth – “A new study shows that 36 out of 71 (51 percent) of garden plant samples purchased at top garden retailers in 18 cities in the United States and Canada contain neonicotinoid pesticides — a key contributor to recent bee declines. Some of the flowers contained neonic levels high enough toContinue Reading

Is a Student Loan Crisis on the Horizon?

Brookings Center on Education Policy - Beth Akers and Matthew M. Chingos, June 2014 “College tuition and student debt levels have been increasing at a fast pace for at least two decades. These well-documented trends, coupled with an economy weakened by a major recession, have raised serious questions about whether the market for student debt isContinue Reading

Do the Benefits of College Still Outweigh the Costs?

Do the Benefits of College Still Outweigh the Costs? by: Jaison R. Abel and  Richard Deitz “In recent years, students have been paying more to attend college and earning less upon graduation—trends that have led many observers to question whether a college education remains a good investment. However, an analysis of the economic returns to college since the 1970s demonstrates that theContinue Reading

Policies to Address Poverty in America

“Millions of people live in poverty in this country. They suffer not only material deprivation, but also the hardships and diminished life prospects that come with being poor. Childhood poverty often means growing up without the advantages of a stable home, high-quality schools, or consistent nutrition. Adults in poverty are often hampered by inadequate skillsContinue Reading

Evidence review of the economic contribution of libraries

Foreword from Arts Council England, Final Report June 2014: “Every day, across England a wide range of people walk into their library, or visit their library online to do an extraordinary range of things: borrow a book or DVD, attend a training session, track down some crucial information, meet a friend or client, study quietly andContinue Reading

FTC – A handy consumer resource

“How does a fixed rate mortgage compare to a variable rate mortgage? What can you do about a store that doesn’t honor its refund policy?  What if you have a complaint about an insurance company? The world can be a tricky place for consumers. It takes time and energy to research companies, compare products, and stay up-to-dateContinue Reading

New GAO Reports – NASA Export Controls, Tobacco Product Regulation

EXPORT CONTROLS: NASA Management Action and Improved Oversight Needed to Reduce the Risk of Unauthorized Access to Its Technologies, GAO-14-690T: Published: Jun 20, 2014. Publicly Released: Jun 20, 2014. TOBACCO PRODUCT REGULATION: Most FDA Spending Funded Public Education, Regulatory Science, and Compliance and Enforcement Activities, GAO-14-561: Published: Jun 20, 2014. Publicly Released: Jun 20, 2014.

The Future of the State – Wharton

“Recent trends show a rapid expansion of state activity in some parts of the emerging world at the same time that social programs in education, health care, unemployment benefits and old-age pensions have stagnated or even retrenched in the advanced industrial economies. In addition, the recent global financial crisis has triggered an increasing presence of theContinue Reading

MIT and Harvard release de-identified learning data from open online courses

MIT News release: “A research team from Harvard University and MIT has released its third and final promised deliverable — the de-identified learning data — relating to an initial study of online learning based on each institution’s first-year courses on the edX platform. Specifically, the dataset contains the original learning data from the 16 HarvardX and MITx coursesContinue Reading