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Impact of urbanization on US surface climate or why we need trees

Impact of urbanization on US surface climate – Lahouari Bounoua, Ping Zhang, Georgy Mostovoy, Kurtis Thome, Jeffrey Masek, Marc Imhoff, Marshall Shepherd, Dale Quattrochi, Joseph Santanello, Julie Silva, Robert Wolfe and Ally Mounirou Toure – Published 12 August 2015 • 2015 IOP Publishing Ltd • Environmental Research Letters, Volume 10, Number 8. “We combine LandsatContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Lender-Placed Insurance, Reducing freshwater use in hydraulic fracturing

Lender-Placed Insurance: More Robust Data Could Improve Oversight, GAO-15-631: Published: Sep 8, 2015. Publicly Released: Sep 8, 2015: “Mortgage servicers use LPI to protect the collateral on mortgages when borrower-purchased homeowners or flood insurance coverage lapses. The 2007-2009 financial crisis resulted in an increased prevalence of LPI. Because LPI premiums are generally higher than thoseContinue Reading

The Arctic-Boreal Vulnerability Experiment — ABoVE

“Climate change in the Arctic and Boreal region is unfolding faster than anywhere else on Earth, resulting in reduced Arctic sea ice, thawing of permafrost soils, decomposition of long- frozen organic matter, widespread changes to lakes, rivers, coastlines, and alterations of ecosystem structure and function. NASA’s Terrestrial Ecology Program is conducting a major field campaign,Continue Reading

An International Legal Framework for SE4All

Kaime, Thoko and Glicksman, Robert L., An International Legal Framework for SE4All: Human Rights and Sustainable Development Law Imperatives (September 4, 2015). 38 Fordham International Law Journal 1405 (2015). Available for download at SSRN: “Governments around the world recognize the link between human development and access to safe, secure, and affordable sources of energy.Continue Reading

Remarks by the President at the GLACIER Conference Anchorage, AK

President Obama, Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center Anchorage, Alaska – September 1, 2015: “…Our understanding of climate change advances each day. Human activity is disrupting the climate, in many ways faster than we previously thought. The science is stark.  It is sharpening. It proves that this once-distant threat is now very much in the present.  Continue Reading

GAO Reports – 401(K) Plans, TARP, Capital Power Plant, Military Personnel Ethics

401(K) Plans: Clearer Regulations Could Help Plan Sponsors Choose Investments for Participants, GAO-15-578: Published: Aug 25, 2015. Publicly Released: Sep 4, 2015: “Employers who sponsor 401(k) plans report using a range of default investment types to automatically enroll employees in their plans based on each type’s design and other attributes. From 2009 through 2013, theContinue Reading

EPRI maps out power system of the future

News release: “…Simply put, energy is the amount of electricity that’s consumed by every device, light or appliance that’s plugged in and turned on. Whereas capacity is the maximum output the power system can deliver to meet the demand for energy. On a moment-by-moment basis, utilities and system operators ensure there’s enough available capacity toContinue Reading

World Bank Opens Online Archives Holdings

Elisa Liberatori Prati – World Bank – “In April 2015, as part of its commitment to transparency and openness, the World Bank Group launched its Archives Holdings website. This is a state-of-the-art platform, which maximizes the public’s online access to a vast amount of original primary source material in the custody of the Archives. CreatedContinue Reading

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Proposed Rule Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal

“On March 26, 2015, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requested public comment on a proposed rule that would amend its regulations that govern low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) disposal facilities. The proposed rule would require new and revised site-specific technical analyses, permit the development of site-specific criteria for LLRW acceptance based on the results ofContinue Reading

GAO Report – SEC Conflict Minerals Rule

SEC Conflict Minerals Rule: Initial Disclosures Indicate Most Companies Were Unable to Determine the Source of Their Conflict Minerals. GAO-15-561: Published: Aug 18, 2015. Publicly Released: Aug 18, 2015. “According to a generalizable sample GAO reviewed, company disclosures filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the first time in 2014 in response toContinue Reading

Project Sunroof – Mapping the planet’s solar potential, one roof at a time

Google Project Sunroof [is currently helping people save with solar in the following cities: San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno CA and Greater Boston MA.] “How do I know if solar power might be right for me? A few key factors go a long way in determining whether solar power can save you money. You couldContinue Reading

Contribution of anthropogenic warming to California drought during 2012–2014

“A suite of climate datasets and multiple representations of atmospheric moisture demand are used to calculate many estimates of the self-calibrated Palmer Drought Severity Index, a proxy for near-surface soil moisture, across California from 1901–2014 at high spatial resolution. Based on the ensemble of calculations, California drought conditions were record-breaking in 2014, but probably notContinue Reading