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2015 World Energy Outlook

IEA: “An extended period of lower oil prices would benefit consumers but would trigger energy-security concerns by heightening reliance on a small number of low-cost producers, or risk a sharp rebound in price if investment falls short, says the International Energy Agency (IEA) in the 2015 edition of its flagship World Energy Outlook publication (WEO-2015). TheContinue Reading

USDA cancels webinars on neonicotinoids and pesticide risks

News release: “Web-based training sessions about powerful new insecticides seeping into some of the continent’s most sensitive wetlands were cancelled by a senior U.S. Department of Agriculture official due to its subject matter, according to documents posted today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). PEER is characterizing the cancellation as another example of USDAContinue Reading

Pocket parks: support for communities to manage small green spaces

“A programme that supports communities to work with local authorities and other partners to establish a pocket park. “Department for Communities and Local Government. First published: 7 November 2015 Applies to: England.

Vehicle standards around the world aim to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions

“Nine countries and regions, which together account for 75% of global fuel consumption by light-duty vehicles, have adopted mandatory or voluntary standards for increasing fuel economy and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The intent and structure of these emissions policies vary widely around the world. Because fuel economy and GHG emissions policies have large effectsContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Nuclear Nonproliferation, Disability Insurance, Medical Devices, Southeast Asia, Space Acquisitions

Nuclear Nonproliferation: NNSA’s Threat Assessment Process Could Be Improved, GAO-16-118: Published: Oct 30, 2015. Publicly Released: Oct 30, 2015. 2013 Sequestration and Shutdown: Selected Agencies Generally Managed Unobligated Balances in Reviewed Accounts, but Balances Exceeded Target Levels in Two Accounts, GAO-16-26: Published: Oct 30, 2015. Publicly Released: Oct 30, 2015. VA Health Care: Oversight ImprovementsContinue Reading

Oceana Reveals Mislabeling of America’s Favorite Fish: Salmon

“Oceana study reveals mislabeling of America’s favorite fish – salmon. Oceana collected 82 salmon samples from restaurants and grocery stores and found that 43 percent were mislabeled. DNA testing confirmed that most of the mislabeling (69 percent) consisted of farmed Atlantic salmon being sold as wild-caught product. Oceana found mislabeled salmon everywhere it tested, includingContinue Reading

New free online repository –

“ is an online repository of publicly available contracts for large-scale land, agriculture, and forestry projects. The repository includes the full text of contracts; plain language summaries of each contract’s key social, environmental, human rights, fiscal, and operational terms; and tools for searching and comparing contracts. Launched in October 2015, promotes greater transparency ofContinue Reading

Coal Waste in America

Sierra Club – Dumping Toxic Waste: “Every year, the nation’s coal plants produce 140 million tons of coal ash pollution, the toxic by-product that is left over after the coal is burned. All that ash has to go somewhere, so it’s dumped in the backyards of power plants across the nation—into open-air pits and precariousContinue Reading

World Bank Revises Down Forecasts for Oil Prices, Other Key Commodities

“In its latest commodity update, the World Bank is lowering its 2015 forecast for crude oil prices from $57 per barrel in its July report to $52 per barrel. The revised forecast reflects a further slowing in global economic performance, high current oil inventories, and expectations that Iranian oil exports will rise after the lifting of international sanctions, according toContinue Reading

Estimation of countries’ interdependence in plant genetic resources provisioning national food supplies and production systems

“The Contracting Parties of the International Treaty recognize that plant genetic resources for food and agriculture are a common concern of all countries, in that all countries depend largely on plant genetic resources for food and agriculture that originated elsewhere. Nearly 20 years ago, an initial research on interdependence mong countries on crop diversity provided informationContinue Reading

Mississippi River Watershed Report Card

“The Nature Conservancy played a pivotal role in the creation of America’s Watershed Initiative and the initiative’s new Report Card for the 31-state Mississippi River Watershed, which stretches from Montana to West Virginia and from Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. Water that flows in the heartland rivers within America’s Watershed is used to produceContinue Reading

Emergency Preparedness Data: Flood-Affected Areas in South Carolina

“The Census Bureau produces timely local data critical to emergency planning, preparedness and recovery efforts. To that end, a wide variety of statistics profiling the flood-affected areas of South Carolina are now available. These include demographic and socio-economic profiles of the population, housing characteristics and a portrait of businesses. An 11-county area is profiled, including Berkeley,Continue Reading