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Monthly record-warm streak ends, September 2nd warmest on record for globe

NOAA: “August’s warmth spread into September, contributing to the warmest year to date for the globe, but not enough to continue the recent 16-month streak of record warmth. Even so, September 2016 ranked as the second warmest September on record.    September was 1.60 degrees F above the 20th-century average, missing last year’s record for the month by just 0.07 degrees, according to scientists… Continue Reading

The Fragile Menagerie: Biodiversity Loss, Climate Change, and the Law

Chen, James Ming, The Fragile Menagerie: Biodiversity Loss, Climate Change, and the Law (November 2, 2016). Available  for download at SSRN: “The greatest vectors of biodiversity loss in the Anthropocene epoch are climate change, habitat destruction, invasive species, pollution, population, and overkill. Perversely enough, the legal understanding of extinction mechanisms remains frozen in time,… Continue Reading

FTC – VW buybacks and lease terminations to begin

Bridget Small – FTC: “Earlier this year, the FTC sued Volkswagen for falsely claiming that its diesel cars had low levels of harmful emissions. A federal judge approved the FTC order that requires Volkswagen to provide up to $10 billion to owners and lessees of VW and Audi 2.0 liter diesel cars. Here are some… Continue Reading

Before the Flood – Full Movie free to stream via National Geographic until Nov 6 2016

Before the Flood – Full Movie | National Geographic “Join Leonardo DiCaprio as he explores the topic of climate change, and discovers what must be done today to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet.” Continue Reading

Pollution: 300 million children breathing toxic air – UNICEF report

“Almost one in seven of the world’s children, 300 million, live in areas with the most toxic levels of outdoor air pollution – six or more times higher than international guidelines – reveals a new UNICEF report. Clear the Air for Children uses satellite imagery to show for the first time how many children are… Continue Reading

Ranking Walkable Urbanism in America’s Largest Metros 2016

Foot Traffic Ahead – Ranking Walkable Urbanism in America’s Largest Metros 2016 By Christopher B. Leinberger & Michael Rodriguez, The George Washington University School of Business. “The end of sprawl is in sight. The nation’s largest metropolitan areas are focusing on building walkable urban development. For perhaps the first time in 60 years, walkable urban… Continue Reading

Research – Inside the Frozen Zoo That Could Bring Extinct Animals Back to Life

Zach Baron, GQ: “All around us, every day, things are disappearing—birds, butterflies, coral reefs, islands. Places we used to live. Things we used to eat. But what if there was a way to bring some of it back? Well, it turns out there is. A few miles north of San Diego, scientists are gathering up… Continue Reading

Nations create Ross Sea Region Marine Protected Area

New York Times: “The world’s biggest marine reserve, almost as large as Alaska, will be established in the Ross Sea in Antarctica under an agreement reached by representatives of 24 nations and the European Union in Australia on Friday. The policy makers and scientists agreed unanimously to create a zone that will encompass 600,000 square… Continue Reading

World Wildlife Federation Living Planet Report 2016

“Global biodiversity is declining at an alarming rate, putting the survival of other species and our own future at risk. The latest edition of WWF’s Living Planet Report brings home the enormity of the situation – and how we can start to put it right. The Living Planet Index reveals that global populations of fish,… Continue Reading

Federal Judge approves $15B settlement in Volkswagen emissions case

USAToday – “A federal judge on Tuesday approved one of the largest consumer settlements in U.S. history, a nearly $15 billion U.S. deal concerning Volkswagen Group’s diesel car emissions scandal. The settlement sets in motion a massive vehicle buyback program and environmental remediation efforts.” See also previous posting –Volkswagen Agrees to Record Settlement in Emissions Case and Volkswagen… Continue Reading

CRS – Ocean Dumping Act: A Summary of the Law

Ocean Dumping Act: A Summary of the Law, Claudia Copeland, Specialist in Resources and Environmental Policy. October 18, 2016: “The Marine Protection, Research, and Sanctuaries Act (MPRSA) has two basic aims: to regulate intentional ocean disposal of materials, and to authorize related research. Permit and enforcement provisions of the law are often referred to as… Continue Reading

The Stanford Ocean Acidification Experience

Virtual Human Interaction Lab: “This experience is free to download and can be viewed on the HTC Vive. There are two ways to download: Steam:; Viveport: “Most people have never heard of ocean acidification—the process by which the ocean becomes more acidic as it absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) that has been emitted into the… Continue Reading