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Code-Dependent: Pros and Cons of the Algorithm Age

Pew Report – Algorithms are aimed at optimizing everything. They can save lives, make things easier and conquer chaos. Still, experts worry they can also put too much control in the hands of corporations and governments, perpetuate bias, create filter bubbles, cut choices, creativity and serendipity, and could result in greater unemployment. “Algorithms are instructions for… Continue Reading

Top Five U.S. Trading Partners in Goods in 2016

“Today the U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis issued full year 2016 U.S. international trade in goods and services data. The top five countries based on trade in goods in 2016 were China, Canada, Mexico, Japan and Germany. Trade in goods with China was $578.6 billion. Exports were $115.8 billion and imports… Continue Reading

A Network Anatomy of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises

Lin, Li-Wen, A Network Anatomy of Chinese State-Owned Enterprises (February 2017). Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Research Paper No. RSCAS 2017/07. Available for download at SSRN: “This Article provides an anatomy of Chinese state-owned enterprises (SOEs) by unpacking their various relations with different types of state organs. It shows that Chinese SOEs are… Continue Reading

Bloomberg – The New Face of American Unemployment

As the U.S. labor force crests again, a new complex of problems locks many Americans out of the workplace. By Jeanna Smialek and Patricia Laya, Photographs by William Mebane. “Even at so-called full employment, some 20 million Americans are left behind. They’re looking for work, out of the labor force but unhappy about it, or… Continue Reading

M&A Review Global Full year 2016

Via Bureau Van Dijk – The following report details mergers and acquisitions activity in Full Year 2016 using data from the Zephyr database. M&A Review Global Full year 2016. Continue Reading

White House Office of Management and Budget missing from Trump

Sunlight Foundation – “Every new administration has put its own spin on since the website first went online way back in the 1990s. When a new President swings in, an archived version of the old site maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration remains online, but the incoming administration takes over the domain.… Continue Reading

Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox

Khan, Lina, Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox (January 31, 2017). Yale Law Journal, Vol. 126, 2017. Available for download at SSRN: “Amazon is the titan of twenty-first century commerce. In addition to being a retailer, it is now a marketing platform, a delivery and logistics network, a payment service, a credit lender, an auction house, a… Continue Reading

Tech Companies File Legal Brief Against Trump’s Immigration Order

Bloomberg – “More than 120 companies, from Apple to Zynga, filed an impassioned legal brief condemning President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, stepping up the industry’s growing opposition to the policy. The amicus brief was filed late Sunday in the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco and emphasizes the importance of immigrants in… Continue Reading – How America Raises and Spends $4 Trillion per Year “As General Counsel at the Senate Finance Committee, I had the good fortune to be present when our Chairman, Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, famously said “everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.” One of the great ironies of the Information Age is that the volume of information we receive… Continue Reading

UK’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union White Paper

“This White Paper provides Parliament and the country with a clear vision of what we are seeking to achieve in negotiating our exit from, and new partnership with, the European Union. This White Paper confirms the Prime Minister’s vision of an independent, truly global UK and an ambitious future relationship with the EU. On 17… Continue Reading

Turning Homeowners into Outlaws: How Anti-Home-Sharing Regulations Chip Away at the Foundation of an American Dream

Sandefur, Christina, Turning Homeowners into Outlaws: How Anti-Home-Sharing Regulations Chip Away at the Foundation of an American Dream (January 30, 2017). University of Hawaii Law Review, Forthcoming. Available at SSRN: ““Home-sharing” may sound like a modern invention, part of the cutting-edge, high-tech “sharing economy.” In fact, home-sharing is a centuries-old American tradition. For generations,… Continue Reading

CBO Projections of interest rates, testimony on economic outlook, growth of real GDP

Projections of Interest Rates, February 1, 2017 Testimony on CBO’s Budget and Economic Outlook: 2017 to 2027, February 1, 2017 Blog Post Projected Contributions to the Growth of Real GDP, January 31, 2017 Continue Reading