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Women’s Representation in Science Predicts National Gender-Science Stereotypes

Women’s Representation in Science Predicts National Gender-Science Stereotypes – David I. Miller and Alice H. Eagly – Northwestern University; Marcia C. Linn, University of California, Berkeley
“In the past 40 years, the proportion of women in science courses and careers has dramatically increased in some nations but not in others. Our research investigated how national differences in women’s science participation related to gender-science stereotypes that associate science with men more than women. Data from  350,000 participants in 66 nations indicated that higher female enrollment in tertiary science education (community college or above) related to weaker explicit and implicit national gender-science stereotypes. Higher female employment in the researcher workforce related to weaker explicit, but not implicit, gender-science stereotypes. These relationships remained after controlling for many theoretically relevant covariates. Even nations with high overall gender equity (e.g., the Netherlands) had strong gender-science stereotypes if men dominated science fields specifically. In addition, the relationship between women’s educational enrollment in science and implicit gender-science stereotypes was stronger for college-educated participants than participants without college education. Implications for instructional practices and educational policies are discussed.

New GAO Reports – Federal Home Loan Banks, Medicare

Federal Home Loan Banks: Collateral Requirements Discourage Some Community Development Financial Institutions from Seeking Membership, GAO-15-352: Published: Apr 23, 2015. Publicly Released: May 22, 2015: “Collateral requirements rather than membership requirements discouraged some nondepository community development financial institutions (CDFI)—loan or venture capital funds—from seeking membership in the Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLBank) System. CDFIs areContinue Reading

New GAO Reports – Airport Finance, Domestic Food Assistance, Federal Employees Compensation, Older Adults, Surface Ships

Airport Finance: Information on Funding Sources and Planned Capital Development, GAO-15-306: Published: Apr 28, 2015. Publicly Released: May 20, 2015. Army Force Structure: Observations about Aviation Restructuring and Other Relevant Force Structure Challenges, D10389: May 20, 2015 Contingent Workforce: Size, Characteristics, Earnings, and Benefits, GAO-15-168R: Published: Apr 20, 2015. Publicly Released: May 20, 2015. DomesticContinue Reading

ACSM American Fitness Index – 50 Largest Metro Areas

Actively Moving America to Better Health – 2015 Health and Community Fitness Status of the 50 Largest Metropolitan Areas “For eight years, the Anthem Foundation has proudly sponsored the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) American Fitness Index® (AFI). We’ve seen the growing impact of this report as it has become a trusted source forContinue Reading

Study – regular daily exercise increases male life span

I. Holme, S. A. Anderssen. Increases in physical activity is as important as smoking cessation for reduction in total mortality in elderly men: 12 years of follow-up of the Oslo II study. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2015; 49 (11): 743 DOI: 10.1136/bjsports-2014-094522 “Background Physical activity (PA) at leisure by the elderly, and its relationshipContinue Reading

New GAO Reports – Aviation Security, Border Security, Indian Affairs, Medicaid Demonstrations, North Korea Sanctions

Aviation Security: TSA Has Taken Steps to Improve Oversight of Key Programs, but Additional Actions Are Needed, GAO-15-559T: Published: May 13, 2015. Publicly Released: May 13, 2015. Border Security: Progress and Challenges in DHS’s Efforts to Implement and Assess Infrastructure and Technology, GAO-15-595T: Published: May 13, 2015. Publicly Released: May 13, 2015. Indian Affairs: FurtherContinue Reading

World Happiness Report 2015

“Since it was first published in 2012, the World Happiness Report demonstrated that well-being and happiness are critical indicators of a nation’s economic and social development, and should be a key aim of policy. This year’s report looks at the changes in happiness levels in 158 countries, and examines the reasons behind the statistics. The WorldContinue Reading

New GAO reports – Forest Restoration, Medicaid

Forest Restoration: Adjusting Agencies’ Information-Sharing Strategies Could Benefit Landscape-Scale Projects, GAO-15-398: Published: Apr 9, 2015. Publicly Released: May 11, 2015: “Agencies GAO reviewed—the Forest Service in the Department of Agriculture and the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), and National Park Service (NPS) in the DepartmentContinue Reading

Interactive: Exploring the Public’s View of Affordable Care Act Over Time and by Group

“A newly-updated Kaiser Family Foundation interactive tool allows users to explore five years’ worth of detailed data capturing the public’s views on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including breakouts by party identification, age, gender, race, and other characteristics. With more than 50 polls since April 2010 involving more than 70,000 interviews, the Kaiser Health Tracking PollContinue Reading

EPA – How Many Breaths Do You Take Each Day?

“The average person takes between 17,280 and 23,040 breaths a day. That is a lot of breaths…and each one is an opportunity to put pollutants into your lungs and body and to increase health risks if you are exposed to air pollution. For example: Research shows that air pollution is linked to health effects andContinue Reading

State of the World’s Mothers 2015

“In commemoration of Mother’s Day, Save the Children is publishing its 16th annual State of the World’s Mothers report with a special focus on our rapidly urbanizing world and the poorest mothers and children who must struggle to survive despite overall urban progress. Every day, 17,000 children die before reaching their fifth birthday. Increasingly, theseContinue Reading

Kaiser Report – Medicaid at 50

Kaiser Foundation – Medicaid at 50 May 06, 2015 | Julia Paradise, Barbara Lyons, and Diane Rowland: “Medicaid’s most well-recognized role in our health care system is as a health coverage program for low-income pregnant women, children, and families. Currently, more than half the states provide Medicaid eligibility for pregnant women with incomes up toContinue Reading