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The 2016 Olympic Games: Health, Security, Environmental, and Doping Issues

CRS report via FAS – The 2016 Olympic Games: Health, Security, Environmental, and Doping Issues – L. Elaine Halchin, Coordinator, Specialist in American National Government; John W. Rollins, Coordinator, Specialist in Terrorism and National Security. July 28, 2016. “The 2016 Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 5-21, 2016, and will… Continue Reading

Shedding Light on Health Care Prices: Patient Perspectives on Health Care Price Transparency Efforts

Public Citizen – Shedding Light on Health Care Prices: “Out-of- pocket health care costs for patients are soaring in the United States. Since 2010, insurance deductibles for workers have risen three times as fast as premiums and about seven times as fast as wages and inflation. For nearly two decades, states have attempted to address… Continue Reading

Is everything we eat associated with cancer? A systematic cookbook review

Free Full Text in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition – Is everything we eat associated with cancer? A systematic cookbook review. Schoenfeld JD, Ioannidis JP. PMID: 23193004 DOI: 10.3945/ajcn.112.047142 “BACKGROUND: Nutritional epidemiology is a highly prolific field. Debates on associations of nutrients with disease risk are common in the literature and attract attention in public… Continue Reading

FCC’s Connect2Health Task Force Unveils Broadband Health Mapping Tool

“The Federal Communications Commission’s Connect2Health  Task Force today launched the Mapping Broadband Health in America tool (available at, a web-based mapping tool that will enable and inform more efficient,  data-driven decision making at the intersection of broadband and health. By allowing users to ask  and answer questions about broadband and health at the county… Continue Reading

Hospital Uncompensated Care: Federal Action Needed to Better Align Payments with Costs

Hospital Uncompensated Care: Federal Action Needed to Better Align Payments with Costs, GAO-16-568: Published: Jun 30, 2016. Publicly Released: Aug 1, 2016: “Key sources of federal support for hospitals incurring costs for services provided to uninsured and other low-income individuals (uncompensated care costs) include multiple types of Medicaid and Medicare payments totaling about $50 billion… Continue Reading

US Public Wary of Biomedical Technologies to ‘Enhance’ Human Abilities

Americans are more worried than enthusiastic about using gene editing, brain chip implants and synthetic blood to change human capabilities – By Cary Funk, Brian Kennedy and Elizabeth Podrebarac Sciupac “Cutting-edge biomedical technologies that could push the boundaries of human abilities may soon be available, making people’s minds sharper and their bodies stronger and healthier… Continue Reading

Consumer Reports – Supplements Can Make You Sick

Supplements Can Make You Sick “Dietary supplements are not regulated the same way as medications. This lack of oversight puts consumers’ health at risk.” By Jeneen Interlandi July 27, 2016   Continue Reading

PubMed Also-Viewed: Quickly find related articles

NCBI Insights: “PubMed is free, but finding the important articles on a topic can cost a lot of time. To help you keep on top of the literature – with a little help from your fellow PubMed users – we are introducing a new type of link called “Articles frequently viewed together”. For some PubMed… Continue Reading

First Release of the Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating on Hospital Compare

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid: “Today, we are updating the star ratings on the Hospital Compare website to help millions of patients and their families learn about the quality of hospitals, compare facilities in their area side-by-side, and ask important questions about care quality when visiting a hospital or other health care provider. Today’s update… Continue Reading

Scientists find new antibiotic in the human nose

Washington Post: “A bacterium was found to produce an antibiotic capable of killing one of the most hard-to-treat pathogens, which causes deadly skin and wound infections, bloodstream infections and pneumonia.”Lena H. Sun Continue Reading

2014 American Community Survey: Fertility of Women in US

“The Census Bureau releases new tables showing household income distributions for different subsets of women ages 15 to 50, focusing on trends for women with a birth in the previous 12 months.” Continue Reading

Will Long Term Care Ruin Retirement Plans?

Crook, Michael W. and Sutedja, Ronald, Will Long Term Care Ruin Retirement Plans? (July 24, 2016). Available for download at SSRN: “Long term care expenses represent a known unknown in retirement planning. A large majority of households will need some sort of long term care support as they age and costs for certain types… Continue Reading