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New Blood Pressure Findings from Landmark NIH Study

NIH News release: “More intensive management of high blood pressure, below a commonly recommended blood pressure target, significantly reduces rates of cardiovascular disease, and lowers risk of death in a group of adults 50 years and older with high blood pressure. This is according to the initial results of a landmark clinical trial sponsored byContinue Reading

Household Food Security in the United States in 2014

Household Food Security in the United States in 2014 by Alisha Coleman-Jensen, Matthew Rabbitt, Christian Gregory, and Anita Singh, USDA, Economic Research Report No. (ERR-194) 43 pp, September 2015 “An estimated 14.0 percent of American households were food insecure at least some time during the year in 2014, meaning they lacked access to enough foodContinue Reading

Migration Policy – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Migration Policy Institute: “About the Data Hub – The Data Hub showcases the most current national and state-level demographic, social, and economic facts about immigrants to the U.S.; as well as stock, flow, citizenship, net migration, and historical data for countries in Europe, North America, and beyond. ” Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) ProfilesContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Defense Health Care Reform, Emergency Management, International Food Assistance, IRS Case Selection

Defense Health Care Reform: Actions Needed to Help Ensure Defense Health Agency Maintains Implementation Progress, GAO-15-759: Published: Sep 10, 2015. Publicly Released: Sep 10, 2015. Emergency Management: FEMA Collaborates Effectively with Logistics Partners but Could Strengthen Implementation of Its Capabilities Assessment Tool, GAO-15-781: Published: Sep 10, 2015. Publicly Released: Sep 10, 2015. International Food Assistance:Continue Reading

GAO Reports – Defense Infrastructure, General Aviation, Ground System Development Problems

Defense Infrastructure: In-Kind Construction and Renovation Projects Initiated by DOD during Fiscal Year 2013, GAO-15-649: Published: Sep 9, 2015. Publicly Released: Sep 9, 2015. General Aviation: Observations Related to Liability Insurance Requirements and Coverage for Aircraft Owners, GAO-15-740: Published: Sep 9, 2015. Publicly Released: Sep 9, 2015. GPS: Actions Needed to Address Ground System DevelopmentContinue Reading

CMS Releases First Ever Plan to Address Health Equity in Medicare

“Today, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Office of Minority Health (CMS OMH), unveiled the first CMS plan to address health equity in Medicare. The CMS Equity Plan for Improving Quality in Medicare (CMS Equity Plan for Medicare) is an action-oriented plan that focuses on six priority areas and aims to reduce healthContinue Reading

ADA Coverage Data Repository: Risks With Systems Development and Deployment

Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration – Affordable Care Act Coverage Data Repository: Risks With Systems Development and Deployment. June 2, 2015. Reference Number: 2015-23-041 “In March 2010, the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act were enacted. These laws are collectively referred to as theContinue Reading

President Signs Executive Order – Establishing Paid Sick Leave for Contractors

The White House – Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release September 7, 2015. Executive Order Establishing Paid Sick Leave for Federal Contractors. “By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including 40 U.S.C. 121, and in order to promote economy andContinue Reading

Millions of Americans experience poverty outside safety nets

Selling plasma to survive: how over a million American families live on $2 per day by Dylan Matthews on September 2, 2015 – “In early 2011, 1.5 million American households, including 3 million children, were living on less than $2 in cash per person per day. Half of those households didn’t have access to in-kindContinue Reading

Dietary Supplements Are Not All Safe and Not All Food

Sax, Joanna, Dietary Supplements Are Not All Safe and Not All Food: How the Low Cost of Dietary Supplements Preys on the Consumer (September 1, 2015). American Journal of Law and Medicine, Vol. 41, No. 2&3, 2015. Available for download at SSRN: “Dietary supplements are regulated as food, even though the safety and efficacyContinue Reading

Google increases health information available via search

Google Inside Search: “In early August, New York City saw an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease, a very rare and sometimes deadly form of pneumonia. As more outbreaks came to light, Google searches for Legionnaires’ disease spiked over 1,000%. People wanted to know what this disease is, why it’s spreading, and how to prevent it. SoContinue Reading

docInfo Physician Information Made Easy

Federation of State Medical Boards of the United States Inc. – “Where is my physician licensed? Where did my physician go to medical school? Has my physician been disciplined by a licensing board?” This site, docinfo,  allows you to search for a doctor by name and state and retrieve a set of information that includes:Continue Reading