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New Report Recommends Research Agenda for Effective Science Communication

“A new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine highlights the complexity of communicating about science effectively, especially when dealing with contentious issues, and proposes a research agenda to help science communicators and researchers identify effective methods.  The most widely held model of what audiences need from science communication — known as… Continue Reading

CRS – Gun Control: FY2017 Appropriations for ATF

Gun Control: FY2017 Appropriations for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) and Other Initiatives, William J. Krouse Specialist in Domestic Security and Crime Policy. November 9, 2016. “This report provides coverage of congressional action on President Barack Obama’s FY2017 budget request for his gun safety initiative. This coverage includes analysis of the… Continue Reading

24/7 Wall St – America’s 25 dying industries – America’s 25 thriving industries

“Valued at nearly $20 trillion, the U.S. economy is the largest in the world. Maintaining a competitive edge necessitates remaining diversified and dynamic. While this means that some U.S. industries thrive, others inevitably decline or are rendered obsolete. As certain industries fade, so do hundreds of thousands of American jobs. 24/7 Wall St. analyzed employment… Continue Reading

A Scan of CDC-Authored Articles on Legal Epidemiology, 2011–2015

Martini, Leila and Presley, David and Klieger, Sarah and Burris, Scott, A Scan of CDC-Authored Articles on Legal Epidemiology, 2011–2015 (November 16, 2016). Public Health Reports, Vol. 131, No. 6, p. 809-815, November/December 2016. Available for download at SSRN: “Objective: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) funds and conducts research on legal… Continue Reading

OECD Health Statistics 2016

“The online database OECD Health Statistics 2016 was released on June 30 and all datasets have been updated on October 12.  The OECD Health Database offers the most comprehensive source of comparable statistics on health and health systems across OECD countries. It is an essential tool to carry out comparative analyses and draw lessons from international… Continue Reading

Pew – U.S. Public Divides Over Food Science

Differing views on benefits and risks of organic foods, GMOs as Americans report higher priority for healthy eating, By Cary Funk and Brian Kennedy – “Food has become a flashpoint in American culture and politics. In the past generation, Americans have witnessed the introduction of genetically modified crops, the rise of the organic food industry,… Continue Reading

24/7 Wall St – Ranking Gender Inequality in All 50 States

“For many Americans, the election of Donald Trump represents a step back for the feminist movement. Whether or not the president-elect’s policies will result in meaningful progress for women’s rights, there remain severe inequalities the nation has yet to overcome. These issues include a gender pay gap, a lack of flexibility in the workplace during… Continue Reading

Paper – The Impact of Paid Leave on Female Employment Outcomes

Sarin, Natasha R, The Impact of Paid Leave on Female Employment Outcomes (November 29, 2016). Available for download at SSRN: “This paper provides evidence on the impact of paid leave legislation on female employment outcomes. Using a difference-in-differences and difference-in-difference-in-differences strategy, I study the impact of two state-level programs in California and New Jersey.… Continue Reading

Paper – The broad footprint of climate change from genes to biomes to people

The broad footprint of climate change from genes to biomes to people – Science 11 Nov 2016: Vol. 354, Issue 6313,DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf7671 “…The many observed impacts of climate change at different levels of biological organization point toward an increasingly unpredictable future for humans. Reduced genetic diversity in crops, inconsistent crop yields, decreased productivity in fisheries… Continue Reading

Enforcement Policy Statement on Marketing Claims for OTC Homeopathic Drugs

“The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is issuing this Policy Statement to provide guidance regarding its enforcement policy with respect to marketing claims for over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic drugs. It applies only to OTC products intended solely for self- limiting disease conditions amenable to self-diagnosis of symptoms and treatment.The Commission believes this Policy Statement is appropriate in… Continue Reading

Kasier – Key Medicaid Questions Post-Election

“Medicaid covers about 73 million people nationwide.  Jointly financed by the federal and state governments, states have substantial flexibility to administer the program under existing law.  Medicaid provides health insurance for low-income children and adults, financing for the safety net, and is the largest payer for long-term care services in the community and nursing homes… Continue Reading

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) Transitional Reinsurance Program

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) Transitional Reinsurance Program. Namrata K. Uberoi, Analyst in Health Care Financing; Edward C. Liu, Legislative Attorney. November 16, 2016. “Section 1341 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA; P.L. 111-148, as amended) establishes a transitional reinsurance program that is designed to provide payment to non-grandfathered,… Continue Reading