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Minutes of Federal Open Market Committee, December 15-16, 2015

Released January 6, 2016: “The Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Open Market Committee on Wednesday released the attached minutes of the Committee meeting held on December 15-16, 2015. A summary of economic projections made by Federal Reserve Board members and Reserve Bank presidents for the meeting is also included as an addendum to theseContinue Reading

GAO Report – Dodd-Frank Regulations: Impacts on Community Banks and SIFIs

Dodd-Frank Regulations: Impacts on Community Banks, Credit Unions and Systemically Important Institutions, GAO-16-169: Published: Dec 30, 2015. Publicly Released: Dec 30, 2015: “Federal financial agencies conducted required regulatory analyses for rules issued pursuant to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act) and also reported required coordination. These agencies also addressed keyContinue Reading

Veterans Homelessness Prevention Demonstration Evaluation

Mary K. Cunningham, Jennifer Biess, Dina Emam, Martha R. Burt. December 10, 2015. Veterans Homelessness Prevention Demonstration Evaluation: “This report documents the outcomes of veterans served by the Veterans Homelessness Prevention Demonstration program (VHPD), one element of the Obama administration’s signature initiative to end veteran homelessness. It describes the housing, employment, and health of veteransContinue Reading

Chronic Homelessness: Background, Research, and Outcomes

CRS – Chronic Homelessness: Background, Research, and Outcomes. Libby Perl, Specialist in Housing Policy. Erin Bagalman, Analyst in Health Policy. December 8, 2015. “Chronically homeless individuals are those who spend long periods of time living on the street or other places not meant for human habitation, and who have one or more disabilities, frequently includingContinue Reading

Fed – Household Net Worth Fell in Third Quarter

Z.1 Financial Accounts of the United States Flow of Funds, Balance Sheets, and Integrated Macroeconomic Accounts Third Quarter 2015: “The net worth of households and nonprofits fell to $85.2 trillion during the third quarter of 2015. The value of directly and indirectly held corporate equities decreased $2.3 trillion and the value of real estate roseContinue Reading

Emerging Trends in Real Estate – US and Canada

PWC – Emerging Trends in Real Estate – United States and Canada 2016 Emerging Trends: “Real estate has become ever more dynamic as it adapts to a networked world. Everything is connected to everything else, so market participants cannot afford to ignore developments well beyond the property markets themselves. The major forces of globalization, technology,Continue Reading

The Federal Role in the Financing of Multifamily Rental Properties

CBO reviews the federal government’s current role in the multifamily mortgage market and four broad approaches to modifying that role. December 3, 2015. “Multifamily properties—those with five or more units—provide shelter for approximately one-third of the more than 100 million renters in the United States and account for about 14 percent of all housing units.Continue Reading

From Education to Housing Costs, the American Community Survey Provides 10 Years of Local Statistics for Every Community Nationwide

“For 10 years, the American Community Survey has provided U.S. communities with detailed information critical for making informed decisions about their people, places and economy. Today, the U.S. Census Bureau released the latest American Community Survey five-year statistics, allowing users for the first time to compare two nonoverlapping five-year data sets: 2005-2009 and 2010-2014. UsersContinue Reading

World Migration Report 2015: Migrants and Cities

World Migration Report 2015: Migrants and Cities: “We live in a world which is becoming increasingly urban. Over 54 per cent of people across the globe were living in urban areas in 2014. The current urban population of 3.9 billion is expected to grow to some 6.4 billion by 2050. Migration is driving much ofContinue Reading

CRS Report – Veterans and Homelessness

Veterans and Homelessness, Libby Perl, Specialist in Housing Policy. November 6, 2015. “The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan brought renewed attention to the needs of veterans, including the needs of homeless veterans. Researchers have found both male and female veterans to be over represented in the homeless population, and, as the number of veterans increasedContinue Reading

ECB publishes new statistical report on Household Sector

“The European Central Bank (ECB) is today publishing a new quarterly Household Sector Report. The statistical compilation focuses on the household sector in the euro area as a whole and in each of the 19 euro area countries. It shows the private households’ economic and financial behaviour, from the point when income is generated, throughContinue Reading

As American homes get bigger, energy efficiency gains are wiped out

Pew FactTank: “U.S. homes have become considerably more energy-efficient over the past four decades, according to government data. But homes also are a lot bigger than they used to be, and their growing girth wipes out nearly all the efficiency gains. According to preliminary figures from the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and RenewableContinue Reading