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2014 Global Technology Leaders Forecast Survey

“With a thriving tech economy, ballooning valuations and an IPO market humming at a level unseen since the dot-com boom of the late 1990s, headlines have lately, inevitably been raising the specter of another tech bubble — and asking whether a corresponding collapse is at hand. The answer, according to technology leaders, is a resoundingContinue Reading

How the Industrial Internet is Changing the Competitive Landscape of Industries

“New research from GE and Accenture reveals that executives across the industrial and healthcare sectors see the enormous potential of the Industrial Internet—the combination of Big Data analytics with the Internet of Things. The Industrial Internet enables companies to use sensors, software, machine-to-machine learning and other technologies to gather and analyze data from physical objectsContinue Reading

Oxfam’s new report on global inequalty

“From Ghana to Germany, South Africa to Spain, the gap between rich and poor is rapidly increasing, and economic inequality has reached extreme levels. In South Africa, inequality is greater today than at the end of Apartheid.The consequences are corrosive for everyone. Extreme inequality corrupts politics, hinders economic growth and stifles social mobility. It fuels crimeContinue Reading

FBI Seeks Expanded Access to Surveil Computers Around the World

Ed Pilkington – The Guardian: “The FBI is attempting to persuade an obscure regulatory body in Washington to change its rules of engagement in order to seize significant new powers to hack into and carry out surveillance of computers throughout the US and around the world. Civil liberties groups warn that the proposed rule change amountsContinue Reading

Study Calls Out Workplace Telepressure

Please Respond ASAP: Workplace Telepressure and Employee Recovery. Barber, Larissa K.; Santuzzi, Alecia M. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, Nov 3 , 2014, No Pagination Specified. “Organizations rely heavily on asynchronous message-based technologies (e.g., e-mail) for the purposes of work-related communications. These technologies are primary means of knowledge transfer and building social networks. As a by-product, workersContinue Reading

Business models for open government data

Business models for open government data – Gustavo Magalhaes, UT Austin-Portugal Program, The University of Texas at Austin; Catarina Roseira, Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto, Portugal; Laura Manley, New York University. “The commercial re-use of open government data is broadly expected to generate economic value. However, the practice and study of this trend is still in its infancy. In particular, the issue ofContinue Reading

Arrested – Mastermind of Silk Road Drug Sales Dark Web

ELIAS GROLL – Foreign Policy: “According to the criminal complaint filed in a New York federal court detailing charges against him, Benthall was easily identified once federal authorities discovered a server used to run Silk Road 2.0. His email address gave away his name and was listed on several publicly available social media profiles, including his accountContinue Reading

Measuring Price Discrimination and Steering on E-commerce Web Sites

Northeastern University: “Internet users reg­u­larly receive all kinds of per­son­al­ized con­tent, from Google search results to product rec­om­men­da­tions on Amazon. This is thanks to the com­plex algo­rithms that pro­duce results based on users’ pro­files and past activity. It’s Big Data at work, and it’s often advan­ta­geous for users. But such per­son­al­iza­tion can also be aContinue Reading

Registering Researchers in Authority Files

An OCLC Research Report by: The OCLC Research Registering Researchers in Authority Files Task Group Key highlights: “While funders and publishers have been adopting researcher identifiers, it is equally important for research institutions and libraries to recognize that “authors are not strings” and that persistent identifiers are needed to link authors their scholarly output. Although thereContinue Reading

Reshaping the workplace: Tech-related jobs that didn’t exist (officially, at least) 15 years ago

“Technological innovation has been changing the jobs people do, and the way they do them, at least since the first spinning jennies went into service in England’s textile industry in the 1760s. And for about as long, people have sought to forecast what new technologies might mean for the world of work — predictions that tendContinue Reading

New GAO Reports – Airport and Airway Trust Fund, Food Safety, Information Sharing

FISCAL YEAR 2014 AGREED-UPON PROCEDURES: Excise Tax Distributions to the Airport and Airway Trust Fund and the Highway Trust Fund, GAO-15-152R: Published: Nov 6, 2014. Publicly Released: Nov 6, 2014. FOOD SAFETY: FDA and USDA Should Strengthen Pesticide Residue Monitoring Programs and Further Disclose Monitoring Limitations, GAO-15-38: Published: Oct 7, 2014. Publicly Released: Nov 6, 2014. INFORMATION SHARING: DHS Is Assessing FusionContinue Reading

The Ethics of Data, Visualized

TRACEY WALLACE – Truth in Data: “Big data sparked public interest in the U.S. beginning with the NSA scandal. Suddenly, it was mass knowledge that not only could the government, or any entity, collect your social media, email or cell data, but they could use it against you. This concept certainly isn’t brand new, and it certainlyContinue Reading