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ACRL – Keeping Up With Cybersecurity, Usability, and Privacy

Snipped – via Bohyun Kim. Associate Director, Library Applications and Knowledge Systems, at the University of Maryland-Baltimore, Health Sciences and Human Services Library – Keeping Up With Cybersecurity, Usability, and Privacy What is Cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is a broad term. It refers to the activities, practices, and technology that keep computers, networks, programs, and data secure… Continue Reading

CA Digital Library – New Platform for Declassified Documents Reference System

California Digital Library: “The U.S. Declassified Documents can now be cross-searched with the other archive resources on the Artemis platform.  You can filter search results by document type, classification level, publication year and by other categories.  Results can be analysed using the built-in Term Frequency and Term Clusters tools. U.S. Declassified Documents Online provides access… Continue Reading

Paper – Human identification using WiFi signal

Full text only available to subscribers, but the abstract alone will illuminate the extensive power of Wi-Fi sensing technology: “WiFi devices are now pervasive in our environment. Recent research has demonstrated that it is possible to sense the perturbations created by human motion in the WiFi spectrum to identify basic activities, gestures and even keystrokes.… Continue Reading

Google tests search live coverage carousel

Via Google – “As a publisher, you can participate in the Search live coverage carousel pilot to notify Google when your breaking content is available. Google can then surface content more quickly than is currently possible with a standard crawl on your website. With the Search live coverage carousel, users can find content about live… Continue Reading

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the FTC

Via Andrea Arias at the FTC: “…The Framework provides organizations with a risk-based compilation of guidelines that can help them identify, implement, and improve cybersecurity practices.  The Framework does not introduce new standards or concepts; rather, it leverages and integrates cybersecurity practices that have been developed by organizations like NIST and the International Standardization Organization… Continue Reading

Extra Perk – Free stories delivered to NYC subway riders on lines with Free Transit WirelessWiFi

NYT- Subway Reads: Free E-Books, Timed for Your Commute  – Sponsored by Penguin Random House – “On Sunday, Subway Reads started delivering novellas, short stories or excerpts from full-length books to passengers’ cellphones or tablets. The idea is for riders to download a short story or a chapter and read it on the train. Subway… Continue Reading

LC – Chronicling America through historic newspapers

“Chronicling America is a website providing access to information about historic newspapers and select digitized newspaper pages, and is produced by the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). NDNP, a partnership between the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the Library of Congress (LC), is a long-term effort to develop an Internet-based, searchable database of… Continue Reading

Collapse W3C Workshop Report: Blockchains and the Web

On August 26, 2016, “W3C published the report of the W3C Blockchains and the Web workshop held on 29-30 June, 2016, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Participants at the workshop found many topics for possible standardization or incubation, including various aspects of identity and proof-of-existence, as well as smaller blockchain primitives that could increase interoperability across… Continue Reading

Report – Open Source Software and the DOD

Center for New American Security – Open Source Software and the Department of Defense – “This paper discusses where the DoD is already making inroads to use open source development methodologies to shorten time to mission without sacrificing national security. I hope our civilian and uniformed leaders will read it carefully and take it seriously.… Continue Reading

Gallup – Millennial Employees: Flight Risk for Companies

J. Brandon Rigoni and Bailey Nelson, Gallup: “Six in 10 millennials say they’re open to different job opportunities, and only 50% plan to be with their company one year from now. For most companies, millennials are a “flight risk.” Given this, organizations need to recognize how millennials search for and select employers — and then… Continue Reading

NISO Launches New Project to Create a Flexible API Framework for E-Content in Libraries

“Voting Members of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) have approved a new project to modernize library-vendor technical interoperability to improve the access of digital library content and electronic books. Building upon a set of API (Application Programming Interface) Requirements developed by Queens Library, a new NISO Working Group will create a foundational API set… Continue Reading