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GAO – Lessons Learned for Engaging Millennials and Other Age Groups

Federal Workforce: Lessons Learned for Engaging Millennials and Other Age Groups, GAO-16-880T: Published: Sep 29, 2016. Publicly Released: Sep 29, 2016.
“With more than 30% of federal employees eligible to retire by 2019, a lot of jobs could open up that the current federal workforce can’t fill. So, the government needs to recruit and retain the next generation of workers. Strong employee engagement—a positive feeling about one’s employer and its mission—tends to help agencies hire and keep employees. You might think that millennials are less engaged than other age groups, but the data in this testimony showed that engagement doesn’t vary much by age. Engagement increases for everyone when agencies demonstrate that they value their employees..”

Library 2.0: The effectiveness of social media as a marketing tool for libraries in educational institutions

Library 2.0: The effectiveness of social media as a marketing tool for libraries in educational institutions. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science. Published online before print September 22, 2016, doi: 10.1177/0961000616668959 “In an attempt to market their services and connect with potential users, and particularly young people, many libraries are opening accounts on social media platforms.… Continue Reading

Measuring Scientific Impact Beyond Citation Counts

D-Lib Magazine September/October 2016 Volume 22, Number 9/10. Measuring Scientific Impact Beyond Citation Counts. Robert M. Patton, Christopher G. Stahl and Jack C. Wells. Oak Ridge National Laboratory. DOI: 10.1045/september2016-patton. “The measurement of scientific progress remains a significant challenge exasperated by the use of multiple different types of metrics that are often incorrectly used, overused, or even explicitly abused. Several metrics… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Visiting Interlaken and Madrid

Via – Visiting Interlaken and Madrid – Research Assistant and world traveler Ryan Davis shares another travelogue installment – this time to Interlaken and Madrid. Ryan includes effective strategies for flexible ground and air travel, recommends the value of free guided walking tours, and includes shopping and dining tips, as well as fun and budget… Continue Reading

Twitter and UN Global Pulse Announce Data Partnership

News release, September 23, 2016: “Twitter and UN Global Pulse today announced a partnership that will provide the United Nations with access to Twitter’s data tools to support efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, which were adopted by world leaders last year. Every day, people around the world send hundreds of millions of Tweets… Continue Reading

Paper – Looking for a Smarter Government (and Administrative Law) in the Age of Uncertainty

Napolitano, Giulio, Looking for a Smarter Government (and Administrative Law) in the Age of Uncertainty (September 23, 2016). Forthcoming, Comparative administrative law, edited by Susan Rose-Ackerman and Peter Lindseth, II edition, Edward Elgar. Available for download at SSRN: “The paper analyzes to what extent the crisis erupted in 2008 and the subsequent age of… Continue Reading

Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder

Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder. Key questions for improving your organization’s cybersecurity performance. Draft September 2016, National Institute of Standards and Technology. “The Baldrige Cybersecurity Excellence Builder is a voluntary self-assessment tool that enables organizations to better understand the effectiveness of their cybersecurity risk management efforts. It helps leaders of organizations identify opportunities for improvement based… Continue Reading

NISO Releases Altmetrics Recommended Practice

“The National Information Standards Organization has published NISO RP-25-2016, Outputs of the NISO Alternative Assessment Project. This recommended practice on altmetrics, an expansion of the tools available for measuring the scholarly impact of research in the knowledge environment, was developed by working groups that were part of NISO’s Altmetrics Initiative, a project funded by the… Continue Reading

You Can’t Write Without Research: The Role of Research Instruction in the Upper-Level Writing Requirement

Drake, Alyson, You Can’t Write Without Research: The Role of Research Instruction in the Upper-Level Writing Requirement (2016). Available for download at SSRN: “The majority of law students still meet the ABA’s upper-level writing requirement using a piece of scholarly legal writing. Despite this, most students receive little-to-no formal scholarly research and writing instruction.… Continue Reading

OPM Announces 2016 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey Results

“The US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) today released agency-level results from the 2016 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS). The 2016 FEVS was administered to 407,789 employees representing 80 (38 large / 42 small) Federal agencies. These results provided through contain scores for two major indices — Employee Engagement and Global Job Satisfaction across… Continue Reading

Paper – Examining the costs and causes of cyber incidents

Examining the costs and causes of cyber incidents, Sasha Romanosky, Journal of Cybersecurity, DOI: First published online: 25 August 2016. “In 2013, the US President signed an executive order designed to help secure the nation’s critical infrastructure from cyberattacks. As part of that order, he directed the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)… Continue Reading

Duke University Libraries receive grant to transform prison into farm and education center

News release: “The Duke University Libraries have received a $52,647 grant from the State Farm Youth Advisory Board to help transform an abandoned prison into a sustainable farm and education center through the magic of virtual reality. “It’s not easy to visualize how an abandoned and unused prison can be repurposed to help a struggling… Continue Reading