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Four-part series by Washington Examiner examining the state of inspectors general

Part Four: Few fixes available for problem IGs, BY MARK FLATTEN | DECEMBER 4, 2014 | The president hires IGs for Cabinet-level agencies, and only the president can fire them. Part Three: Bad things happen to whistleblowers when watchdogs become attack dogs, BY MARK FLATTEN | 12/03/14. A whistleblower tried to report wrongdoing to the Veterans Affairs IG — andContinue Reading

Hummingbirds control hovering flight by stabilizing visual motion

Benjamin Goller and Douglas L. Altshuler – Published online before printDecember 8, 2014, doi:10.1073/pnas.1415975111  PNAS December 8, 2014 “The avian brain has numerous specializations for navigation and processing visual information, but relatively little is known about how flying birds control their position in space. To study the role of vision in controlling hovering flight, we developed a virtualContinue Reading

California drought, visualized with open data

USGS News release: ” A newly released interactive California Drought visualization website aims to provide the public with atlas-like, state-wide coverage of the drought and a timeline of its impacts on water resources. The U.S. Geological Survey developed the interactive website as part of the federal government’s Open Water Data Initiative. The drought visualization page features high-techContinue Reading

Americans Feel Better Informed Thanks to the Internet

“Rather than crushing them with too much information and making it hard to find useful material, most Americans say the internet and cell phones have brought benefits in learning, sharing and diversifying the flow of information into their lives. A new survey by the Pew Research Center finds that the vast majority of Americans believeContinue Reading

Warrant Canaries as Tools for Transparency in the Wake of the Snowden Disclosures

Gilens, Naomi, The NSA Has Not Been Here: Warrant Canaries as Tools for Transparency in the Wake of the Snowden Disclosures (April 2014). Available for dowload at at SSRN: “Technology companies are increasingly experimenting with “warrant canaries” as a means of increasing transparency around the national security orders they receive. A warrant canary isContinue Reading

Doctorate Recipients from U.S. Universities: 2013

Science and Engineering Doctorate Degree recipients from U.S. colleges and universities – data available in Excel and PDF via the National Science Foundation. See also – Doctoral Degrees Increased Last Year, but Career Opportunities Remained Bleak  

The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein Online

“Princeton University Press proudly presents The Digital Einstein Papers, an open-access site for The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, the ongoing publication of Einstein’s massive written legacy comprising more than 30,000 unique documents. The site presents all 13 volumes published to date by the editors of the Einstein Papers Project, covering the writings and correspondence ofContinue Reading

The Ethics of Big Data in Higher Education

International Review of Information Ethics, Jeffrey Alan Johnson, July 2014 “Data mining and predictive analytics—collectively referred to as “big data”—are increasingly used in higher education to classify students and predict student behavior. But while the potential benefits of such techniques are significant, realizing them presents a range of ethical and social challenges. The immediate challenge considers the extent toContinue Reading

10 Policy Principles for Unlocking the Potential of the Internet of Things

Center for Data Innovation – Daniel Castro & Joshua New | December 4, 2014 “The Internet of Things” encapsulates the idea that ordinary objects will be embedded with sensors and connected to the Internet. To date, most discussion of the Internet of Things has highlighted the technology; to the extent it has addressed policy, the focus has been largely negative (i.e.Continue Reading

EPIC Uncovers DOD Student Data Collection Procedures

“The Department of Defense has released to EPIC documents on the “Joint Advertising and Market Research Studies” Recruiting Database. The database includes sensitive student information, including home address and grade point average. DOD obtains this information from high schools offering military aptitude tests, state DMVs, and commercial data brokers. The documents sought by EPIC shedContinue Reading

Computer and Internet Use in the United States: 2013

“For many Americans, access to computers and high-speed Internet connections has never been more important. We use computers and the Internet to complete schoolwork, locate jobs, watch movies, access healthcare information, and find relationships, to name but a few of the ways that we have grown to rely on digital technologies. Just as our Internet activities have increased, so too haveContinue Reading

Report – Most College Students Don’t Earn a Degree in 4 Years

“In their latest report, Four-Year Myth, Complete College America and its Alliance of States reveal that the vast majority of full-time American college students do not graduate on time, costing them and their families tens of thousands of dollars in extra college-related expenses, as well as lost wages from delaying entry into the workforce. TheContinue Reading