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Report – The potential impact of Brexit on European capital markets

Via New Financial – “Capital markets across Europe would be significantly disrupted if the UK votes to leave the EU in the referendum on June 23rd. This would create uncertainty, complexity and increased cost for market participants and their customers in the UK and the rest of the EU – according to our in-depth qualitative survey ofContinue Reading

Google-Wide Association Studies

Princeton Election Consortium – A first draft of electoral history. Since 2004 – Sam Wong, April 26, 2016: “In human genetics there is a form of analysis called a genome-wide association study (“GWAS”). In this kind of analysis, the researcher looks for bits of DNA that show up more often in people with some traitContinue Reading

A Bear’s-Eye View of Yellowstone

Via National Geographic: What do bears eat? How far do they roam? Find out in this interactive journey through the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Shining a Light on Scientific Data: Building a Data Catalog to Foster Data Sharing and Reuse

Shining a Light on Scientific Data: Building a Data Catalog to Foster Data Sharing and Reuse, by Ian Lamb and Catherine Larson. Code{4}Lib Journal, Issue 32, 2016-04-25. “The scientific community’s growing eagerness to make research data available to the public provides libraries — with our expertise in metadata and discovery — an interesting new opportunity.Continue Reading

Commentary – What Do Your Social Media Posts Reveal About Your Health?

[email protected]: “What have you shared on social media today? Did you comment on last night’s election results; mention that you’re going to the gym later; sympathize with a friend who’s been in the hospital; describe your meal at a favorite burger joint, or display pictures of your daughter’s jazz dance recital? And what do thoseContinue Reading

Prosecutorial Analytics

Kreag, Jason, Prosecutorial Analytics (April 12, 2016). Washington University Law Review (2017) Forthcoming; Arizona Legal Studies Discussion Paper No. 16-10. Available for download at SSRN: “The institution of the prosecutor has more power than any other in the criminal justice system. What is more, prosecutorial power is often unreviewable as a result of limitedContinue Reading

Conviction by Prior Impeachment

Roberts, Anna, Conviction by Prior Impeachment (April 22, 2016). Boston University Law Review, Forthcoming (2016). Available for download at SSRN: “Impeaching the testimony of criminal defendants through the use of their prior convictions is a practice that is triply flawed: it relies on assumptions belied by data; it has devastating impacts on individual trials;Continue Reading

CRS – Protection of Trade Secrets: Overview of Current Law and Legislation

Protection of Trade Secrets: Overview of Current Law and Legislation, Brian T. Yeh, Legislative Attorney. April 22, 2016. “A trade secret is confidential, commercially valuable information that provides a company with a competitive advantage, such as customer lists, methods of production, marketing strategies, pricing information, and chemical formulae. (Well- known examples of trade secrets includeContinue Reading

GPO – Univ Florida Make Historical Panama Canal Pubs Available on Govinfo

“The U.S. Government Publishing Office and the George A. Smather’s Libraries at the University of Florida (UF) make the digital versions of the Panama Canal Commission publications, and its predecessor agencies, available on GPO’s govinfo.  Link: The collection contains a variety of publications that provide a glimpse into the workings of the Canal andContinue Reading

Edward Snowden interview – Internet is Broken

Matt Giles, Popular Science interviewed Edward Snowden “Popular Science: How has the Internet changed in the three years since the release? Edward Snowden: There have been a tremendous number of changes that have happened, and not just on the Internet. It has changed our culture, it has changed our laws, it’s changed the way ourContinue Reading

Secret Admirers: An Empirical Examination of Information Hiding and Contribution Dynamics in Online Crowdfunding

Burtch, Gordon and Ghose, Anindya and Wattal, Sunil, Secret Admirers: An Empirical Examination of Information Hiding and Contribution Dynamics in Online Crowdfunding (April 19, 2016). Information Systems Research, Forthcoming. Available for download at SSRN: “Individuals’ actions in online social contexts are growing increasingly visible and traceable. Many online platforms account for this by providingContinue Reading

Bob Dylan: The Uncut Interview

Robert Love, AARP Magazine: “I’ve always been drawn to spiritual songs,” Bob Dylan tells me. “In ‘Amazing Grace,’ that line —  ‘that saved a wretch like me ’— isn’t that something we could all say if we were honest enough?” At 73, Dylan is still in the game, still brutally honest and authentically himself, asContinue Reading