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Helping Government Deliver II: The Obstacles and Opportunities Surrounding Shared Services

“Changing how government delivers services such as acquisition, financial management, human resources and information technology can improve performance and reduce overlap, duplication and overall costs. However, agencies’ efforts to move administrative functions to a shared services provider have been limited. So, what are the key barriers to implementing shared services strategies and how can theContinue Reading

Who Retweets Whom? How Digital and Legacy Journalists Interact on Twitter

Michael L. Barthel, Ruth Moon, and William Mari. (March 5, 2015). Who Retweets Whom? How Digital and Legacy Journalists Interact on Twitter. Tow Center for Digital Journalism. Tow/Knight Report 030520151. 21 pp. New York, New York. “The digital environment would seem to offer exciting new opportunities for both competition and collaboration. Twitter, in particular, hasContinue Reading

UN Report – Copyright policy and the right to science and culture

“Science and culture are not only of great importance to the knowledge economy; they are also fundamental to human dignity and autonomy [this is the link to the report, Word doc.] In that area, two influential paradigms of international law — intellectual property and human rights — have evolved largely separately. Recent developments, however, haveContinue Reading

OECD – Early gender gaps drive career choices and employment opportunities

“Education systems have made major strides to close gender gaps in student performance but girls and boys remain deeply divided in career choices, which are being made much earlier than commonly thought, according to a new OECD report. The ABC of Gender Equality in Education: Aptitude, Behaviour and Confidence says that gender bias, conscious andContinue Reading

Forecasting the Future of Libraries 2015

Trends in culture, community, and education point to increased potential for expanding the role of libraries of all types This special section focuses on some of the key trends shaping libraries. It pairs with American Libraries’ an­nual coverage of the ALA Emerging Leaders. These librar­ians are, after all, representative of a new wave of libraryContinue Reading

Report – Federal Agencies Still Struggle to Process Public Information Requests in a Timely, Consistent Way

“The Center for Effective Government released its second annual access to information scorecard today, grading the 15 key agencies that receive the most public information requests. The findings: eight out of the 15 agencies improved their overall grades from last year, but none earned an overall A grade. While the number of agencies with overallContinue Reading

The Data Disclosure Decision – Department of Education ‘The CIO Council Innovation Committee has released its first Open Data case study, The Data Disclosure Decision, showcasing the Department of Education (Education) Disclosure Review Board. The Department of Education is a national warehouse for open data across a decentralized educational system, managing and exchanging education related data from across the country. Education collectsContinue Reading

Book review: ‘Bexar BiblioTech: The Evolution of the Country’s First All-digital Public Library’

Via – Book review: ‘Bexar BiblioTech: The Evolution of the Country’s First All-digital Public Library’ – David Rothman describes why the BiblioTech library in Bexar County, Texas is a landmark achievement worthy of implementation and iteration in towns and cities throughout the US. His article describes the success of this variation on a libraryContinue Reading

Ecological Knowledge, Leadership, and the Evolution of Menopause in Killer Whales

News release: “A new study led by the Universities of Exeter and York has shown that female killer whales survive after menopause because they help their family members find food during hard times.  This research provides insights into why women continue to live long after they can no longer have children. Menopause is one ofContinue Reading

Unclassified Version of March 6, 2015 Message to the Workforce from CIA Director John Brennan

Unclassified Version of March 6, 2015 Message to the Workforce from CIA Director John Brennan: Our Agency’s Blueprint for the Future, March 6, 2015 “Colleagues, Last September I asked an outstanding group of officers from across the Agency to examine our organization—particularly its people, processes, and structure—and to provide a report on how to ensureContinue Reading

Using Open Data to Protect the Food Supply

GovLab – A Roundtable with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, January 2015. “Roundtable Insights and Recommendations – The discussions covered seven key areas where USDA can further develop its open data strategy and increase both USDA and its data users’ ability to leverage data to improve food resilience. These areas for improvement mirror the findingsContinue Reading

Librarians’ experiences and perceptions of Identity and Access Management

Librarians’ experiences and perceptions of Identity and Access Management, 2015. “Identity and access management plays a critical role in user experience. Like many core technologies, success can be defined by how well it keeps out of the user’s way expectations and behavior are rapidly evolving, necessitating integration with a growing range of related technologies, whichContinue Reading