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GAO Report – Information Technology: OMB and Agencies Need to Focus Continued Attention on Implementing Reform Law

Information Technology: OMB and Agencies Need to Focus Continued Attention on Implementing Reform Law,GAO-16-672T: Published: May 18, 2016. Publicly Released: May 18, 2016. “The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and agencies have taken steps to improve federal information technology (IT) through a series of initiatives; however, additional actions are needed. Consolidating data centers. InContinue Reading

Bell Museum launches online Minnesota Biodiversity Atlas

“The Minnesota Biodiversity Atlas is an online digital resource offering public access to hundreds of thousands of plant and animal specimens, from algae to zebras. The Atlas houses over 5 terabytes of data from the museum’s botanical and zoological collections, with more than 16,000 species from Minnesota and around the world are represented. The mapContinue Reading

Free Seminar – What Happens When Laws Become Open Data?

Center for Data Innovation – “Since President Obama’s first day in office, open data has been a major priority for the administration, and the United States has established itself as a world leader in open data. But until recently, legislative data—information about legislative activities, including bills and their status, lawmaker votes, committee meetings, public communicationsContinue Reading

Top Private Companies by Employee Size

Via The Business Journals – Get vital information about some of the nation’s top private employers, as defined by employee size. First click on a region. Then choose a city from the listed provided.

Top 10 DOI referrals from websites in 2015

Via Crossref (a not-for-profit membership organization for scholarly publishing working to make content easy to find, cite, link, and assess) – “As part of our Event Data work we’ve been investigating where DOI resolutions come from. A resolution could be someone clicking a DOI hyperlink, or a search engine spider gathering data or a publisher’sContinue Reading

Americans’ views of women as political leaders differ by gender

“For the first time in history, a woman is the leading candidate for the presidential nomination of a major U.S. political party. As Democrat Hillary Clinton wages her campaign to be the first female chief executive, what do Americans have to say in general about the prospects and qualifications of female candidates for high politicalContinue Reading

Shared, Collaborative and On Demand: The New Digital Economy

Pew – Aaron Smith – The sharing economy and on-demand services are weaving their way into the lives of (some) Americans, raising difficult issues around jobs, regulation and the potential emergence of a new digital divide: “A number of new commercial online services have emerged in recent years, each promising to reshape some aspect of theContinue Reading

Paper – An AI Approach to Fed Watching

Via TWO SIGMA INVESTMENTS, LP. “Natural language processing techniques can translate Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting minutes into data. The results appear both intuitive and informative. For example, following the 2007-2009 financial crisis, the Fed increased the amount of time it devoted to discussing financial markets from 10 percent in 2007 to nearly 40Continue Reading

Space Budgets From Around The World

Space Program Spending As A Percent of GDP – Percent change, 2008 to 2014 – Data clearly indicates US is not even close to the top of the list.

Deloitte – North America Technology Fast 500

“The Technology Fast 500 is the leading technology awards program. Combining technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and rapid growth, Fast 500 companies—large, small, public, and private—hail from cities far and wide across North America and are disrupting the technology industry. If you are looking for fast-growing companies releasing new, emerging technologies, you have come to the rightContinue Reading

WSJ – Blue Feed, Red Feed See Liberal Facebook and Conservative Facebook, Side by Side

Blue Feed, Red Feed: “Facebook’s role in providing Americans with political news has never been stronger—or more controversial. Scholars worry that the social network can create “echo chambers,” where users see posts only from like-minded friends and media sources. Facebook encourages users to “keep an open mind” by seeking out posts that don’t appear inContinue Reading

Scientists publish study that includes discovery – trees ‘sleep’

Quantification of Overnight Movement of Birch Branches and Foliage with Short Interval Terrestrial Laser Scanning, Front. Plant Sci., 29 February 2016 | “The goal of the study was to determine circadian movements of silver birch (Petula Bendula) branches and foliage detected with terrestrial laser scanning (TLS). The study consisted of two geographically separate experiments conductedContinue Reading