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New Apps Help Taxpayers Report Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Stateline: “Cities and states have long had hotlines for reporting misuse of government resources. But mobile apps bring a new level of sophistication. They allow people to submit photos and videos in support of their claims; and in some cases auditors can use the app to respond and ask for follow-up information, all while maintainingContinue Reading

GAO Reports: Elections, Data Act, High Containment Laboratories, Tax Filing, Unaccompanied Children, VA Health Care

Elections: DOD Needs More Comprehensive Planning to Address Military and Overseas Absentee Voting Challenges, GAO-16-378: Published: Apr 20, 2016. Publicly Released: Apr 20, 2016. Data Act: Section 5 Pilot Design Issues Need to Be Addressed to Meet Goal of Reducing Recipient Reporting Burden, GAO-16-438: Published: Apr 19, 2016. Publicly Released: Apr 19, 2016. High-Containment Laboratories:Continue Reading

Searching for Explanations: How the Internet Inflates Estimates of Internal Knowledge

Searching for Explanations: How the Internet Inflates Estimates of Internal Knowledge, Matthew Fisher, Mariel K. Goddu, and Frank C. Keil, Yale University. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. 2015 American Psychological Association 2015, Vol. 144, No. 3, 674–687. “As the Internet has become a nearly ubiquitous resource for acquiring knowledge about the world, questions have arisenContinue Reading

Children’s Rights and Digital Technologies: Introduction to the Discourse and Some Meta-Observations

Gasser, Urs and Cortesi, Sandra, Children’s Rights and Digital Technologies: Introduction to the Discourse and Some Meta-Observations (April 21, 2016). Handbook of Children’s Rights: Global and Multidisciplinary Perspectives (M. Ruck, M. Peterson-Badali & M. Freeman, eds., Taylor & Francis), Forthcoming; Berkman Center Research Publication No. 2016-7. Available at SSRN: Digital technology plays an importantContinue Reading

Book – Three Quarters of Billions Dogs on Earth are Not Pets

New York Times – The World if Full of Dogs Without Collars: “..add up all the pet dogs on the planet, and you will get about 250 millions. But there are about a billion dogs on Earth, according to some estimates. The other 750 million…don’t have humans to take them for walks and pick upContinue Reading

Lewis Carroll Photography Collection

Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas: “Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) Photography Collection – Writing under the name Lewis Carroll, Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832–1898) was one of the major literary figures of Britain’s Victorian Age. Of equal significance, however, was his emergence as one of the most important photographers of the era. In 1856,Continue Reading

Commentary – Datasets – not algorithms – might be the key limiting factor to development of human-level artificial intelligence

Via Edge – Alexander Wissner-Gross – “Perhaps the most important news of our day is that datasets—not algorithms—might be the key limiting factor to development of human-level artificial intelligence. At the dawn of the field of artificial intelligence, in 1967, two of its founders famously anticipated that solving the problem of computer vision would takeContinue Reading

TIME 100 list – “The 100 most influential people in the world”

The Most Influential People in the World – 2016.

Prince. June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016

New York Times – A Prolific, Meticulous Master of Pop Music – The multifaceted songwriter and performer’s decades of music transcended and remade funk, rock and R&B with hits like “Purple Rain” and “1999.” Prince: 1958-2016 Rolling Stone – Prince Dead at 57 Iconic singer and musician leaves behind prolific, groundbreaking catalog The Atlantic –Continue Reading

WiredWest: a Cooperative of Municipalities Forms to Build a Fiber Optic Network

Western Massachusetts Towns Create a New Model for Last-Mile Connectivity, but a State Agency Delays Approval and Funding – A case study by David Talbot, Waide Warner, and Susan Crawford – “WiredWest is a legal cooperative of 31 western Massachusetts towns that has put forward a detailed proposal to provide “last-mile” high-speed Internet access connections toContinue Reading

Economist and Time Websites blocked in China

New York Times: “The Economist and Time have joined the list of foreign news websites currently blocked in mainland China. The sites appear to have been censored as a result of recently published cover articles in the magazines critical of the growing power of China’s president, Xi Jinping. According to, a website that tracksContinue Reading

The U.S. Intelligence Community: Selected Cross – Cutting Issues

Via FAS – CRS report – The U.S. Intelligence Community: Selected Cross – Cutting Issues, Anne Daugherty Miles, Analyst in Intelligence and National Security Policy. April 12, 2016. “This report focuses on cross-cutting management issues that affect the Intelligence Community’s (IC’s) ability to counter “pervasive and emerging threats” to the United States and balance resourcesContinue Reading