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World Anti-Doping Agency publishes independent report

“The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announces publication of the McLaren Investigation Report (McLaren Report), which was released earlier today by Professor Richard H. McLaren during a press conference that he held, in Toronto, Canada.  On 18 May, WADA engaged Professor McLaren, as an Independent Person, to investigate allegations of Russian state manipulation of the doping… Continue Reading

Online map searches that bring you to Null Island “Every day, countless people seeking digital directions on their computers and smartphones are diverted to an isolated spot on the Atlantic Ocean, 1,000 miles or so off the coast of Africa, where the Prime Meridian and the equator intersect. It’s called Null Island. This lonely way station in the Gulf of Guinea…is…one of the… Continue Reading

Vox – 7 biggest problems facing science according to 270 scientists

Via Vox – by Julia Belluz, Brad Plumer, and Brian Resnick, July 14, 2016: “Science is in big trouble. Or so we’re told. In the past several years, many scientists have become afflicted with a serious case of doubt — doubt in the very institution of science. Explore the biggest challenges facing science, and how… Continue Reading

EUscreen portal searchable archive of professional audiovisual from 2009-present

“The EUscreen portal offers free online access to thousands of items of audiovisual heritage. It brings together clips that provide an insight into the social, cultural, political and economic events that have shaped the 20th and 21st centuries. As well as chronicling important historical events, the EUscreen portal allows you to explore television programmes that… Continue Reading

MuckRock launching a national database of FOIA exemptions

Michael Morisy – We’re building an open guide to every state’s public records law – Help track down and fight every public records exemption across the country. “With agencies increasingly using an array of exemptions to deny access to information, we want to help requesters fight back. We’re launching a project to track every public… Continue Reading

USAGov Contact Center Connects You to Answers from Your Government

“It can be overwhelming to search for dependable information about government services and benefits. USAGov is your starting point–the official federal program that guides you to the information you need from across government. Browse or search for the agencies and programs you need on or its Spanish language counterpart, If you’d rather talk… Continue Reading

Gallup – Successful Predictive Analytics Demand a Data-Driven Workplace

David Leonard and Bailey Nelson – Successful Predictive Analytics Demand a Data-Driven Workplace, July 14, 2016. The global data push is stronger than ever Data-driven companies are more productive and profitable Leaders need to develop and sustain a data-driven culture The data movement is growing exponentially, not only regarding the sheer quantity of data but… Continue Reading

2015 Annual Report on Security Clearance Determinations

NATIONAL COUNTERINTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY CENTER – OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE.  2015 Annual Report on Security Clearance Determinations, Unclassified. June 28, 2016. “This 2015 annual security clearance determinations report provides the current state of government security clearances. The report is divided into two sections, Security Clearance Volume for the Entire Federal Government and… Continue Reading

Global Commission on Internet Governance Final Report

“The Global Commission on Internet Governance was established in January 2014 to articulate and advance a strategic vision for the future of Internet governance. The project conducts and supports independent research on Internet-related dimensions of global public policy.” “Half of the world’s population now uses the Internet to connect, communicate and interact. But basic access… Continue Reading

GAO Report – Audit of U.S. Consolidated Financial Statements

Management Report: Improvements Needed in Controls over the Processes Used to Prepare the U.S. Consolidated Financial Statements, GAO-16-621: Published: Jul 13, 2016. Publicly Released: Jul 13, 2016. “During its audit of the fiscal year 2015 consolidated financial statements of the U.S. government (CFS), GAO identified control deficiencies in the Department of the Treasury’s (Treasury) and… Continue Reading

First Woman and African American Librarian of Congress Confirmed by Congress

TIME: “Carla Hayden made history on Wednesday (July 13, 2016) as the Senate voted to approve her nomination as Librarian of Congress, making her both the first woman and the first African American to hold the post. Hayden was first nominated by President Obama in February, and the Senate Rules Committee approved her nomination in… Continue Reading

International Coalition on Newspapers Metadata Search

Via Center for Research Libraries (CRL) – “The ICON database is the most comprehensive source of information about significant newspaper collections in print, digital and micro formats. The large and growing database is designed to inform library decisions on the development, management and preservation of newspaper collections. Current statistics: 47,222,880 issues from 171,518 publications dating… Continue Reading