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GAO Report – Justice Could Better Measure Progress Addressing Incarceration Challenges

Federal Prison System: Justice Could Better Measure Progress Addressing Incarceration Challenges, GAO-15-454: Published: Jun 19, 2015. Publicly Released: Jun 19, 2015. “The Department of Justice (DOJ) has implemented three key initiatives to address the federal incarceration challenges of overcrowding, rising costs, and offender recidivism, which includes the return of offenders to prison after release. TheContinue Reading

Updated Guide to Mass Shootings in America

This guide by Mother Jones has been updated numerous times to include information on recurring mass shooting that involved the murder of Americans in houses of worship, schools, work places, and public places.  Please note, the majority of weapons used in these murders were purchased legally and ..”More than half of the cases involved schoolContinue Reading

Commentary – Reasonable Doubts About the Jury System

Trial consultants allow the affluent to manipulate the biases of those who judge them, putting justice up for sale – Adam Benforado: “..As amazing as our minds actually are, our legal rules, regula­tions, interpretations, and instructions make them out to be many times as impressive. To hear the law tell it, we are supermen andContinue Reading

Report – All 50 States Fail to Meet International Standards on Police Use of Lethal Force

“A new report by Amnesty International USA finds that all 50 states and the District of Columbia fail to comply with international standards on the use of lethal force by law enforcement officers, which require that lethal force should only be used as a last resort when strictly necessary to protect themselves or others againstContinue Reading

Safety Report – Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Safety Report and Subway Tunnel Safety – “In response to concerns regarding the safety performance of WMATA, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) conducted an organization-wide Safety Management Inspection (SMI) of the Metrorail and Metrobus systems to assess WMATA’s safety programs and compliance with its own procedures and rules, existingContinue Reading

FDA announces ban on trans fats

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES – Food and Drug Administration [Docket No. FDA-2013-N-1317] Final Determination Regarding Partially Hydrogenated Oils AGENCY: Food and Drug Administration, HHS. ACTION: Notice; declaratory order. “Based on the available scientific evidence and the findings of expert scientific panels, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA or we) has made a finalContinue Reading

Faces of Death Row – Texas

Jolie McCullough and Ben Hasson, The Texas Tribune:  “Here is a look at the 261 inmates currently on Texas’ death row. Texas, which reinstated the death penalty in 1976, has the most active execution chamber in the nation. On average, these inmates have spent 13 years, 6 months on death row. Though 12 percent ofContinue Reading

Role of Data in Tracking Black Markets in Wildlife

Via Wired: “The international black market in wildlife—alive or dead—is notoriously difficult to track. Hunters and smugglers don’t report their take for the same reasons that drug dealers don’t report profits to the IRS. But if you could actually track those networks, maybe you could do something about them. That’s what sent Nikkita Patel, aContinue Reading

EU Data Protection Directive

Via EPIC – European NGOs Critical of Council Position on New Data Protection Law:  “In response to an earlier proposal from the European Parliament, the European Council has approved a draft intended to update the EU1995 Data Directive. The goal of the new Regulation is to modernize, harmonize, and strengthen data protection across the EuropeanContinue Reading

Association Between Connecticut’s Permit-to-Purchase Handgun Law and Homicides

Kara E. Rudolph, Elizabeth A. Stuart, Jon S. Vernick, and Daniel W. Webster.  (2015).  Association Between Connecticut’s Permit-to-Purchase Handgun Law and Homicides. American Journal of Public Health. e-View Ahead of Print. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2015.302703 “Objectives. We sought to estimate the effect of Connecticut’s implementation of a handgun permit-to-purchase law in October 1995 on subsequent homicides. Methods.Continue Reading

USPTO Teams with Google to Provide Bulk Patent and Trademark Data to Public

News release: “Under Secretary of Commerce and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) David Kappos announced [June 2, 2015] that the USPTO has entered into a no-cost, two-year agreement with Google to make bulk electronic patent and trademark public data available to the public in bulk form. Under this agreement, theContinue Reading

Problems and Perils of Bootstrapping Privacy and Data into an Antitrust Framework

Manne, Geoffrey A. and Sperry, Ben, The Problems and Perils of Bootstrapping Privacy and Data into an Antitrust Framework (May 29, 2015). CPI Antitrust Chronicle, May 2015. Available for download from SSRN: “Increasingly, people use the internet to connect with one another, access information, and purchase products and services. Along with the growth inContinue Reading