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Congressman Gaetz Proposes Legislation to Abolish the EPA

News release, February 2, 2017 – “A Northwest Florida lawmaker wants to do away with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by 2018.  Congressman Matt Gaetz has his eyes set on abolishing the federal program as his first order of business in his new role…” Text of the bill is not yet available – the link is… Continue Reading

Animal welfare information wiped from USDA website

Washington Post, February 3, 2017:  “The U.S. Department of Agriculture on Friday abruptly removed inspection reports and other information from its website about the treatment of animals at thousands of research laboratories, zoos, dog breeding operations and other facilities. In a statement, the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service cited court rulings and privacy laws for the decision, which… Continue Reading

Establishing Digital Interactive Transparency Act

News release, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) reintroducing the Establishing Digital Interactive Transparency (EDIT) Act. “The EDIT Act will instruct the Library of Congress to open up the legislative process by implementing a track changes style system for “Americans want accountability and transparency out of their lawmakers in Washington, and as lawmakers, we must work… Continue Reading

CRS – Affordable Care Act Executive Order: Legal Considerations

Via FAS – CRS Reports & Analysis Legal Sidebar Affordable Care Act Executive Order: Legal Considerations, January 24, 2016. “On January 20, 2017, President Donald J. Trump issued an executive order (EO) declaring his intention to “seek the prompt repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ACA]” while minimizing “economic and regulatory burdens… Continue Reading

CRS – President Trump Freezes Federal Civil Service Hiring

Via FAS – President Trump Freezes Federal Civil Service Hiring, CRS Legal Sidebar, January 26, 2017 “While the President possesses a certain amount of control over the executive branch, various statutory and constitutional provisions impose important limits on the President’s authority over the civil service. These statutory and constitutional parameters can set the boundary for… Continue Reading

Executive Order on Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs

Presidential Executive Order on Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs, January 30, 2017: “…For fiscal year 2017, which is in progress, the heads of all agencies are directed that the total incremental cost of all new regulations, including repealed regulations, to be finalized this year shall be no greater than zero, unless otherwise required by law or… Continue Reading

How Citizen Advocacy Is Changing Mail Operations on Capitol Hill

“This report was sponsored by Convio, Fireside21, and VoterVoice. We thank them for their support of CMF’s Partnership for a More Perfect Union. Communicating with Congress: How Citizen Advocacy is Changing Mail Operations on Capitol Hill Key Findings Mail volume in congressional offices continues to increase exponentially. Senate offices reported a 548 percent increase in… Continue Reading

Responses to immigrant ban include legal stay and legislation

The New York Times – Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration: What We Know – “The order caused widespread confusion on the immigration system and in airports, and prompted protests and legal action. Here is a quick guide.” The Executive Order signed by President Trump  on January 27, 2017 is no longer posted on Copies… Continue Reading

Saving web pages for archiving on the Wayback Machine

Via the managing editor, TV News Archive/Internet Archive: “I want to remind folks — though I’m sure many here are well versed in this — that it’s possible to save web pages to be archived on the Wayback Machine: 1. You can download a handy chrome extension that will allow you to save from… Continue Reading

CRS – Sentencing Reform at the End of the 114th Congress

CRS Reports & Analysis Legal Sidebar Sentencing Reform at the End of the 114th Congress 01/24/2017:  “On December 23, 2016, the House Judiciary Committee reported the Sentencing Reform Act of 2015 (H.R. 3713). The Senate Judiciary Committee had previously reported a corresponding proposal, as Title I of the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015… Continue Reading

McClatchy – Trump team compiles infrastructure priority list

“This story has been updated to add details on the origin and circulation of information about potential infrastructure investments and White House comment.” Please read the entire article as it provides significant information and related documents on an evolving plan that includes precluding the participation of and benefits for states such as California. “President Donald… Continue Reading

Climate Change removed from new White House website

HuffPo: “The White House website has removed the page devoted to climate change action and posted newly sworn-in President Donald Trump’s pledge to undo environmental regulations and “revive America’s coal industry.”  The 361-word policy outline on the new page, titled “America First Energy Plan,” makes no reference to global warming or climate change, except to… Continue Reading