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Congressional caucus of conservative Republicans seek to revoke over 200 regulations

House conservatives want Trump to undo regulations on climate, school lunches and Uber – “The House Freedom Caucus list covers 232 regulations, including funding for smoke-free public housing and paid sick leave for federal contractors.” From the caucus mission statement of this invitation-only group formed in 2015: “The House Freedom Caucus gives a voice to… Continue Reading

The Worst (and Best) Banks of 2016 – Data & Report

“After the 2008 financial crisis, everyone seemed to love to hate the financial sector. Working at a bank was no longer so glamorous and mountains of regulation was written for the protection of consumers. In July 2010, Congress passed and President Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Included in Dodd-Frank… Continue Reading

New report looks at creating a Single Library Digital Presence to support Public Libraries in the future

Vai SLC – “Today sees the launch of ‘Essential Digital Infrastructure for Public Libraries in England: A Plan moving forward’. The report, written by BiblioCommons, looks at how users experience their libraries currently and outlines an approach to building a single digital presence for libraries. The report is funded by the Arts Council and supported… Continue Reading

BeSpacific joins ABA Top 100 Blawgs 2016

“BeSpacific NEW, Top 100 Blawgs: “No one better has her finger on the pulse of the legal information world than Sabrina Pacifici, law librarian and author of the blog BeSpacific,” writes blogger Robert Ambrogi. “Launched in 2002, BeSpacific is one of the longest-running legal blogs and, remarkably, Sabrina seems more prolific today than ever. She… Continue Reading

GAO Report on Restructuring Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control: Experts’ and Stakeholders’ Views on Key Issues to Consider in a Potential Restructuring [Reissued on December 9, 2016], GAO-17-131: Published: Oct 13, 2016. Publicly Released: Nov 15, 2016. “Experts, aviation stakeholders, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials GAO spoke to said that if Congress decides to remove air traffic control (ATC) from… Continue Reading

WSJ – Banks to Donald Trump: Don’t Kill Dodd-Frank

WSJ – December 8, 2016: “Big banks have an unexpected message for President-elect Donald Trump: Don’t trash the Dodd-Frank Act. “We’re not asking for wholesale throwing out Dodd-Frank,” J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. chief James Dimon said at a financial-services conference this week where he and other big-bank executives spoke, often addressing potential regulatory changes… Continue Reading

BNA 2017 Outlook on IP Privacy Tech and Telecom

“2017 promises to set the course for potentially seismic regulatory shifts due to the incoming Trump administration’s policies and a shifting European regulatory mindset.  From new administration regulatory shifts that will impact corporate giants such as AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. to the way U.S. multinationals do business with Europe, 2017 will likely bring legal and regulatory changes… Continue Reading

Census Bureau Releases 2016 Determinations for Section 203 of the Voting Rights Act

“The U.S. Census Bureau released today a list of 263 jurisdictions across the nation that must provide language assistance during elections for groups of citizens who are unable to speak or understand English adequately enough to participate in the electoral process. These determinations are pursuant to specifications, as amended in July 2006, in the Voting… Continue Reading

GPO releases digital version of bound Congressional Record 1981-1990

“The U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO) partners with the Library of Congress (LC) to release the digital version of the bound Congressional Record from 1981-1990 on GPO’s govinfo. This release covers debates and proceedings of the 98th thru the 101st Congresses. This era of Congress covers historical topics such as: Ronald Reagan’s Presidency and the… Continue Reading

Senate Sends Legislation Protecting Consumer Reviews to President

News release: “The U.S. Senate [November 28, 2016], by unanimous consent, sent bicameral legislation to the White House for the President’s signature that will outlaw the use of “gag clauses” in non-negotiable form contracts. Some businesses have attracted national scrutiny for using gag clauses to punish or silence honest criticism of products and services. The… Continue Reading

Implementation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the EU institutional framework

This research paper was requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Constitutional Affairs and commissioned, overseen and published by the Policy Department for Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs, 2016. “The EU institutions are required take into account the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the design and implementation of legislation or of policies, both within law… Continue Reading

UK bill opens government sweeping access to citizen browsing history

Belfast Telegraph – “The Investigatory Powers Bill…forces internet providers to keep a full list of Internet Connection Records (ICRs) for a year, and make them available to the government if it asks….Those include expected law enforcement organisations like the police, the military and the secret service – but also contain bodies like the Food Standards… Continue Reading