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Heleo – Keith Houston Investigates the Long, Strange History of Books

Most people who are involved in making books, or writing them, are acutely aware that there’s a very big shift happening.”

“…The thing that I hadn’t appreciated was that so much of the history of the book came from elsewhere, from China mostly. Just the invention of paper, which is absolutely vital, and then printing. I visited the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, which is a printing history museum. They have a type case full of Chinese movable type, and it’s gigantic. Western ones are about the same size as a writing desk. This Chinese type case, it wraps around you, like standing in a circular telephone booth entirely filled with type. To learn that that had come out of China was quite surprising, and it was quite nice to be able to take an excursion from the Gutenberg story, which is quite widely written about…”

NYPL implements unusual book collection storage system

Quartz: “Four million books are stored underneath New York City’s Bryant Park. Twenty-seven feet below the grassy patch in mid-town Manhattan are miles and miles of bookshelves at the New York Public Library’s (NYPL) newly expanded Milstein Research Stacks…To maximize space, the NYPL is now storing its collection based on a book’s physical dimensions instead… Continue Reading

Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Other National Press Club Luncheon Speakers, 1954-1989

Via Library of Congress: “Since 1932, the National Press Club has hosted luncheon gatherings that have allowed presidents, visiting world leaders, and other leading personages to address the press and answer questions about pressing current affairs. In 1969, the Press Club donated to the Library of Congress audiotapes of talks they had been recording since… Continue Reading

Paper – Using metadata actively

Using metadata actively, Colin Bird, Simon Coles, Iris Garrelfs, Tom Griffin, Magnus Hagdorn, Graham Klyne, Mike Mineter, Cerys Willoughby 2016, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 76-85 doi:10.2218/ijdc.v11i1.412 “Almost all researchers collect and preserve metadata, although doing so is often seen as a burden. However, when that metadata can be, and is, used actively during an… Continue Reading

Rutgers library announces new incentive to reduce textbook costs

This video report highlights the consistently increasing costs of text books in both print and e-format and the struggles of many students to to fund their purchase. Continue Reading

Study – Dash: data sharing made easy

Slideshare Presentation – “Repository-agnostic data curation Dash is a user-friendly data deposit and discovery platform in development by the UC Curation Center. John E. Kratz, Stephen Abrams, Shirin Faenza, Scott Fisher, Nancy Hoebelheinrich, Marisa Strong, Bhavitavya Vedul.a Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, award #58062.” “Scholars at the ten campuses of the University of… Continue Reading

Should the U.S. Relinquish Its Authority Over the Internet Domain Name System?

Should the U.S. Relinquish Its Authority Over the Internet Domain Name System?, CRS Insight via FAS, October 5, 2016. “On March 14, 2014, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the Department of Commerce announced the intention to transition its stewardship role and procedural authority over key Internet domain name functions to the global Internet multistakeholder… Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Info Today columnist recs National Digital Library Endowment idea to Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden

Via – Info Today columnist recs National Digital Library Endowment idea to Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden – David H. Rothman is a consistent, expert advocate for funding a national digital library endowment, and his enthusiasm has been strengthened with the appointment of Dr. Carla Hayden as the new librarian of Congress. Continue Reading

Preservation of Law Reviews: Two Ways

Craigle, Valeri, Preservation of Law Reviews: Two Ways (October 5, 2016). Digital Library Perspectives: Special Preservation Issue, Forthcoming. Available for download at SSRN: “On November 7, 2008, the Durham Statement on Open Access to Legal Scholarship was released to the public. One of its main tenets ‒ that law schools and libraries “stop publishing… Continue Reading

OCLC and Internet Archive work together to ensure future sustainability of Persistent URLs

News release: “OCLC and Internet Archive today announced the results of a year-long cooperative effort to ensure the future sustainability of The organizations have worked together to build a new sustainable service hosted by Internet Archive that will manage persistent URLs and sub-domain redirections for,, and Since its introduction by… Continue Reading