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Louisiana elementary school educator seeks help to rebuild library after flooding

Via Trey Veazey’s blog posting requesting help [he is a Full-time librarian & literacy specialist at Glen Oaks Park Elementary School – Baton Rouge, Louisiana): “Access to books is the key to educational success. Our library doesn’t have books. Our classrooms don’t have books. Many of the homes of our students don’t have books. Like the tears that rolled down our faces both in silent & violent measures, they became a part of the flood before being swept away as we looked toward rebuilding & recovery. How does one recover without books? I know not the answer to this, & so, I plead to you. Help us. There are kids in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that are hungry for knowledge & desperate to know that good remains in the world. If you are an author/illustrator/publisher & would love to have your books in the hands of readers, please consider sending us those books. (Incidentally, if you are inclined to include an autographed copy for the librarian, I’m sure that he would happily accept.) If you are someone with a generous spirit that doesn’t happen to write children’s books, we are in need of new or like-new books, both fiction & nonfiction, that would appeal to readers in PreKindergarten through Grade 5. If you are someone who would prefer to help in a pecuniary fashion, be assured that your funds will help to revitalize the library with magazine subscriptions, music, films, & chocolate. All others, feel free to send good thoughts. After this emotional & literal depletion, we are in dire need of good thoughts….It has taken me over a week to muster the determination to conjure up this post, & while it’s possibly — ok, almost certainly — of an absurd length, it is my heart on display. It is a written manifestation of what I feel every time I walk into my public library — that there is a place for me, that there are others who care, & that the world is a naturally good place. I know all of these things to be true because of books (& family & movies & music & honey buns)…”

NISO Launches New Project to Create a Flexible API Framework for E-Content in Libraries

“Voting Members of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) have approved a new project to modernize library-vendor technical interoperability to improve the access of digital library content and electronic books. Building upon a set of API (Application Programming Interface) Requirements developed by Queens Library, a new NISO Working Group will create a foundational API set… Continue Reading

Important Announcement regarding the National Technical Reports Library

Gregory G. Guthrie, Program Manager, National Technical Reports Library National Technical Information Service”Announcing Open NTRL – In October 2014 NTIS announced four levels of access to the National Technical Reports Library (NTRL): Public NTRL – open access to all bibliographic and abstract content with a link to the NTIS Webstore for purchasing. Public NTRL with… Continue Reading

Citing Government Information Sources Using MLA Style

Patrick Ragains, Business and Government Information Librarian, University of Nevada, Reno: “I’ve updated my guide, Citing Government Information Sources Using MLA Style, which is directly available at I welcome your feedback, corrections, etc. MLA 8th has substantial changes, and, as always, there are often different ways to cite the same source. Feel free to… Continue Reading

Elsevier introduces DataSearch engine

Via Mendeley Blog: “Elsevier takes the next step in making researchers’ lives easier with the new DataSearch engine.  You can search for research data across numerous domains and various types, from a host of domain-specific and cross-domain data repositories. It’s available at“ Continue Reading

The New York Public Library Digital Collections

“Explore 693,857 items digitized from The New York Public Library‘s collections. This site is a living database with new materials added every day, featuring prints, photographs, maps, manuscripts, streaming video, and more.” Continue Reading

LibGuides Community

“Search for LibGuides content and librarian authors, and find great examples of guides from our worldwide user community.” 494,916 published guides 113,876 librarians 5,184 institutions 74 countries Continue Reading

New on LLRX – Deans of Virginia University Libraries to Chairman Goodlatte: First Do No Harm in Copyright Revision

Via – Deans of Virginia University Libraries to Chairman Goodlatte: First Do No Harm in Copyright Revision UVA Director of Information Policy Brandon Butler explains the implications of the Copyright Office plan to to issue a total rewrite of Section 108 of the Copyright Act and provides context on such a decision, which protects… Continue Reading

OpenStax – openly licensed college textbooks

“OpenStax is a nonprofit based at Rice University, and it’s our mission to improve student access to education. Our first openly licensed college textbook was published in 2012, and our library since scaled to more than 20 books for college and AP courses used by hundreds of thousands of students. Our adaptive learning technology, designed… Continue Reading

Digitizing Orphan Works: Legal Strategies to Reduce Risks for Open Access to Copyrighted Orphan Works

Hansen, David. 2016. Digitizing Orphan Works: Legal Strategies to Reduce Risks for Open Access to Copyrighted Orphan Works. Kyle K. Courtney and Peter Suber, eds., Harvard Library. “In the United States, the vast majority of 20th century creative expression—everything from books and movies to letters, emails, and notes—is protected by a copyright system that grants… Continue Reading

Tokyo War Crimes Trial Scrapbook

Floyd J. Mattice: Tokyo War Crimes Trial Scrapbook. [catalog record] “A digitized archival collection of personal and professional papers documenting Floyd Mattice’s time in Japan as the defense attorney for two of the accused Japanese war criminals. It is believed that the collection has been compiled by the secretary of Floyd Mattice. It eventually became… Continue Reading

A Day in the Life of a Digitization Expert

Via the iris – Betsy Brand and Sarah Waldorf, August 17, 2016: “Hundreds of thousands of artworks, objects, books, and records in the Getty’s collections have been photographed and posted online. But how do objects go from the physical world to your screen? People. Holly McGee is one of them. Here’s what a typical day… Continue Reading