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NISO Recommended Practice on Metadata Indicators for Accessibility – Licensing of E-Content

“The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has published a new Recommended Practice on Access License and Indicators (NISO RP-22-2015) that defines metadata to be used to indicate free-to-read content and a link to license terms for the use/re-use of that content. Developed by the NISO Working Group on Access License and Indicators (formerly Open AccessContinue Reading

Living Knowledge: The British Library 2015-2023

“This short publication lays out the key strategic priorities for the British Library on its journey to its 50th anniversary and beyond, and sets them in a framework of six purposes which explain, as simply and clearly as we can, the enduring ways in which the public funding we receive helps to deliver tangible publicContinue Reading

Google – Still in the Search

How Google Search Dealt With Mobile – The Never Ending Search by Steven Levy. In-depth reporting and writing about the continuing evolution of Google search from both a tactical and strategic perspective. For consumers, researchers, librarians, lawyers and educators, this is a must read. It takes time, focus and mindfulness to read long articles inContinue Reading

Museums Now Able to Digitize Thousands of Artifacts in Just Hours “As the Smithsonian works to digitize its collection of 137 million items, the Digitization Program Office has turned to the National Numismatic Collection housed at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History along with other legal tender such as bank notes, tax stamps and war bonds. The 250,000 pieces of paper will become theContinue Reading

Improving Wikipedia Show and Tell webinar recording available

OCLC – “View this webinar recording to learn how to contribute to Wikipedia, the world’s largest encyclopedia that anyone can edit. See presenters share their processes for adding links to collections and other content to Wikipedia. Presentations include both lessons learned and successes.”

Infographic – Novels Everyone Should Read

A consensus cloud from the top book lists and prizes. You can borrow them all free from your public library. “Most people have their own favourite, but which fiction books do the experts recommend? We compiled this interactive consensus crowd from sources including Time, the National Review & the Pulitzer Prize. Filter by author nationality orContinue Reading

Want read-aloud in Kindles and other readers? Use FCC’s easy online form by Jan 9 2015

Update to my posting New on LLRX – Tell the FCC to Require Read-Aloud for Future Kindles and Other E Ink Devices – via author David Rothman – the most recent version of the LibraryCity post with mention of an unofficial January 9, 2015 deadline and a link to the FCC’s easy comment form. You need to submit formally.  TheContinue Reading

New on LLRX – Tell the FCC to Require Read-Aloud for Future Kindles and Other E Ink Devices

Via – Tell the FCC to Require Read-Aloud for Future Kindles and Other E Ink Devices – David H. Rothman calls attention to a pivotal upcoming event for readers everywhere: On Jan. 28, 2015 if the Federal Communications Commission makes the right choice and sticks to its past inclinations, a regulatory waiver will expire. The waiver hasContinue Reading

Russia plans to launch national digital library in 2015

Calvert Journal – “Next year we will launch a national electronic library, set to be the largest collection of online texts, books, magazines and so on [in Russia],” Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky told regional governors. “We will send you an approved model of a library, the implementation of which will allow the libraries to beContinue Reading

Before The Internet, Librarians Would ‘Answer Everything’ – And Still Do

Via NPR – “Before Google there was — that paragon of accuracy and calm — the librarian. The New York Public Library recently came upon a box of questions posed to the library from the 1940s to the ’80s — a time capsule from an era when humans consulted other humans for answers to their dailyContinue Reading

The Future of the Book – An Essay

The Economist – From Papyrus to Pixels: “Books like de Officiis have not merely weathered history; they have helped shape it. The ability they offer to preserve, transmit and develop ideas was taken to another level by Gutenberg and his colleagues. Being able to study printed material at the same time as others studied itContinue Reading

Library of Congress – Cinematic Treasures Named to National Film Registry

“The horrors of war, the heroism of sacrifice, a vaudeville pioneer, the devil and a master of the macabre represent the diversity of an elite selection of films recognized for their cultural, historic or aesthetic significance. Librarian of Congress James H. Billington announced today the annual selection of 25 motion pictures to be named toContinue Reading