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Paper explains factors influencing archaeologists’, zoologists’ skepticism about data preservation

Frank, R. D., Yakel, E., & Faniel, I. M. (2015). “Destruction/reconstruction: preservation of archaeological and zoological research data.” Archival Science, 15(2), 141–167. “Destruction/Reconstruction: Preservation of Archaeological & Zoological Research is available in a special digital curation issue of Archival Science, Volume 15, Issue 2. A preprint [pdf] is also available online. Key highlights fromContinue Reading

The Evolving, Expanding Service Landscape Across Academic Libraries

Brian Mathews – Chronicle of Higher Education –  The New Service Layer – “…During this same time — while reference transactions were declining — other service points migrated into our environments. Writing Centers, Communication Studios, Multimedia Studios, IT Help Desks, and Adaptive/Assistive Technologies Support Spaces are all common today. Other niche areas have emerged includingContinue Reading

Library of Congress Requests Comments on Pilot Demographic Group Vocabulary

“As part of its ongoing effort to provide effective access to library materials, the Library of Congress is developing a new vocabulary, entitled Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms (LCDGT). This vocabulary will be used to describe the creators of, and contributors to, resources, and also the intended audience of resources. It will be createdContinue Reading

Internet Archive – One Million Audio Cover Images for Research

Internet Archive – “Culled from various sources, this collection includes over one million JPG, PNG and GIF album covers. The resolution ranges from “thumbnail” through to very large sizes. Filenames are variant in usefulness, although a good number indicate at least the name of the original album. This dataset is for experimentation and image processingContinue Reading

2015 Update: Can I Bring My Gun? A Fifty State Survey of Firearm Laws Impacting Policies Prohibiting Handguns in Public Libraries

Gleason, Diana, 2015 Update: Can I Bring My Gun? A Fifty State Survey of Firearm Laws Impacting Policies Prohibiting Handguns in Public Libraries (May 13, 2015). Available for download at SSRN: or “In Capital Area District Library v. Michigan Open Carry, 826 N.W. 2d 736 (2012), the Michigan Court of Appeals concluded thatContinue Reading

Libraries and the Internet of Things

OCLC – Libraries and the Internet of Things (IoT) – What does a world where billions of everyday objects connect to each other and share information mean for libraries? IoT presents major opportunities for libraries to connect their services to more people—and things—in more places than ever before. [Download the entire issue in PDF], IssueContinue Reading

Library Services Platforms – A Maturing Genre of Products

ALA’s Library Technology Reports May/June 2015 (Vol. 51, No.4) by Marshall Breeding “This issue of Library Technology Reports covers a variety of issues related to the genre of library services platforms. These products represent the latest wave of automation systems for libraries that depart in many ways from those of the previous era and thatContinue Reading

Why Libraries Matter More Than Ever in the Age of Google

Why Libraries Matter More Than Ever in the Age of Google – A review of James Palfrey’s new book ‘BiblioTech,’ and the culturally critical role libraries play. By Amien Essif / AlterNet – May 11, 2015 “James Palfrey, in his new book BiblioTech: Why Libraries Matter More Than Ever in the Age of Google, gives someContinue Reading

The Art of Insight in Science and Engineering

The Art of Insight in Science and Engineering – Mastering Complexity, Sanjoy Mahajan. 2014-09-02. The MIT Press. Cambridge, Massachusetts. London, England. “Science and engineering, our modern ways of understanding and altering the world, are said to be about accuracy and precision. Yet we best masterthe complexity of our world by cultivating insight rather than precision.Continue Reading

The Library of Congress: Web Archive Collections

Web Archive Collections – Researcher Access to Publicly Available Web Archive Collections is here The following is a list of all web archive collections developed by or in partnership with the Library of Congress. These are in various stages of production. U.S. Election Web Archives U.S. Congressional/Legislative Web Archives Law Library Web Archives Single SitesContinue Reading

US DOJ IG Report – Review of the FBI’s Use of Section 215 Orders

FBI’s Use of Section 215 Orders: Assessment of Progress in Implementing Recommendations and Examination of Use in 2007 through 2009, Oversight and Review Division Report 15-05. May 2015. Redacted. “The Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) announced today the release of a public version of its most recent report examining theContinue Reading

The Library of Babel

“The Library of Babel is a place for scholars to do research, for artists and writers to seek inspiration, for anyone with curiosity or a sense of humor to reflect on the weirdness of existence – in short, it’s just like any other library. If completed, it would contain every possible combination of 1,312,000 characters,Continue Reading