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New on LLRX – Communication Problems through SharePoint

Via LLRX.comCommunication Problems through SharePointLorette Weldon’s article is a gateway to training about how SharePoint uses a technology of programming without coding. Her pathfinder empowers librarians not familiar with database management to create a web part from within SharePoint that does not require any programming knowledge. As Weldon teaches us, the end-user does not have to code to put a fully functional SharePoint site together.

2015 Scholar Metrics released

Google Scholar Blog: “Scholar Metrics provide an easy way for authors to quickly gauge the visibility and influence of recent articles in scholarly publications. Today, we are releasing the 2015 version of Scholar Metrics. This release is based on citations from all articles that were indexed in Google Scholar as of mid-June 2015 and coversContinue Reading

Inside Higher Ed – The Invisible Learners Taking MOOCs

The Invisible Learners Taking MOOCs – George Veletsianos: “Anyone, anywhere, at any point in time will be able to take advantage of high quality education.” That could be a tagline from just about any enthusiast or provider of open online courses (often called MOOCs). The intention certainly seems laudable and, if not transformational, at least desirable. WhatContinue Reading

How Machine Intelligence Will Transform the Role of Lawyers in the Delivery of Legal Services

The Great Disruption: How Machine Intelligence Will Transform the Role of Lawyers in the Delivery of Legal Services, John O. McGinnis & Russell G. Pearce, Fordham Law Review, Volume 82, No. 6. May 2015, pps 3041-3066. “Law is an information technology—a code that regulates social life. In our age, the machinery of information technology isContinue Reading

Letter to ABA Journal by Law Library Services Expert

RESEARCH ANGELS – “Regarding “100 Innovations in the Law,” April: Another major change is the active role of librarians as knowledge management, research, business development and corporate intelligence, records, recruiting, CLE, and litigation and practice support specialists—and anything else you can think of, because we have the research skills most other legal professionals lack.” LucyContinue Reading

AmLaw – Special Report: Big Law Is Failing Women

“Why aren’t there more women at the top of the nation’s biggest firms? Consider that at the current growth rate of women equity partners, gender parity will be reached in the year 2181. Our investigation includes firm-by-firm data plus a look at innovative firms that are addressing problems in novel ways.”

The Evolving, Expanding Service Landscape Across Academic Libraries

Brian Mathews – Chronicle of Higher Education –  The New Service Layer – “…During this same time — while reference transactions were declining — other service points migrated into our environments. Writing Centers, Communication Studios, Multimedia Studios, IT Help Desks, and Adaptive/Assistive Technologies Support Spaces are all common today. Other niche areas have emerged includingContinue Reading

Libraries and the Internet of Things

OCLC – Libraries and the Internet of Things (IoT) – What does a world where billions of everyday objects connect to each other and share information mean for libraries? IoT presents major opportunities for libraries to connect their services to more people—and things—in more places than ever before. [Download the entire issue in PDF], IssueContinue Reading

New GAO Reports – IRS Internal Controls, Medicaid, Navy Force Structure

Management Report: Improvements Are Needed to Enhance the Internal Revenue Service’s Internal Control over Financial Reporting, GAO-15-480R: Published: May 29, 2015. Publicly Released: May 29, 2015. Medicaid: Additional Actions Needed to Help Improve Provider and Beneficiary Fraud Controls, GAO-15-313: Published: May 14, 2015. Publicly Released: May 29, 2015. Navy Force Structure: Sustainable Plan and ComprehensiveContinue Reading

KPCB’s Mary Meeker – 2015 Internet Trends Report

Internet Trends 2015 – Code Conference – Mary Meeker – Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) – May 27, 2015. Outline as follows: 1) Internet – Two – Thirds of a Generation In… 2) Key Internet Trends 3) Re-Imagining Continues… 4) America’s Evolving Work Environment… 5) Big Internet Markets = China/India 6) Public / Private CompanyContinue Reading

The biggest hurdle for lawyers with disabilities are preconceptions

Thank you to Terry Carter for another spot on article, this one focused on the many faceted, significant, and valuable expertise of the differently abled in the legal profession: “Many lawyers with disabilities still end up where they always were: channeled toward government work, advocacy organizations or solo and small-firm employment, often with disability-related practices.Continue Reading

Psychology of the Searcher

Psychology of the Searcher – Patterns on How Searchers Formulate Queries – Blue Nile Research, April 28, 2015. “Marketers see visitors from a wide variety of search queries coming to their site.  This data is valuable in guiding a search strategy, but it has existed in a vacuum, with little known about how searchers makeContinue Reading