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Librarians’ experiences and perceptions of Identity and Access Management

“Identity and access management plays a critical role in user experience. Like many core technologies, success can be defined by how well it keeps out of the user’s way expectations and behavior are rapidly evolving, necessitating integration with a growing range of related technologies, which themselves are undergoing constant change. The workflows and requirements of different sectors represent further challenges, from data security in healthcare, to licensing limitations in higher education, or cross- institution collaboration in academic research. The landscape in which identity and access management software must “just work” is therefore complex, and shifting – not least, as more and more usage of institutionally licensed resources takes place outside the networks of the licensing institution. What are the implications of this for librarians, for the organizations in which they work, and for the users they work with? What opportunities emerge from new modes of access? How confident do librarians feel about solving the challenges in this area? What hopes do they have for the future? In December 2014, OpenAthens sponsored a survey of librarians’ experiences and perceptions of identity and access management. This paper presents the key findings, from which it is evident that librarians are taking new use cases as a trigger for rethinking the library’s role, while retaining a focus on keeping the user experience as simple and unobtrusive as possible.”

22 ideas win Knight News Challenge: Libraries

Knight Foundation Blog – Chris Barr – January 15, 2015: In September we launched the 12th Knight News Challenge, on libraries, asking the question, “How might we leverage libraries as a platform to build more knowledgeable communities?” Today we’re announcing 22 winners of that challenge, awarding the recipients a share of $3 million for theirContinue Reading

The Politics of Group Targeting in Presidential Campaign Advertisements: A Preliminary Investigation

Rhodes, Jesse H. and Johnson, Kaylee, The Politics of Group Targeting in Presidential Campaign Advertisements: A Preliminary Investigation (February 5, 2015). Available for download at SSRN: “This paper develops a theory of the frequency and tone of group appeals in presidential campaign advertisements. Using data from the 2008 presidential election campaign, it provides aContinue Reading

The Economic Value of Law Libraries

A Report of the American Association of Law Libraries Economic Value of Law Libraries Special Committee, January 2015 “This report is the result of the AALL Economic Value of Law Libraries Special Committee’s efforts to provide members with the best methods for reporting the law library’s value to its stakeholders. The Special Committee retained HBRContinue Reading

FTC Says AT&T Has Misled Millions of Consumers with ‘Unlimited’ Data Promises

News release: “The Federal Trade Commission filed a federal court complaint against AT&T Mobility, LLC, charging that the company has misled millions of its smartphone customers by charging them for “unlimited” data plans while reducing their data speeds, in some cases by nearly 90 percent. The FTC’s complaint alleges that the company failed to adequately discloseContinue Reading

New GAO Reports – USPS Changes to Operations

U.S. POSTAL SERVICE: Information on Recent Changes to Delivery Standards, Operations, and Performance, GAO-14-828R: Published: Sep 25, 2014. Publicly Released: Oct 27, 2014: “Since 2012, USPS has instituted several initiatives aimed at reducing expenses in its mail delivery and processing networks as part of broader efforts to address its fiscal challenges and move toward financial viability. TheseContinue Reading

How Facebook Is Changing the Way Its Users Consume Journalism

NYT – Ravi Somaiya: “Many of the people who read this article will do so because Greg Marra, 26, a Facebook engineer, calculated that it was the kind of thing they might enjoy. Mr. Marra’s team designs the code that drives Facebook’s News Feed – the stream of updates, photographs, videos and stories that users see.Continue Reading

Big Data, Dumpster Diving and the New Ethics of Waste Management

New York Times: “Rubicon, based in Atlanta, isn’t in the business of hauling waste. It doesn’t own a single truck or landfill. Rather, companies hire it as a kind of waste consultant. It begins by holding an online bidding process for its clients’ waste contracts, fostering competition among waste management businesses and bringing down theirContinue Reading

Two New CRS Reports on Ebola

The Ebola Outbreak: Select Legal Issues, CRS Legal Sidebar, October 6, 2014: “On August 8th, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of the Ebola Virus Disease in West Africa a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. The recent arrival in the United States of several health care workers who contracted the disease, combined with the firstContinue Reading

Talk with Me, Not at Me: Playing to Win with Social Media

Accenture, From Welcome to the Switching Economy: “Consumers everywhere have a wealth of information at their fingertips, giving them more control than ever regarding who gets their business. They know they have choices and switch providers when frustrated with their experiences. The result is the emergence of what Accenture calls the Switching Economy: the $5.9Continue Reading

Publishers Gave Away over 120 Million Books During World War II

And, in the process, they created a nation of readers, Yoni Applebaum, The Atlantic: “In 1943, in the middle of the Second World War, America’s book publishers took an audacious gamble. They decided to sell the armed forces cheap paperbacks, shipped to units scattered around the globe. Instead of printing only the books soldiers andContinue Reading

New on LLRX – Tech goals for solo and small-firm lawyers

Via – Tech goals for solo and small-firm lawyers – Nicole Black review the highlights of results of two legal technology surveys about lawyers’ plans to use legal technology in their law practices. They offer a glimpse into the businesses of solo and small firm lawyers and provide indications of their assessments of the value that different typesContinue Reading