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50 best law firms for women

Best Law Firms for Women: “Working Mother and Flex-Time Lawyers announced the 2015 Working Mother and Flex-Time Lawyers 50 Best Law Firms for Women, recognized for their family friendly policies and career and business development initiatives that are helping to retain women attorneys and advance them into the leadership pipeline. The full list of theContinue Reading

New strategy – Accenture ends annual performance reviews

Washington Post: “As of September, one of the largest companies in the world will do all of its employees and managers an enormous favor: It will get rid of the annual performance review. Accenture CEO Pierre Nanterme told The Washington Post that the professional services firm, which employs hundreds of thousands of workers in citiesContinue Reading

bcg – The New CEO’s Guide to Transformation

The New CEO’s Guide to Transformation – Turning Ambition into Sustainable Results. May 15, 2015 by Hans-Paul Bürkner, Lars Fæste, and Jim Hemerlin. Boston Consulting Group. “Leadership transitions increasingly happen when companies are at an inflection point, and as a result, new CEOs frequently face immediate pressure to make changes. The challenges are significant. CompaniesContinue Reading

Number of food recalls and costs to business and society are rising

Swiss Re: “Publication finds that the number of recalls per year in the US has almost doubled since 2002 Food contamination costs US health authorities USD 15.6 billion per year; nearly 9 million Americans became sick from contaminated food in 2013 alone Half of all food recalls cost the affected companies more than USD 10Continue Reading

A National Policy Agenda for Libraries

American Library Association – NATIONAL POLICY AGENDA FOR LIBRARIES – The Policy Revolution! Initiative “INTRODUCTION TO THE AGENDA AND INITIATIVE – Libraries are in a digital revolution , fueled by rapid advances in technology. This digital revolution brings compelling opportunities to build upon what libraries already do well: empower and engage communities and contribute toContinue Reading

EPIC Urges Investigation of “Always On” Consumer Devices

“EPIC has asked the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice to conduct a workshop on ‘Always-On’ Consumer Devices. EPIC described the increasing presence of internet-connected devices in consumer’s homes, such as TVs, toys, and thermostats, that routinely record and store private communications. EPIC urged the agencies to conduct a comprehensive investigation to determineContinue Reading

New on LLRX – Human Resources Management Meets Big Data in Devising Systems to Identify Star Employees

Via LLRX – Human Resources Management Meets Big Data in Devising Systems to Identify Star Employees:  Alan Rothman provides much needed insight and perspective regarding the role of employee performance and productivity metrics, big data, and identifying future leaders within an organization. Although HR professionals and software applications have been engaged to deliver results that yieldContinue Reading

Has Big Data Era Delivered Better Results?

Lauren Browning – Business Insider: “The amount of digital data in the universe is growing at an exponential rate, doubling every two years, and changing how we live in the world. “The rate at which we’re generating data is rapidly outpacing our ability to analyze it,” Professor Patrick Wolfe, Executive Director of the University CollegeContinue Reading

New on LLRX – Communication Problems through SharePoint

Via – Communication Problems through SharePoint – Lorette Weldon’s article is a gateway to training about how SharePoint uses a technology of programming without coding. Her pathfinder empowers librarians not familiar with database management to create a web part from within SharePoint that does not require any programming knowledge. As Weldon teaches us, theContinue Reading

2015 Scholar Metrics released

Google Scholar Blog: “Scholar Metrics provide an easy way for authors to quickly gauge the visibility and influence of recent articles in scholarly publications. Today, we are releasing the 2015 version of Scholar Metrics. This release is based on citations from all articles that were indexed in Google Scholar as of mid-June 2015 and coversContinue Reading

Inside Higher Ed – The Invisible Learners Taking MOOCs

The Invisible Learners Taking MOOCs – George Veletsianos: “Anyone, anywhere, at any point in time will be able to take advantage of high quality education.” That could be a tagline from just about any enthusiast or provider of open online courses (often called MOOCs). The intention certainly seems laudable and, if not transformational, at least desirable. WhatContinue Reading

How Machine Intelligence Will Transform the Role of Lawyers in the Delivery of Legal Services

The Great Disruption: How Machine Intelligence Will Transform the Role of Lawyers in the Delivery of Legal Services, John O. McGinnis & Russell G. Pearce, Fordham Law Review, Volume 82, No. 6. May 2015, pps 3041-3066. “Law is an information technology—a code that regulates social life. In our age, the machinery of information technology isContinue Reading