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Public Interest in Science and Health Linked to Gender, Age and Personality

 Public Interest in Science and Health Linked to Gender, Age and Personality – By Brian Kennedy and Cary Funk – December 11, 2015. “Those who try to measure public understanding about science and technology often link science and technology with the health and medical domain. Yet, the reality is that different people find those distinctContinue Reading

FDA clears military traumatic wound dressing for use in civilian population

“Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared the use of the XSTAT 30 wound dressing, an expandable, multi-sponge dressing used to control severe, life-threatening bleeding from wounds in areas that a tourniquet cannot be placed (such as the groin or armpit) in battlefield and civilian trauma settings. The clearance expands the device’s indication fromContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Aviation Finance, Climate Information, Medicaid Financing

Aviation Finance: Observations on the Effects of Budget Uncertainty on FAA, GAO-16-198R: Published: Nov 19, 2015. Publicly Released: Dec 8, 2015. Climate Information: A National System Could Help Federal, State, Local, and Private Sector Decision Makers Use Climate Information, GAO-16-37: Published: Nov 23, 2015. Publicly Released: Dec 8, 2015. Medicaid Financing: Questionnaire Data on States’Continue Reading

NLM Releases New Health Literacy Tool Shed Website

“The U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM), in collaboration with Boston University School of Medicine is pleased to announce the launch of the Health Literacy Tool Shed: The Health Literacy Tool Shed is a free, user-friendly, unique, curated online database of more than 100 empirically validated health literacy instruments. The Tool Shed serves asContinue Reading

Dog Aging Project website

“Welcome to the Dog Aging Project website. Our goal is to increase the healthy lifespan of pet dogs by targeting the aging process directly. For millions of people, pets are part of our family. Unfortunately, companion animals such as dogs and cats age rapidly and have life expectancies that are far too short.  Scientists atContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Asylum, Centers of Excellence, Information Technology and the Library of Congress, Office of National Drug Control Policy

Asylum: Additional Actions Needed to Assess and Address Fraud Risks, GAO-16-50: Published: Dec 2, 2015. Publicly Released: Dec 2, 2015: “The total number of asylum applications, including both principal applicants and their eligible dependents, filed in fiscal year 2014 (108,152) is more than double the number filed in fiscal year 2010 (47,118).” Centers of Excellence:Continue Reading

The Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Kaiser Family Foundation – “HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome has become one of the world’s most serious health and development challenges. The first cases were reported in 1981 and today. There are approximately 36.9 million people currently living with HIV and tens of millions of people have died of AIDS-related causesContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Aquatic Invasive Species, IRS Whistleblower Program, K-12 Education, Nursing Home Quality, Transportation Infrastructure

Aquatic Invasive Species: Additional Steps Could Help Measure Federal Progress in Achieving Strategic Goals, GAO-16-49: Published: Nov 30, 2015. Publicly Released: Nov 30, 2015: “Aquatic invasive species—harmful, nonnative plants, animals, and microorganisms living in aquatic habitats—damage ecosystems or threaten commercial, agricultural, and recreational activities.” IRS Whistleblower Program: Billions Collected, but Timeliness and Communication Concerns MayContinue Reading

Batea – The clinical browser data mining project

November 17, 2015 – “DocGraph publicly released Batea, a browser extension that tracks clinical reference URLs visited by medical students when they study. Batea was built by DocGraph with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). Medical students across the country are encouraged to download the Batea extension for use on their personal computers.Continue Reading

CDC – Daily Pill Can Prevent HIV

CDC Vital Signs, November 24, 2015 – “Preexposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a medicine taken daily that can be used to prevent getting HIV. PrEP is for people without HIV who are at very high risk for getting it from sex or injection drug use. People at high risk who should be offered PrEP include aboutContinue Reading

Changes in Medicare Spending per Beneficiary by Age: Working Paper 2015-08

Changes in Medicare Spending per Beneficiary by Age: Working Paper 2015-08 – By Xiaotong Niu (CBO), Melinda Buntin (Vanderbilt University), and Joyce Manchester (Vermont Legislative Joint Fiscal Office), November 2015. “The aging of the population exerts upward pressure on federal spending for health care, especially Medicare, as both the number and average age of elderlyContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Medicare Part B, Government Cybersecurity, Federal Real Property, Climate Change, Bulk Fuel Pricing

Medicare Part B: Expenditures for New Drugs Concentrated among a Few Drugs, and Most Were Costly for Beneficiaries, GAO-16-12: Published: Oct 23, 2015. Publicly Released: Nov 20, 2015. Critical Infrastructure Protection: Sector-Specific Agencies Need to Better Measure Cybersecurity Progress, GAO-16-79: Published: Nov 19, 2015. Publicly Released: Nov 19, 2015. Federal Real Property: Additional Authorities andContinue Reading