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Paper – Gone in Six Characters: Short URLs Considered Harmful for Cloud Services

Gone in Six Characters: Short URLs Considered Harmful for Cloud Services  – Martin Georgiev, Vitaly Shmatikov (Submitted on 10 Apr 2016) “Modern cloud services are designed to encourage and support collaboration. To help users share links to online documents, maps, etc., several services, including cloud storage providers such as Microsoft OneDrive and mapping services suchContinue Reading

Microsoft sues DOJ – demands right to disclose when law enforcement seeks customer data

Microsoft v. The United States Department of Justice, USDC Western District of Washington at Seattle – April 14, 2016: “Microsoft brings this case because its customers have a right to know when the government obtains a warrant to read their emails, and because Microsoft has a right to tell them. Yet the Electronic Communications PrivacyContinue Reading

EU Parliament adopts General Data Protection Regulation

European Parliament News: “New EU data protection rules [EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)] which aim to give citizens back control of their personal data and create a high, uniform level of data protection across the EU fit for the digital era was given their final approval by MEPs on Thursday. The reform also setsContinue Reading

Maryland Court ends Baltimore police use cellphone tracking devices

Via TechDirt: “The Baltimore Police Department’s warrantless deployment of Stingray devices has come to an end. It may have gotten away with more than 4,300 times so far, but the Maryland Special Appeals Court has declared these devices operate as searches under the Fourth Amendment.  The 74-page opinion — which belatedly follows its two-page orderContinue Reading

USPS leveraging social media to target employee misconduct

Via NextGov: “Paid consultants are scheduled to teach agents “Internet reconnaissance” during a three-day June workshop at the office’s Arlington, Virginia, headquarters, according to a November 2015 contracting notice. The training will include methods “to identify the target individual/organization’s social media and Internet footprint,” the notice states, referring to government employees, contractors and other companies. “Developing theContinue Reading

DoD tests public key infrastructure for DTIC secure website access

SecureIDNews:  “The federal government’s use of user IDs and passwords for access to its applications could soon give way to more secure PKI-based credentials if more government entities follow the lead of the U.S. Department of Defense. The Defense Department is leveraging PKI to better protect its information systems, with the intent of making accessContinue Reading

GAO Reports – FEMA, Federal Real Property, IRS InfoSec and ID Theft, Resolution Plans, Presidential Drawdowns, Terrorism Risk Insurance

Federal Emergency Management Agency: Progress and Continuing Challenges in National Preparedness Efforts, GAO-16-560T: Published: Apr 12, 2016. Publicly Released: Apr 12, 2016. Federal Real Property: Improving Data Transparency and Expanding the National Strategy Could Help Address Long-standing Challenges, GAO-16-275: Published: Mar 31, 2015. Publicly Released: Apr 12, 2016. Information Security: IRS Needs to Further ImproveContinue Reading

Facebook posts now include more about news that personal issues

Bloomberg: “Facebook Inc. is working to combat a decline in people sharing original, personal content, the fuel that helps power the money machine at the heart of its social network, according to people familiar with the matter. Overall sharing has remained “strong,” according to Facebook. However, people have been less willing to post updates aboutContinue Reading

Micro Unmanned Aircraft Systems Aviation Rulemaking Committee Recommendations Final Report

Micro Unmanned Aircraft Systems Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) – ARC Recommendations Final Report, April 1, 2016. “The ARC membership represented diverse interests and viewpoints. Although some decisions were not unanimous, the ARC reached consensus on all of its recommendations to the FAA , as reflected in this report. The recommendations in this report reflect theContinue Reading

Cybersecurity: Legislation, Hearings, and Executive Branch Documents

CRS Report – Cybersecurity: Legislation, Hearings, and Executive Branch Documents, Rita Tehan, Information Research Specialist. March 30, 2016. “Cybersecurity vulnerabilities challenge governments, businesses, and individuals worldwide. Attacks have been initiated against individuals, corporations, and countries. Targets have included government networks, companies, and political organizations, depending upon whether the attacker was seeking military intelligence, conducting diplomaticContinue Reading

FCC Unveils Consumer Broadband Labels to Provide Greater Transparency to Consumers

“With this Public Notice, the Consumer and Governmental Affairs, Wireline Competition, and Wireless Telecommunications Bureaus (Bureaus) approve, with modifications, the consumer broadband labels proposed by the Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC proposed the labels pursuant to the 2015 Open Internet Order and, as required by the Commission, the labels will operate as aContinue Reading

NIST Cryptographic Standards and Guidelines Development Process

NIST – IR 7977 – NIST Cryptographic Standards and Guidelines Development Process, Cryptographic Technology Group Computer Security Division Information Technology Laboratory, March 31, 2016.” “This document describes the principles, processes and procedures that drive cryptographic standards and guidelines development efforts at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This document reflects public comments receivedContinue Reading