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Elements of a New Ethical Framework for Big Data Research

“The Berkman Center is pleased to announce the publication of a new paper from the Privacy Tools for Sharing Research Data project team. In this paper, Effy Vayena, Urs Gasser, Alexandra Wood, and David O’Brien from the Berkman Center, with Micah Altman from MIT Libraries, outline elements of a new ethical framework for big dataContinue Reading

Every Step You Fake A Comparative Analysis of Fitness Tracker Privacy and Security

“Fitness tracking devices monitor heartbeats, measure steps, sleep, and tie into a larger ecosystem of goal setting, diet tracking, and other health activities. Every Step You Fake investigates the privacy and security properties of eight popular wearable fitness tracking systems. We use a variety of technical, policy, and legal methods to understand what data isContinue Reading

Map Shows How Apple-FBI Fight Was About Much More Than One Phone

Via ACLU – “The government insisted that its effort to force Apple to help break into an iPhone as part of the investigation into the 2015 San Bernardino shootings was just about that one case. Even though the FBI no longer needs Apple’s help in that case, the FBI’s request was part of a sustainedContinue Reading

Following OPM Personnel Data Hack New Agency To Process Federal Security Clearances

Federal News Radio – “The Office of Management and Budget and Office of Personnel Management are standing up a new agency to assume responsibility of the federal security clearance process. The National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) will have a specific, presidentially appointed director and member of the Performance Accountability Council, who will report to OPM. TheContinue Reading

EFF Has Questions After FBI Breaks Into iPhone

March 28, 2016 | By Andrew Crocker – The FBI has successfully accessed data on an iPhone that has been the subject of a legal battle between the Justice Department and Apple, according to a court filing. EFF is pleased that the Justice Department has retreated from its dangerous and unconstitutional attempt to force Apple toContinue Reading

GAO Reports – Drinking Water, Financial Regulation, IRS Information Security

Drinking Water: EPA Needs to Collect Information and Consistently Conduct Activities to Protect Underground Sources of Drinking Water, GAO-16-281: Published: Feb 26, 2016. Publicly Released: Mar 28, 2016: “The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not collected specific inspection and complete or consistent enforcement information, or consistently conducted oversight activities, to assess whether state and EPA-managedContinue Reading

Urban Wire – Should the FBI be able to hack your smartphone?

Via Urban Institute: “This week [March 23, 2016], a federal judge postponed hearings in Apple v. FBI, one of the most high-profile court cases in the nation—and one that has reinvigorated the privacy versus security debate. This postponement came on the heels of the FBI’s revelation that an outside firm may have found a mechanismContinue Reading

Growing personal impact of large-scale government and corporate data collection

Via Fast CoExit – Your Data Footprint Is Affecting Your Life In Ways You Can’t Even Imagine – Job decisions, college admissions, health care decisions: All are now being fundamentally altered by your big data, and you might not even know. “…Predictions about you (and millions of other strangers) are starting to deeply shape yourContinue Reading

Paper – Cryptopolitik and the Darknet

Cryptopolitik and the Darknet By Daniel Moore, Thomas Rid, Publication: Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, February–March 2016, Pages: 7-38, Volume: 58. Edition number: 1. Date: 19 January 2016 “Encryption policy is becoming a crucial test of the values of liberal democracy in the twenty-first century. The trigger is a dilemma: the power of ciphers protects citizensContinue Reading

GAO Report – Security and Privacy Controls Actions Needed to Enhance Information Security and Privacy Controls, GAO-16-265: Published: Mar 23, 2016. Publicly Released: Mar 23, 2016: “The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reported 316 security-related incidents, between October 2013 and March 2015, affecting—the web portal for the federal health insurance marketplace—and its supporting systems. According to GAO’s reviewContinue Reading

Annual Report to Congress: Federal Information Security Modernization Act

Submitted by OMB, March 18, 2016 – “The attached report is submitted pursuant to Section 3553 of the Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014 (P.L. 113-283), which requires the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to submit an annual report on the effectiveness of information security policies and practices during the preceding year andContinue Reading

Assessing the Federal Trade Commission’s Privacy Assessments

Hoofnagle, Chris Jay, Assessing the Federal Trade Commission’s Privacy Assessments (2016). Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Assessing the Federal Trade Commission’s Privacy Assessments, 14(2) IEEE Security & Privacy 58–64 (Mar/Apr. 2016). Available for download at SSRN: “Consumer protection regulators worldwide share basic problems: the companies that regulators police are so powerful and rich that fines doContinue Reading