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Style Guide for Journalists, Bloggers and Other Interested Writers

“An essential book for anyone who writes reports, articles, books, letters or memoranda, The Economist Style Guide will enlighten, educate and amuse.” See also this webpage for excerpts from the book. I recommend reviewing the entry, Americanisms.

Lessig’s New Book on Copyright Law and the Internet

Free Culture, by Lawrence Lessig: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity: Use this link to download a free pdf version of the book, under a Creative Commons license. The book is also available in nine other formats, to date, via this link. Reviews of the bookContinue Reading

White House and Secrecy of Gov’t Documents

Bush Administration Thwarts Access – Excerpt from The Buying of the President 2004 Shows the White House’s Propensity for Secrecy [Link]

Guides to Web Research

The Extreme Searcher’s Internet Handbook – A Guide for the Serious Searcher, by Randolph Hock, February 2004. The Web Library: Building a World Class Personal Library with Free Web Resources, by Barbara Quint (Editor), Nicholas G. Tomaiuolo, January 2004.

Book on Business Research

Strauss’ Handbook of Business of Business Information: A Guide for Librarians, Students, and Researchers, by Rita W. Moss. Recommended by Marydee Ojala.

WorldWatch Institute’s New State of the World Report

State of the World 2004: Table of Contents.

New Mexican Legal Dictionary/Desk Reference

This new book, Mexican Legal Dictionary and Desk Reference, by prolific author and international/comparative law scholar Professor Jorge Vargas, should be in the library collection of any organization that conducts research on Mexican law. The resource includes “over 3,000 legal terms, definitions, rules and legal principles taken from federal codes, federal statutes, regulations, bilateral treatisesContinue Reading

Recent Book on Internet Strategies

From Steven M. Cohen, Keeping Current, Advanced Internet Strategies to Meet Librarian Patron Needs. This book comprises five chapters, and focuses primarily on web-based current awareness strategies; resources for staying abreast of advances in search engines techniques and learning about new features; reviews of software for monitoring changes on websites; and how best to leverageContinue Reading

Evaluating Competitive Intelligence Software

Assessing Competitive Intelligence Software A Guide to Evaluating CI Technology, by France Bouthillier and Kathleen Shearer Foreword by Chun Wei Choo: “As commercial software products for Competitive Intelligence (CI) have begun to emerge and gain acceptance, potential users find themselves overly dependent on information supplied by the software makers. Reviews and surveys are published fromContinue Reading

Deep Linking, Ethical Considerations, and Fair Use

Copyright Issues Present Ongoing Dilemma: To Link or Not To Link? Digital Dilemmas: Ethical Issues for Online Media Professionals

Intelligent Information Gathering

Robin Good’s Mini Guide: Become a News G-d: How to be the first one to know everything about anything – Intelligent Information Agents Come of Age. This 102 page guide, in pdf, is available for purchase via Robin Good’s Sharewood Tidings website. Arranged in 14 short chapters, it evaluates a wide range of free andContinue Reading

Web Searching Strategies for Health- Related Data

Magic Search Words-Health: Strategies and Search Tactics to Discover the Best of the Internet. See the book review here.