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NSA global surveillance network knows all?

Two Part Series from The Intercept [Part 1 – XKEYSCORE: NSA’s Google for the World’s Private Communications] and Part 2 – Behind the Curtain A Look at the Inner Workings of NSA’s XKEYSCORE

“The sheer quantity of communications that XKEYSCORE [global Internet surveillance network run by NSA] processes, filters and queries is stunning. Around the world, when a person gets online to do anything — write an email, post to a social network, browse the web or play a video game — there’s a decent chance that the Internet traffic her device sends and receives is getting collected and processed by one of XKEYSCORE’s hundreds of servers scattered across the globe.”

Job Opening – New Librarian of Congress

The Atlantic – Robinson Meyer: Experts say that a new librarian should digitize more works, raise more money—and use email. “The current librarian, James Billington, has held the title since his appointment by President Reagan in 1987. Though named by the president and confirmed by the Senate, the Librarian doesn’t change with every new WhiteContinue Reading

Facebook research reveals facial recognition accuracy

NextGov: “Facebook has gotten so good at recognizing people from images that it doesn’t even need to see their faces anymore. At the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in Boston earlier this month, the social network presented research that shows it can identify individuals with 83% accuracy, according to The New Scientist.  

Research – How Twitter Users Can Generate Better Idea

New research suggests that employees with a diverse Twitter network — one that exposes them to people and ideas they don’t already know — tend to generate better ideas: “Can Twitter make employees more innovative? In particular, does having a greater diversity of virtual Twitter connections mean that good ideas are more likely to surface,Continue Reading

“Now on tap” – mobile help with what you need in the moment

Google Inside Search – “Your mobile phone does wonderful things for you, but it’s still not always easy to find a quick piece of information or get something done on the fly while you’re in the middle of something else—like listening to music, texting your friends, or reading your email. Too often, you have toContinue Reading

New on LLRX – New Chips are Using Deep Learning to Enhance Mobile, Camera and Auto Image Processing Capabilities

Via – New Chips are Using Deep Learning to Enhance Mobile, Camera and Auto Image Processing Capabilities: Alan Rothman takes a look at the expanding experience of how we interface with our devices’ screens for inputs and outputs nearly all day and everyday. He explains how what many of the gadgets will soon beContinue Reading

The Media’s Role in Lawmaking: A Case Study Analysis

The International Journal of Press/Politics 1–20 DOI: 10.1177/1940161215581924 – The Media’s Role in Lawmaking: A Case Study Analysis. Lotte Melenhorst, June 1, 2015. “Despite the ongoing debate about the role the media play in democracies, there is little empirical research on its role in lawmaking. Yet studies conducted at the micro- level can provide insightContinue Reading

Up and Out: Journalism, Social Media, and Historical Sensibility

Up and Out: Journalism, Social Media, and Historical Sensibility, C.W. Anderson. Social Media + Society April-June 2015 1: 2056305115578674, first published on May 11, 2015 doi:10.1177/2056305115578674 “Much of the modern theorizing about journalism and communication attained its robustness due to a powerful convergence of distinct middle-range scholarly findings that emerged primarily in the 1970s andContinue Reading

Tumblr releases GIF search engine

“Since GIFs have replaced written language, we’re making it easier to turn your obsolete verbiage into modern moving pictures.  When you’re making a post on the web: Just click the ✚ button, click the GIF button, then search for whatever it is you’re trying to express. Pick the GIF you want and it slinks rightContinue Reading

Data Collection From Consumers Continues Without Transparency

National Journal – “Don’t be fooled: Congress may have finally passed the bill reining in the National Security Agency’s bulk-surveillance programs  [USA Freedom Act of 2015], but your data is still being collected on the Internet. Lost in the debate over the NSA is the fact that companies like Google and Facebook continue to vacuumContinue Reading

From cancer to feet: the power of Twitter in healthcare

MedCityNews – “Why should Twitter care about healthcare, other than the obvious reason that it’s a $3 trillion industry just in the U.S.? Because consumers care about the kind of influence, support and resources that social media can uncover, according to Craig Hashi, one of two Twitter engineers dedicated to healthcare. Speaking Sunday at theContinue Reading

Google Photos One home for all your photos – organized and easy to find Auto upload from all your devices – Back up and view a lifetime of photos across all your devices. Edits made once appear on all your devices. Automatically organized and searchable See all your photos organized by people, places, and things. Search by what you remember about a photo, no description needed. Easily editContinue Reading