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CRS – Syria’s Chemical Weapons: Issues for Congress

Syria’s Chemical Weapons: Issues for Congress. Mary Beth D. Nikitin, Coordinator, Specialist in Nonproliferation; Paul K. Kerr, Analyst in Nonproliferation; Andrew Feickert, Specialist in Military Ground Forces. September 12, 2013 “Syria has produced, stored, and weaponized chemical agents, but it remains dependent on foreign suppliers for chemical precursors. The regime of President Bashar al AsadContinue Reading

Law School News Aggregator

Elmer Masters: “Law School News. You can check it out at In a nutshell it’s a site that aggregates RSS/Atom news feeds from just over 100 law schools in the US. There are more details about how it got built and what’s there on my blog at”

Removal of 190,000 Sought in US Immigration Courts in FY 2013

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse: “TRAC projects that in fiscal year 2013 the U.S. government will file actions in Immigration Court seeking to remove over 190,000 individuals from the country, according to the latest data extending through the end of August 2013. The estimated total does not count those individuals deported administratively by ICE or theContinue Reading

Tenure of American Workers

Steven F. Hipple and Emy Sok – BLS: “Information on employee tenure – the length of time that workers have been with their current employer – may not grab headlines or get mentioned in social media as frequently as other measures of the labor market, such as employment growth, the unemployment rate, or earnings trends.Continue Reading

Secrecy News – Military Tests Data Mining of Social Media for Special Ops

“The U.S. military has been investigating the use of sophisticated data mining tools to probe social media and other open sources in order to support military operations against money laundering, drug trafficking, terrorism and other threats.  But the window for doing so may be closing as the social media landscape changes, according to an internalContinue Reading

Gartner – Smartphone Sales Grew 46.5 Percent in Second Quarter of 2013

News release: “Worldwide mobile phone sales to end users totaled 435 million units in the second quarter of 2013, an increase of 3.6 percent from the same period last year, according to Gartner, Inc. Worldwide smartphone sales to end users reached 225 million units, up 46.5 percent from the second quarter of 2012. Sales ofContinue Reading

Implementation monitoring of PFMIs

“Implementation monitoring of PFMIs – Level 1 assessment report: The Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems (CPSS) and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) have started the process of monitoring implementation of the Principles for financial market infrastructures (PFMIs). This report reviews jurisdictions’ progress towards adopting the legislation and other policies that will enable them to completelyContinue Reading

AP – USPS photographs each piece of mail processed

AP – “The Postal Service takes pictures of every piece of mail processed in the United States — 160 billion last year — and keeps them on hand for up to a month.”

Brookings: Confronting U.S. Citizen Terrorist Suspects Abroad

Tools and Tradeoffs: Confronting U.S. Citizen Terrorist Suspects Abroad: “In this report, Daniel Byman and Benjamin Wittes profile Anwar Awlaki and other suspected American terrorists who joined the jihadist cause from abroad, and they examine several distinct approaches the U.S. government can use to confront the threat of these U.S. citizen terrorist suspects.”

New GAO Reports – Private Health Insurance, Federal Housing Administration

Private Health Insurance  – The Range of Base Premiums in the Individual Market by State in January 2013, GAO-13-712R, Jul 23, 2013 Federal Housing Administration – Improving Disposition and Oversight Practices May Increase Returns on Foreclosed Property Sales, GAO-13-542, Jun 20, 2013

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Renews Authority to Collect Telephony Metadata

Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Renews Authority to Collect Telephony Metadata – July 19, 2013 “As indicated by a previously classified court order disclosed by the media on June 5, 2013, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court authorization requiring the production of certain telephony metadata under the “business records” provision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA),Continue Reading

Transforming Our Conversation of Information Architecture with Structure

Transforming Our Conversation of Information Architecture with Structure by Nathaniel Davis “Information architecture has been characterized as both an art and a science. Because there’s more evidence of the former than the latter, the academic and research community is justified in hesitating to give the practice of information architecture more attention. If you probe theContinue Reading