CBO Report – Modernizing the Army's Rotary-Wing Aviation Fleet

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on December 2, 2007

A CBO Paper: Modernizing the Army’s Rotary-Wing Aviation Fleet, November 2007 (39 pages, PDF).

  • “The United States Army’s rotary-wing aviation fleet numbers about 3,500 aircraft, including utility, cargo, attack, and reconnaissance helicopters. Between now and 2030, the Army is planning to modernize the fleet to sustain and improve its capabilities, a task the
    Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates will have an average cost of about $3.3 billion per year, substantially more than the $2.2 billion per year average the Army spent on such programs over the past 20 years…The paper analyzes the costs and the capabilities of the Army’s planned rotary-wing aviation fleet and offers four alternative approaches to modernizing the fleet. In keeping with CBO’s mandate to provide objective, impartial analysis, this paper makes no recommendations.”
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