CIA Releases Additional Nazi War Crimes Documents

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on June 7, 2006

NARA: “CIA Name Files and Subject Files compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency in response to the Disclosure Acts. These files are comprised of documentation from several CIA filing systems and are organized under the names of individuals and subjects. As of May 2006 this group consists of approximately 27,000 pages of files on individuals and subjects, including biographies, correspondence, reports, memorandums, messages, telegrams, publications, clippings, dispatches, translations, transcripts, legislative records, legal documents, statements, lists, and other records. Many of the records relate to people in one, or both, of two categories: Axis personnel accused of committing war crimes, or of belonging to criminal organizations, during the World War II; and former Axis personnel who were used by the U.S. as intelligence sources during the Cold War.”
Related documents posted by FAS:

  • New Information on Cold War CIA Stay-Behind Operations in Germany and on the Adolf Eichmann Case by Timothy Naftali, University of Virginia
  • Gustav Hilger: From Hitler’s Foreign Office to CIA Consultant by Robert Wolfe, former archivist at the U.S. National Archives.
  • Tscherim Soobzokov by Richard Breitman, American University
  • CIA Files Relating to Heinz Felfe, SS Officer and KGB Spy by Norman J.W. Goda, Ohio University
  • News and commentary:

  • New York Times: Documents Shed Light on C.I.A.’s Use of Ex-Nazis
  • Forward, Editorial – Moral Ambiguity and the CIA, June 9, 2006
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