Controversy Abroad Over Terrorist Finance Tracking Program

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on June 28, 2006

  • Voice of America: “The Belgium government announced Wednesday it had ordered an inquiry into banking data transferred by a Brussels-based company to the U.S. government. The announcement comes amid mounting controversy in Europe and the U.S. over confidential banking data available to Washington as a way to fight terrorism.”
  • “The privacy watchdog organisation Privacy International has today filed simultaneous complaints with Data Protection and Privacy regulators in 33 countries concerning recent revelations of secret disclosures of millions of records from the banking giant SWIFT to U.S. intelligence agencies…Each complaint was addressed to a specific privacy commissioner and official raising issues specific to that country. The general complaint text (4 pages, PDF)
  • Also from Privacy International, Pulling a Swift one? Bank transfer information sent to U.S. authorities
  • UPI Editor at Large Commentary: Hawala — swifter than SWIFT
  • The hawala alternative remittance system and its role in money laundering, Interpol General Secretariat, Lyon, January 2000
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