Democrats Advance Innovative Technology Agenda

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on November 15, 2005

Press release: “House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi unveiled the House Democrats new Innovation Agenda: A Commitment to Competitiveness to Keep America #1 (12 pages, PDF) in a speech at the National Press Club this morning.

  • “First, we recognize that in a globalized, knowledge-based economy, America’s greatest resource for innovation and economic growth resides within America’s classrooms. To create a new generation of innovators, our agenda calls for a qualified teacher in every math and science K-12 classroom and we issue a ‘call to action’ to engineers and scientists to join the ranks of America’s teachers. We will add 100,000 new scientists, mathematicians, and engineers to America’s workforce in the next four years by providing scholarships, other financial assistance, and private sector opportunities to college students to achieve this goal…Second, we recognize that independent scientific research provides the foundation for innovation and future technologies. Our agenda will double federal funding for basic research and development in the physical sciences, and promote the public-private partnerships that will translate new ideas into marketable technologies…Third, we recognize that the nationwide deployment of high speed, always-on broadband and Internet and mobile communications will fuel the development of millions of new jobs IN the United States. Our agenda guarantees that every American will have affordable access to broadband within five years.”
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