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Dispute Over Whether Vice President "has both legislative and executive function" Continues

Follow up in the volley of statemnets and respective documents related to questions raised about the authority granted the National Archives over documents from the Office of the Vice President. As reported today by The Politico, “David S. Addington, Cheney’s chief of staff and counsel, wrote in a three-paragraph response to [Sen. John] Kerry on Tuesday that the executive order on classified national security information does not give the archivists authority over the president or vice president.”
Related government documents:

  • Oversight, Judiciary Committees Seek Gonzales’ View on Cheney’s Executive Status: “In a letter to Attorney General Gonzales, Oversight Chairman Waxman, Judiciary Chairman Conyers, and Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Clay ask for the Justice Department’s view on whether the Office of the Vice President is part of the executive branch and thus bound by the President’s executive order to protect classified information like other White House offices, such as the National Security Council.
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