DOJ Issues New Annual FOIA Report Guidance

by Sabrina I. Pacifici on May 23, 2008

    Department of Justice Issues New Annual FOIA Report Guidance: “In the wake of the OPEN Government Act of 2007, which amended the reporting requirements for agency Annual FOIA Reports, the Department of Justice, in consultation with the Office of Management and Budget, has revised both the content and the format of the Report and its corresponding guidelines. The revised guidelines, posted today, reflect the new statutory mandate. They also include new reporting requirements, including data on agency backlogs, which are an extension of the goals set forth in Executive Order 13,392, and are in furtherance of best practices in FOIA administration. The guidance also clarifies existing reporting requirements and further defines the type of requests to include in the Annual FOIA Report.”

  • 2008 Guidelines for Agency Preparation of Annual FOIA Reports

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